Disdainful Stroke

Disdainful Stroke


Counter target spell with converted mana cost 4 or greater.

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Common
Commander Anthology 2018 (CM2) Common
Commander 2016 (C16) Common
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Leviathan Legal
Historic Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Arena Legal
Pioneer Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal

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Disdainful Stroke Discussion

TriusMalarky on Underrated EDH Cards

1 month ago

I feel like people discount countermagic sometimes. Literally every blue deck should run Negate, Disdainful Stroke and probably Counterspell. But that might just be my low data count.

Efficient removal is also really underrun. Terminate, Doom Blade and more should find a lot of homes, but really don't.

However, if you're looking for real power, Scheming Symmetry is SO good. In any mill deck it's the best tutor in the game. With some way to draw a card immediately, it makes it really easy to combo off. Also, there's often somebody who's behind... give them the tutor.

Simic Charm is anti-removal and can stop someone from winning. Great 2-use utility.

NoSoyYucateco on Saheeli Pre-Con Upgrade

2 months ago

Silumgar's Scorn and Broken Concentration are poor counterspells for this deck. You have two dragons, and very few instant speed effects that make you discard. I recommend swapping these for Arcane Denial, Stoic Rebuttal, Disdainful Stroke, Tale's End, Disallow, or Spell Swindle.

zapyourtumor on Controlling and Thieving Rogues

3 months ago

Alright I did some digging, here are some other options: Dimir Charm for flexibility also dimir = sneaky rogue so passes flavor check; Admiral's Order because rogue attac; Ceremonious Rejection for sideboard; Disallow might be a bit high curve for this deck but its a good counterspell; Disdainful Stroke for sideboard again; maybe Overwhelming Denial following a Thieves' Guild Enforcer?

Summary: I think the best ones to replace Quench with are Admiral's Order and Spell Pierce

wisegreenbean on Arcades, Toughness/Blink

3 months ago

Colfenor's Urn is kind of a lot of elaborate work for a bit of a dubious payoff(it generally seems much worse than just having a counterspell to protect your creatures from dying in the first place, for example.). Mirror Shield is a hyper specific draft card, It's just not very powerful. Also, vigilance isn't really an important keyword for you, so Brave the Sands isn't really helping you much. I'm also skeptical of Sight of the Scalelords...your creatures are probably big enough on average that an anthem isn't really the most important effect for you, particularly not at such a steep rate.

I'd suggest they be replaced with just cheap cantrips and/or interaction, if there's no other cards that immediately are of interest for you. Beast Within, Generous Gift, Disdainful Stroke, Negate, Kenrith's Transformation are a few excellent and budget options. Effects like Rampant Growth or Mind Stone would also probably be fine and generically good additions.

PurePwnage on Bitter Hollow

6 months ago

I say if you want to go more control, drop the Liliana's and Inquisition's entirely in favor of additional Cryptic Command's and up the land count to 24.

My recommended card's below:

4x Fatal Push

1x Dismember

4x Thoughtseize - Early game Unconditional removal

2x Drown in the Loch - Situational Removal card/countermagic

2x Mistbind Clique - Late game timewalk

4x Remand - Yet another Timewalk effect that works well with Bitterblossom to stall for turns and give you card advantage


2x Collective Brutality - Control or Burn hate card

2x Disdainful Stroke - Tron, Urza, Jund, and Control

2x/3x Surgical Extraction - Dredge, Burn, Control, and Combo

3x Ceremonious Rejection - Tron, Urza, and Affinity

2x Damnation - Shit that goes wider than your deck

2x Negate

Clashboy15 on RU Sprite Dragon?

6 months ago

Improbable Alliance is probably not very good for this deck, since this is an aggressive deck and alliance if for tempo decks, so definitely cut it. Cut Thrill of Possibility because it requires you to have at least two cards in hand and costs two mana, which is bad for a prowess deck. Also cut Flame Sweep and Keep Safe because first of all, 2/3 of your creatures don't have flying and secondly, this is an aggro deck and you should be killing your opponent before you need flame sweep. Keep safe is interesting, but again, it costs 2 mana and is not really an effective counterspell, since it is so situational. Also cut 2 Light Up the Stage and 4 Skewer the Critics because they often dont trigger prowess. You will usually be casting them after combat, which is pretty bad.

So, you cut around 11 cards, what should you replace them with? Well, to start off put two Dreadhorde Arcanist. It is a wizard and will let you recast spells, triggering prowess at the same time. Put in 1 Treasure Cruise. Although it doesn't synergize too well with dreadhorde arcanist, there's a reason why this card got banned in modern. Because you'll be casting so much cheap 1 mana instants/sorceries, this should easiley be a one mana Ancestral Recall . So now there's 8 more cards to replace. Add 4 Crash Through, as it will draw you a card for just 1 mana, triggers prowess and gives your big creatures trample. It's a must include in any pioneer prowess deck. Next, add 2 Warlord's Fury or 1 of that and one The Royal Scions. This depends on personal preference, if you want a late game play, the scions is fine. Personally, I would use just two Warlord's Fury. Finally, put in two Spell Pierce. It is basically keep safe but cheaper and less situational. For example, it can counter key noncreature spells in a combo deck, counter a big planeswalker, counter a board wipe, or just any non creature spell, all of which can not be done by keep safe.

Lastly, the sideboard needs some work. Take out all the cards in the current sideboard. Add two Pithing Needle. It can deal with pretty much any card in the format. 3 Grafdigger's Cage or Tormod's Crypt for some much needed graveyard hate. Remember, all these cards trigger prowess as well! Put 4 Abrade in the sideboard, as it can deal with creatures pretty effectively and can kill artifacts as well. 1 Disdainful Stroke for matchups with more beefy spells. 2 Mystical Dispute because of how overpowered simic and a lot of other blue decks is. 1 Aether Gust because again, simic is really powered (also deals with lots of other cards in pioneer by countering them or bouncing them). For the last 2 cards, add Searing Blood.

Metropolis39 on Rainbow Snow

7 months ago

remand out of the sideboard is kinda bad. remand is a main deck card. sideboard counter spells can be more narrow to really slamdunk on opponents. sideboard counter spells fall into different categories, after testing the deck see what sort of matchups you struggle with, my guess would be big mana like tron or primetime.dec. Big Mana counter spells: Disdainful Stroke,Ceremonious Rejection
Protection counter spell: Turn Aside Non-creature counterspells: Mystical Dispute, Spell Pierce, Negate Swan Song creature counter spells: Essence Scatter, Exclude

The most important thing to do when playing a brew is to not give up after a few bad results. keep tuning the list and finding what works and what doesnt. good luck with the deck

I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks on Jeskai Miner

8 months ago

Maybe take out both Disdainful Strokes for a supreme verdict and a Dovin's Veto? One of the best things for the stroke is probably eldrazi when playing ramp decks, but ulamog has a cast trigger that would wreck, and dovins veto can hit Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

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