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Gain life make the Karlov big then exile problem creatures. Use our Companion (backup Commander) to replay our stuff.

Creatures will be the backbone of the deck. At first aristocrats were part of the deck but after playing more Commander pods they're so much better than 1v1. They've proven themselves to be great at playing a long grindy game. We'll also be using our creatures as a source of passive life gain and as a way to slow them down by way of taxes and prison effects.

At the bottom there's instructions for a Learn/Lesson wish board, if your group goes in for things like that.

Karlov of the Ghost Council - Has a rather interesting design. He can be used to go tall and smash or he can be used as a control tool. When playing him we need to be flexible to switch between both.

An ideal opening hand should have both of our colours of mana. It should also have a way to gain life or protection for our Commander, preferably both. We'll want to use our free mulligan aggressively to get this.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den -

By the companion rule every permanent we play can be returned from The Dreaming. Some of our cards are here because we want to play them over-and-over.

Hope of Ghirapur - We have to hit our opponent for this to work but we can lock down the combo player from comboing off, replay it and do it again the turn after.

Executioner's Capsule - it's tricky to find a permanent that destroys all creatures AND costs two or less. This is probably the best option. Not being able to target black creatures can be a problem. That just means we know where to send our spells.

Tormod's Crypt - We won't be reusing it every turn but, it's something we'll want to reuse to keep the other graveyard decks honest. There could be merit to Remorseful Cleric filling this spot.

Seal of Cleansing - With this we'll be able to Eliminate one problem artifact or enchantment every turn.

Auriok Champion, Soul Warden & Soul's Attendant - The Soul Sisters. Gain life and pump up Karlov every time a creature enters play. Usually two lands that produce a black and a white with one of these is a snap keep. Also, if one of these is out ahead of our Commander he'll immediately get two counters.

Authority of the Consuls - Passive life gain when it's not our turn. It also turns off haste. This card is quickly becoming a white staple.

Daxos, Blessed by the Sun - Lateral of the soul sisters. This soul sibling only gains a life when we get a creature. He also gains life when we lose a creature. He can also gain a lot of toughness based on our devotion to white.

Lunarch Veteran   - Another pseudo-Soul Warden, only gaining life when we get a creature, after going to the graveyard it can be reborn as Luminous Phantom  . The returned Phantom gives us another flyer and we start gaining life when one of our creatures leaves play. This works well with our aristocrats.

Thrull Parasite - The lowest casting cost for an Extort creature. In addition to stealing life when we cast something it can so remove a counter from non-land permanents. If want to be kind we can keep someone's Saga in play. In most situations we'll be mean and use it to pull +1/+1 counters to mess up blocks or loyalty from Planeswalkers to make using their middle and ultimate abilities.

Blind Obedience - Another way of removing haste it also tags artifact recursion and has the chance to slow ramping with artifacts.

Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim -

Sun Droplet - Part of the reason we're playing Caves of Koilos, City of Brass & Salt Flats. Talisman of Hierarchy also helps out. Sun Droplet also has the Verdant Force clause where we will activate it EVERY upkeep, not just ours. We can quickly regain those little pokes and after three players' turns Karlov is rather tall and can exile one problem. Castle Locthwain & Silent Clearing. They're loss of life not damage.

Umezawa's Jitte - When first printed this card completely warped the format around it to the point where the best card to play against Jitte is another Jitte (this was the time when the Legend rule destroyed the second copy of a Legendary permeant played). It's still a pretty good card. In a perfect situation, oddly, we'll want to use the counters to gain life first. Doing so at the end of the opponent's turn just before our turn. We shouldn't be afraid to remove problem creatures either. The +2/+2 is best used to try and push through a little bit more Commander damage or help protect our creatures from -x/-x removal.

Zuran Orb - Gain life on demand at no cost. We're so low to the ground we can easily afford to Sacrifice down to two or three lands. Flagstones of Trokair combos perfectly.

The goal is to cover as many as we can types of removal as we can. Target bounce, damage, destroy and exile, we have colour protection. Mass destroy we have cards that grant indestructible. We even have one way to protect from mass exile, Kaya's Ghostform. Targeted sacrifice, we rely on our ability to go wide. Mass bounce we can't do much about but our low curve makes rebuilding easier, the same can be said about mass sacrifice. -X/-X will be handled by our Commander himself and we'll make it as difficult to do as possible.

Alseid of Life's Bounty - and sac to give protection and save another creature is great. What makes it perfect for our deck is that it also has Lifelink.

Benevolent Bodyguard - Alseid's ancestor. Bit of give and take between the two. We just have to Sacrifice the Bodyguard but he doesn't come with built in Lifelink.

Giver of Runes & Mother of Runes - Protects our Commander and other creatures from targeted removal. Just remember Mom can protect herself and the Giver can't. However, Giver can give protection from colourless whereas Mom can't.

Selfless Savior - Protects one creature from mass or targeted removal. Truly, the goodest boy. This is a better choice than Dauntless Bodyguard because it has to be cast after Karlov and we're limited in what we grant indestructibility to.

Selfless Spirit - Protects all our creatures from Wrath style board wipes. The flying isn't unimportant to get through while equipped. It's protection is repeatable with Lurrus.

