Puresteel Paladin

Puresteel Paladin

Creature — Human Knight

Whenever an Equipment enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card.

Metalcraft — Equipment you control have equip as long as you control three or more artifacts.

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Puresteel Paladin Discussion

BrassLord on Reyav

2 weeks ago

Hail, dwarven battle brother! Sculpting Steel to double down on the best artifact on board is also a pretty flexible card. Goldvein Pick triggers off of dealing combat damage, meaning any time the equipt creature connects you get another treasure. Bearded Axe is another card that I can see getting out of hand with your general.

Shuko Grafted Wargear and Puresteel Paladin combo well with your commander and your dwarven brother from another bearded mother Koll, the Forgemaster , as you can slip on the equipment on for free!

And speaking of Dwarves, Sram, Senior Edificer feels like it should have a home in this deck, coming down for a low cost and keep drawing you cards as you start to equip and enchant snowball!

May your beard ever hang low!

CavemanlyMan on Halvar, Divine Voltron

2 weeks ago

So I don't know if someone has suggested it before, and I'm not even sure if I'm totally on board with the suggestion myself, but here it is.

Perhaps it is worth comparing Well of Lost Dreams and Dawn of Hope . The main reason being that the amount of card draw you get out of well of lost dreams is simply higher. The amount of card advantage it generates for you is better, BUT it doesn't have the second ability that makes tiny lifelinkers. So, you'd have to rely on other cards to gain you life and draw you cards. You have exactly 9 other sources of life gain in your deck (10 if you consider that recruiter can get Serra Ascendant/Danitha Capashen)

Then you have to think about the issue of mana cost, which I would say (even though the cmc is obviously lower on Dawn of Hope) is about equal.

-Dawn of Hope costs 1W BUT it costs 3W more to make a lifelinker (that will probably die in the process of gaining life (if it isn't equipped (which costs more mana to do by the way))) AND it simply costs more to draw the cards. So in the end you are sinking 8 mana (or more) in to draw 1 card. The only case in which you wouldn't be doing that is if you are using your other life gain sources, but both cards can utilize those.

-Well of Lost Dreams on the other hand costs 4 to play, and 1 to draw 1 card (so 5 total) OR, even better, 6 mana to draw 2, 7 to draw 3, 8 to draw 4, ect. That is however relying on outside sources of lifegain and how much life they gain you. At worst, it draws you the same amount as Dawn of Hope for less mana

In all reality you have a 1 in 10 chance of a card in your deck being an independent source of life gain. Assuming you use at least 10 cards during a given game, which you will assuming you don't die before turn 3, then you will (on average) have at least one other source of lifegain at least once during a game. Therefore, the fact that it relies on outside sources of life gain seems negligible.

The one exception to it being negligible that I can think of is trying to recover from a board wipe, of which you have several. If you think about it though, you are going to be drawing sources of life gain more often than you are going to be drawing board wipes. But idk, maybe this will be the one thing you find issue with.

So: pros: costs less mana overall, draws more cards, is an artifact (for things like Puresteel Paladin ) cons: higher initial cmc, doesn't make lifelinkers (negligible), doesn't help recover from board wipes quite as well.

Anyways, that was a long post and I think I persuaded myself that one was better than the other in the process. I only made this so in depth because almost every time I or someone else has suggested something in the recent past you have completely shot down the suggestions. Thus, I've made it a point to not suggest something unless I've really thought about it.

But by all means, enlighten me on the things that I didn't think about.

plakjekaas on Mono White Ramp/Draw

1 month ago

Mono white is fine as is. There's plenty of ramp in mono white, it's probably the second best color at fetching lands out of your library with cards like Knight of the White Orchid , Boreas Charger , Keeper of the Accord and such. Oh and Smothering Tithe of course.

Card advantage comes in less obvious ways, but there's plenty to be found. From flickering Thraben Inspector to fetching lands out of your deck with Land Tax , Gift of Estates or Tithe , to using small creatures with Mentor of the Meek , Bygone Bishop , Ranger of Eos and Recruiter of the Guard , to recurring creatures and/or small permanents with Sun Titan , Resurrection , Bruna, the Fading Light , to equipment with Sram, Senior Edificer and Puresteel Paladin . And don't forget that Wrath of God is also card advantage if you use it well. There's also more obscure stuff, like using lifegain + Dawn of Hope , or Martyr's Cry on your own board of tokens, or Armistice , Pursuit of Knowledge , Inheritance for slightly overpriced sources of repeatable carddraw.

There will always be a slight imbalance in the colors, there will always be one that needs to work a little harder than the others for the same results. There's plenty of colorless cards to support any deck and make it playable nowadays, and I personally wouldn't like it much if white would be homogenised with the other colors to stop the masses from complaining. We have been doing so for years, it's pretty much a meme at this point. I know people who complain about it without ever having tried to play a mono white deck. Wizards could colorshift all the good green carddraw cards to white the upcoming year and that probably wouldn't fix it, and make the game a lot less varied and interesting in the process.

I embrace the adversity and challenges that come with mono white commander deckbuilding.

Your mileage may vary.

Balaam__ on Mentor Cheerio's

2 months ago

This looks really solid all around. Puresteel Paladin is just so good here. The draw is strong with this one; Paradoxical Outcome coupled with the paladin...yikes.

plakjekaas on Would caring about artifacts help …

2 months ago

Five years ago, when we had Archangel Avacyn  Flip, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar , Thraben Inspector and Thalia's Lieutenant in Standard, I've heard many a complaint that white was too powerful in Standard back then. Ever since, we've shifted via red to green as the most obnoxiously present color in the meta, and the complaints stay. I do think there's no pleasing magic players.

White already cares about artifacts, however, even though not all of them. Mostly equipments. Which help you ramp Sword of the Animist , Prying Blade , Goldvein Pick and draw Rogue's Gloves , Mask of Memory , Sword of Fire and Ice . White tutors for them like no tomorrow, draws off of them with Sram, Senior Edificer , Puresteel Paladin , Stone Haven Outfitter .

McDashing on White Phyrexian Machine Orthodoxy - Kitchentable

2 months ago

Thanks for the thought Kebes. Unwinding Clock was in my first draft, however due to the high price and lack of synergy with Living Weapon I avoided including it. I ended up removing Living Weapon from my deck due to lackluster performance if I lack Brass Squire & Puresteel Paladin, which I want to avoid using as it breaks the White-Phyrexian theme. So it might be wise to give Unwinding Clock a try by now.

Etched Champion & Leonin Elder both work great but as the above, I want to avoid using them due to theme. I am in doubt about Phyrexian Revoker, as while it may be Blue-Phyrexian it will help with my severe lack of battlefield control.

Helm of the Host is an interesting card I was not familiar with. Seems to have some flexible synergy, while a bit costly. My initial thought about Karn, Scion of Urza is that he would break the White-Phyrexian deck theme hard, however I've had a look at the lore and it seems Karn is pretty much writing the White-Phyrexian bible while insane on their basement throne. The card helps with my bad Card-Draw, and goes well with the artifacts as well. I'll definitely scoop this one up if I can find it, and I'll feel less bad about including Urza Lands (upon a friend's suggestion) as this keeps the theme intact once again. Thanks for bringing that one up, as I'm not fond of planeswalkers and wouldn't have found that one by myself.

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