Necrotic Fumes

Necrotic Fumes

Sorcery — Lesson

As an additional cost to cast this spell, exile a creature you control.

Exile target creature or planeswalker.

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Necrotic Fumes Discussion

keizerbuns on Delve Recycling

1 week ago

ClockworkSwordfish thanks for the comment!

I thought about using Misthollow Griffin, but the deck was sort of built around Torrent Elemental's tapping ability, and Eternal Scourge was cheaper, so I left Misthollow out.

To answer your question, I don't think I fully thought that one through tbh XD. I guess my thinking was that if the cards are in the graveyard because they either got milled, got discarded from hand, or were cast and then put there from the battlefield, then they could be used as a target for delve/exile effects and still be able to come back and make an impact on the board.

I do really like your suggestion of Necrotic Fumes. I'm not entirely sure how much I like Sultai Ascendancy and Dimir-doppleganger in this deck and I did feel like it could use some removal, so that might be a pretty good substitute for those cards.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, I really appreciate it! :D

ClockworkSwordfish on Delve Recycling

1 week ago

Very funky concept. The Elemental is definitely a superior creature when he's actually in play, but if you're mostly interested in using him as reusable Delve fodder, then Misthollow Griffin might be preferable, since he's only four mana to bring back rather than five.

I did have a question, though... if you're hoping to use Eternal Scourge and the Elemental to fuel Delve costs again and again, how exactly do you go about doing that? Both of them go right into play from exile, and all of your pieces that exile cards only so from the graveyard. If you really want to use them to fuel exile effects, you might have more luck using cards that exile them from play, such as Necrotic Fumes. As is, paying five mana to bring a guy back, then finding a way to kill him off all so you can get a discount on another spell... kind of feels like it's missing the point somewhere.

Blackgate on Innistrad: Witherbloom Werewolves (GB midrange)

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the link Sorin_Markov_1947!!

Taking a look at it and seems that removal is the way to go to help against mono-green.

Infernal Grasp, Bloodchief's Thirst and Necrotic Fumes will be effective against all the big creatures in the deck. The addition of Containment Breach as per your recommendation should help against Ranger Class and more importantly Unnatural Growth. Outland Liberator  Flip would also be good for artifact / enchantment removal and is a werewolf too. I added a few deathtouch cards to the maybe board that could also be effective and work as “removal”: Infuse with Vitality and Bladebrand.

Re: Mono-white - Crippling Fear in the sideboard may come in handy to wipe out those pesky wennies.

Blackgate on Innistrad: Witherbloom Werewolves (GB midrange)

3 weeks ago

Whoops, forgot to add the lesson cards! Thanks for that Sorin_Markov_1947! I use Necrotic Fumes often when I play the deck but I like the other suggestions you made and will add some to them sideboard -thank you!

When you refer to mono-green, I assume it’s a specific deck that’s big in the current meta - can you share a link to the deck and I’ll take a look?

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Innistrad: Witherbloom Werewolves (GB midrange)

3 weeks ago

How does this deck beat mono-green? Also, if you have Eyetwitch, you need lessons in your sideboard. Pest Summoning, Basic Conjuration, Containment Breach, and Necrotic Fumes are all decent

JANKYARD_DOG on Silverbloom Clerics (Arena BO1 Ranked)

4 months ago

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have not been ignoring anyone, just busy. Finally got a moment to sit down. After some consideration...


Shambling Ghastx4 --> Soulmenderx4. What about Cleric Class here instead? Winmore?

Hunt for Specimens x4--> Cram Session x4

Cleric of Life's Bond x1 --> Dawnbringer Cleric x1 Classes suck, and that skeleton thing, and freeze enchantments. And Trelasarra > Life's Bond, so...

Sideboard: Academic Probation x1 --> Reduce to Memory x1. Idk, never seem to use AP, and in case I have no critter to sac... makes me consider replacing Necrotic Fumes as well. If anyone has better lesson suggestions go for it.

Keeping old list intact for a bit while testing. Kind of feeling Valkyrie is a bit winmore in this case, maybe a 2 of? I mean, we are lacking flyers save for an inkling in the sideboard. Trade 1 infuse and 1 spear? Will see how this goes I suppose. Dina makes me feel like adding all the other pain/gain goodies, thus changing the entire deck, so saving for the golgari pair. Orah is still kinda sidelined here, kind of in the same boat as Valkyrie for now.

I am exploring the dual color combinations, I just need to grind some rares. I'll post lists when I can and after a few runs first. Anyway, let me know what y'all think and I'll let ya's know how it goes.

razelfark on Witherbloom Storm (Budget)

8 months ago

Hello Minousmancer,

Thanks for the suggestions. The deck list a was a quick idea I was testing based on cards I had on Arena and was meant to try and allow people to try and use cards that would be easy to acquire.

The reason for choosing Crawling Barrens over Faceless Haven was to make it so I could have a land that could build to be a larger threat that most control decks that really on Heartless Act would not be able to remove. Faceless Haven feels strong for decks that are trying to be as aggressive as possible, while this deck really tries to sit back and build up for combo. Another nice thing about the Barrens is that you can sacrifice it to a Tend the Pests if the opponent tries to direct remove it and gain a board (speaking from experience). The deck also only uses, 2 of these lands in the deck as we do not really want to draw it early or in every game as a lot of the decks costs do not really make it the best land to have in play. All in all, the deck would be fine cutting the man land in general as it was only added to help fight against control decks.

I did forget to update the deck list from what is is currently using for a side deck. The Fractal Summoning and 1 copy of Environmental Sciences was removed for Containment Breach and Necrotic Fumes .

As for why the deck is not using Sedgemoor Witch is this was to be a budget deck. I was trying to find areas to trim around to keep the costs lower and lower the number of rare cards needing to be used on the deck as it was meant to be budget friendly (1 copy of Professor Onyx permitted for flavor). To include Sedgemoor Witch the deck idea also would probably change to not rely on Tend the Pests + Daemogoth Woe-Eater combo to be making tokens and would be using more cards like Hunt for Specimens and similar spells to generate tokens to combo.

PS: Plumb the Forbidden was in the deck already and was written into the deck description on how to make use of it. The reason the deck was called "Storm" was because of this spell.

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