Flawless Maneuver - one of the free-for-one card from Ikoria Commander. With the cost of our Commander it'll be weird when we actually pay to cast this card.

Reverent Mantra - Brave the Elements's bigger brother. It has all the same perks as Brave but costs far more. This big brother is always willing to help out for a cost, Mantra can be cast for free as long as we exile a white card from our hand.

Being a higher up in the Church of Orzhov we're not used to paying taxes. We're more than happy to watch others pay them and, perhaps, point and laugh.

Drannith Magistrate - More a lock piece than a piece of taxation. It doesn't affect us only our opponents. It stops any type of flash back or play from exile type abilities. Playing a Commander from the Command Zone is also important part of most deck's gameplay.

Grand Abolisher - Not a traditional tax man who forces additional costs to spells and ability. This one just shuts them down on our turns. Living the dream of our spells never being countered.

card:Leonine Arbiter - because of budget and deck building decisions there aren't a lot of times when we search our deck, compared to other Commander decks. This gives us the opportunity to make searching miserable for other players.

Paladin Class - there are three levels to climb through. We get what we want right off the bat. Plus to our opponents spells on our turns. The second level gives us an anthem, which is nice. The third level is also nice but we're not going to break our backs to get there.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben - She taxes all non-creature spells which can come back to bite us but the results are worth it.

Tithe Taker - A middle ground between Grand Abolisher and Thalia. The spirit it leaves behind isn't nothing either.

Animate Dead - we can let our Commander go to the graveyard for many reasons. Here are two more. They can also be used to snag something big out of an opponent's grave. There just sweet, universal, lil Body Doubles.

Phyrexian Reclamation - We can use this to bring back any of our creatures. It also allows us to change the rules around the Commander Tax. With this we allow our Commander to go to the graveyard and return it to our hand to be recast for and 2 life. We aren't obligated to pay it all at once either like we're replaying a Commander normally. If we're stuck on 3 lands we can pay at the end of an opponent's turn and recast it on ours. If Phyrexian Reclamation is destroyed while our Commander is in the graveyard and we can't return it, we have other ways to bring him back and if all else fails we may have to exile him ourselves to put him back to the Command Zone.

Sevinne's Reclamation - This is our back-up recursion and is extra flexible with it's Flashback. Patch Up and Victimize are also good recursion with the same CMC.

Kaya's Ghostform - Another way to save our creatures from the graveyard. Nice bonus of being able to pull things back from exile. With Lurrus still in play we'll be able replay this aura over and over again.

Esper Sentinel - We can draw multiple cards every turn cycle. It's unlikely our opponents will be paying more than for their first non-creature spell every turn but, if we can't draw taxing our opponents is a nice consolation.

Skullclamp - As we're a weenie deck we have plenty of creatures with one toughness that could easily become two cards.

Viscera Seer - Not so much card draw as card selection. In a tough spot we can Sacrifice a creature to improve our draw. They help us get value from our creatures in response to a board wipe. It also gives us a sliver of hope that we can recover them from the graveyard in the face of a piece of exile removal.

Archivist of Oghma - White has been getting a lot of tools for drawing cards. The archvisit also fulfils what we want to be doing with out deck...gaining life. Both things trigger when an opponent searches their deck. At the very least we can expect our opponents to be playing fetch lands. With Flash we can get our first activation out of nowhere. Just a great card all around.

Deadly Dispute -

Night's Whisper - Straight forward pay two life draw two cards. It could also be Sign in Blood.

Dark Confidant - Greatness at any cost...oh, so that's where that comes from. Another card to give us an extra draw. We may have to reveal what the card is but there's a good chance we'll be casting it this turn. Like with many other things in our deck the loss of life isn't a big deal. We're also so low to the ground the damage wont be that big anyway. Dark Confidant isn't what it used to be in terms of use and price. If you cant find/affordable one Raffine's Informant or Dusk Legion Zealot could be a solution.

Spirited Companion - White's Elvish Visionary. Something which combos with our Viscera Seer. It can also be used to block and recast with Lurrus. Cat's and dogs working together at last.

Village Rites - Best way to get value from a creature we're going to lose to removal. Or if we need to dig a little deeper for some cards.

Demonic Tutor -

Entomb - Toss a card in the graveyard and bring it back with any one of many restriction tools. We can also take advantage of the hidden text on this card because it sends any card to the 'yard, not just creatures.

Orzhov Signet - Good colourless mana filtering.

Sol Ring - Let's see we're playing Commander so we play one of these.

Talisman of Hierarchy - Good colourless mana-fixing. The damage we take an also activate Sun Droplet, in turn will power up our Commander.

Despark - Disdainful Stroke for cards already in play. It's hard for us to keep up in terms of, one-to-one, big threats. This helps to level things out.

Path to Exile - Great premium removal. It's not impossible that our opponent won't be able to get a basic land because of a greedy land base.

Swords to Plowshares - One of the all time greatest all time removal spells. The big question is will they have more life than us?

Damn - Can help us get rid of an early problem or, more than likely, be used to reset the board.

The Meathook Massacre - Works as mass removal and as a piece another Blood Artist effect. If we're recasting it from the graveyard with Lurrus X can only be 0 or 1.

Generous Gift - it's nice to have a card that can destroy anything. The 3/3 left behind is almost always better.

Toxic Deluge - Seems to be the standard mass removal spell when playing black. Sure, it costs life but it was made for a format with starting life half of what we get and are we planning to gain life? Might have been mentioned once or twice. Also, there's a real possibility that our Commander could survive this deluge.

Snuff Out - Why use mana to kill something when we can just pay life? There are a couple of caveats. We have to control a Swamp and this card comes from an era when black targeted removal couldn't remove a black card for reasons.

Karlov is a pretty good source of creature removal too.

In terms of our mass removal some decks are running cards like: Retribution of the Meek, Slaughter the Strong or Citywide Bust to act as one-sided wraths. The problem is there will friendly fire, and most likely to be friendly fire is our Commander. If we've gained life once since he hit play we'd have to spend another card to protect him. We can also spend mana to destroy creatures which would survive, as long as the number of counters is a multiple of six. Otherwise he's caught in the blast. Our suite of protection spells are there to help him and if the board is too big to handle we'll blow the board ourselves.

When building you're land base remember that we're a very, very low to the ground deck and there are a lot of double mana symbols in cost of our cards. Be careful how many lands that only produce and how many comes-into-play-tapped lands. Stumbling can put us out of the game pretty early.

Castle Locthwain - Bringing new meaning to greatness at any cost. We'll be emptying our hands fairly quickly so the loss of life shouldn't be too great. If we're going to lose draw the damn card.

Caves of Koilos, City of Brass & Salt Flats - Might as well take advantage of the life we're gaining and have some more duals. Some will scratch their heads at Salt Flats and ask "why no Mana Confluence?" This is because of Sun Droplet. We can ping ourselves just to gain the life back and activate our triggers.Mana Confluence doesn't deal damage, we lose life. Mileage may vary on Salt Flats it may not be in here for very long.

Command Tower - Let's see. We're playing Commander and Karlov has more than one colour. Moving on.

Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire - it's a land with no "enters the battlefield tapped clause. It also doubles as removal. What's not to like?

Fetid Heath - our mana base isn't always kind to us. There will be times when we have two and really need two . This filter can be a real lifesaver.

Godless Shrine - Pretty standard. Even if we had Scabland there'd be a place for it.

Isolated Chapel -

Obscura Storefront -

Orzhov Basilica - It's always risky putting a Karoo land into our deck. There is a real risk of it being destroyed before we get to use it. There are a couple of lands that gain us life when they enter play, picking them up and reusing them is pretty useful. We're also playing Takenuma & the new Eiganjo. It's not impossible that we'll need to play these early and we'll want their recursion and removal, respectively, in the later game.

Phyrexian Tower -

Shattered Sanctum - Still don't trust fast lands in Commander. The odds are we'll draw this after land two, same as if we had Concealed Courtyard.

Silent Clearing -

Takenuma, Abandoned Mire - Another way we can allow our Commander to go to the graveyard, recover him & recast him without paying the Commander Tax. Filling the graveyard a bit for Lurrus is nice. However, we shouldn't be using this to find something to cast as our Plan A. If we're in need of a blocker of course go ahead. We should be looking for something to bring back to our hand before we mill ourselves. If something better pops up we can still nab it.

Temple of Silence -

Vault of Champions -

This is for groups that believe in continuing education. There are two creatures which allow us to Learn:

card:Eyetwitch(stx) - Just a side note if our plan is to block with card:Eyetwitch(stx) and learn our opponents a Lesson at instant speed, all of our Lessons are sorceries, and why yes there is a story attached to this note. Reccomended cuts from the main for this card: Alseid of Life's Bounty or Thrull Parasite.

Professor of Symbology - _Reccomended cuts from the main for this card: card:Spirted Companion or Night's Whisper. _

And we have a pen for taking notes:

Poet's Quill - Fits under our companion's restriction. It also gives the equipped creature a token power and toughness boost and lifelink. When Karlov, Ajani's Pridemate or Voice of the Blessed gets big enough we want to smash in or send a flyer over it'll be nice to gain some life as well.

Learn has some hidden text. If there's a situation where we want a random card from our deck rather than a specific Lesson we can also discard a card and draw.

Just keep them in the wish board and swap them in a creature with the same CMC.

Then we pick up to fourteen (Lurrus is part of the side board [think of her as the class familiar]) spells with the Lesson subtype, which fit our Commander restrictions. At the time of this writing all of them with a few extra spots. Also, at the time of writing there are no Lesson permanents so Lurrus is all good.

It's pretty safe to say that these cards would never been part of the 99. Most of them could kindly be called draft-chaff. However, we're getting them for a few deck slots and because were also gaining flexibility they cost a bit more, for what they do, than what we'd like to see under normal circumstances.

Academic Probation -

Confront the Past -

Environmental Sciences -

Expanded Anatomy -

Inkling Summoning -

Introduction to Annihilation -

Mascot Exhibition -

Necrotic Fumes -

Reduce to Memory -


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