Remorseful Cleric

Remorseful Cleric

Creature — Spirit Cleric


Sacrifice Remorseful Cleric: Exile all cards from target player's graveyard.

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Remorseful Cleric Discussion

Budzi on Azorius Spirits - Modern

3 weeks ago

Thanks for your reply.

I will buy Spectral Adversary and try it. I have a Kira, Great Glass-Spinner I do like it a lot maybe I will use it more often.

What's your guys opinion on Remorseful Cleric for the graveyard hate instead of Rest in Peace? I do like having the option of being a creature but doesn't solve the issue of being permanently dealing with opponents graveyard.


TriusMalarky on

1 month ago

Domri seems too slow to make an impact. I'd cut him for some other creatures to make CoCo better. Also, cut one of the Commands/Charms for a CoCo. You want as many relevant hits as possible and the full playset if you're going to use it(not that command/charm is bad, just that CoCo is an all-or-nothing kind of card).

Also, since you're a CoCo deck, you want as many of your sideboard cards to be CoCo hits as possible. Remorseful Cleric is better here than RiP, for example, because it is a hit off CoCo and doesn't alter your main gameplan too much.

Other than those fairly small details, I think it looks good. I'm no zoo pilot, of course(closest I've gotten was historic stompy before I quit arena), but this looks pretty fun at the least.

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH [PRIMER]

3 months ago

Lord_Rivandere: I'm glad this deck inspires you, in all its MANY incarnations!

Yeah, the current version is definitely much more complex to pilot than the early versions -- the synergies are less obvious, but they're still there!

There's a few more ways to flip Avacyn you might have missed! Beyond the four obvious self-sacrifice creatures ( Benevolent Bodyguard , Ranger-Captain of Eos , Selfless Spirit , and Remorseful Cleric ), we also have two other controllable death triggers in Solitude 's evoke ability and the germ when we unequip Nettlecyst . Also, Ranger of Eos almost always retrieves Benevolent Bodyguard as one of its two creatures, so that's essentially a guaranteed flip as well :)

And sometimes it's worth just using a Sword of Fire and Ice or Umezawa's Jitte trigger to hit our own things in a pinch ;) But yeah, the flip damage has become a bit less of a true FOCUS and more of a... deterrent? "You'd better not block/kill/attack my hatebear, otherwise Avacyn will Purify your battlefield with deathtouch!"

I don't quite understand something you said: why can't I use Fiery Emancipation without flipping Avacyn?

And yeah, there are SO many things I want to add to this deck... Hope of Ghirapur seems playable again given Urza's Saga , I want to find a slot for Kaldra Compleat so I can cheat it out with Stoneforge (and get another death trigger off the germ), and there's at least 4 cards I'm definitely testing in Avacyn from the new set ( Share the Spoils , Fighter Class , Oswald Fiddlebender , Mantle of the Ancients) and like 20 more I'm considering (including Robe of Stars)... This deck does so many things, though (voltron-control-hatebears-combo), that it's really hard to find slots...

I'd love to talk further about Avacyn whenever you want! You can either ask me here, or reach out on Discord: daedalus#8885

lagotripha on Callous Clerics (Budget)

3 months ago

I like the list. It has real potential.

I'm not a fan of doomed and null priest unless they are cheating out big creatures - the only big cleric I can think of is Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. Resurrecting multiple other clerics can be done in easier, less disruptable ways.

Many of the most powerful sideboard cards (mainboardable in many metas) are clerics, and that means that with 75 cards including sideboard, something that can really kick butt in a metagame is out there.

The option to ressurect Children of Korlis, Containment Priest, Ethersworn Canonist, Fiend Hunter, Grand Abolisher, Leonin Arbiter, Auriok Champion, Leonin Relic-Warder, Remorseful Cleric, Sanctifier en-Vec, Sin Collector - there are too many great clerics for this not to become something. Even stuff like Orzhov Pontiff and True Believer has seen sideboard play in the kind of creature-led deck it would be.

You have access to all the tools from soul sisters, with Soul Warden also getting Marauding Blight-Priest as another piece. Vizier of Remedies threatens a combo line. Efficient 1 drops means that tools like Orzhov Charm, Ranger-Captain of Eos and Proclamation of Rebirth look a lot better. Order of Whiteclay and oddities like Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip it offer more options than you'd expect, and it only takes one good interaction with them to turn them into powerhouse engines.

All of that before looking at w/b getting the best removal in the game means that some variant of this list will make a dent in a major tournament, once someone figures it out.

monkeyofficeboy on Athreos, the Passage of Life

4 months ago


A small update to the deck. The following cards were removed:

Beloved Chaplain Didn't do enough in the deck, other than boost the Cleric count.

Cathars' Crusade A great card! But, I have no idea why I put it in this deck, as there is little point in the +1/+1 counters. Going wide and attacking is not what this deck wants to do.

These cards are the replacements

Corpse Knight Allows me to rob life from people when I have creatures come in. Sounds like a plan to me!

Remorseful Cleric Handy graveyard hate, handy in my meta. Keeps the Cleric count up so serves a better purpose than the Beloved Chaplain .

enation24 on Strixhaven Commander: An Elephant Never Forgets

6 months ago

Thanks! I updated it to Quintorius, Field Historian . Once everything loads into the database I was thinking of adding Lorehold Excavations at least, but I'm excited to see everything else. I also added Remorseful Cleric , works great with the spirit-tribal aspect of the deck and could be nice in a pinch, but it will only ever give 1 spirit token no matter how many cards I exile since Quintorius says 1 or more.

dsdude3021 on Naya's Hero

6 months ago

I'm curious what your experience was with Bloodbraid Elf . Cascade also gives you the cast trigger off of Hero of Precinct One . It's also crazy to think it's now a pretty budget card. Maybe because they are not as fun to play with?

I will like to advise that your 6 copies of Destructive Revelry (including Cindervines ), is a bit redundant and harmful. Especially if you already have the champ Qasali Pridemage . If you do put every single one in on a single game, you are very likely to start with one (or multiple) in the early game. This reduces your awesome creature output and likely ending with a poor mid to late game board-state. You don't have big and high CMC threats, so delaying the game into the late game can be a death threat to you. They are also mana restrictive (especially without fetchlands) and are strictly only answers to a particular threat, so they have a strong likelihood to sit in your hand wasting space

Here are some things to think about if your interested.

-The non-land permanent removal enchantments might be an option, if you want answers to specific permanent types in your sideboard, but it not have it as mana restrictive or type specific. Maybe even just creature stuff like Prison Term aggro might be funny against midrange or some aggro decks.

- Yasharn, Implacable Earth --Sideboard? It's at least interesting to think about.

- Declaration in Stone --another removal option like Path to Exile . Doesn't give them an extra turn on your early game, but is one more mana and at sorcery. Cheaper too.

- Remorseful Cleric , Apostle of Purifying Light --Cheaper Rest in Peace alternatives on a creature.

- Rienne, Angel of Rebirth This would essential be the 1 of fun card to put in the deck that is of theme. Not needed.

- Aspect of Mongoose , Valorous Stance , Unbreakable Formation , Dauntless Escort , Gods Willing and many others are much more budget than Heroic Intervention . Plus you mainly want to protect your creatures anyway.

- Shield of the Oversoul may be interesting

- Voice of Resurgence ?

I had more stuff to say but I realize this is alright long enough. Overall, I do like the idea of a multicoloured deck. I can see many possible directions a deck like this can go.

Frankomancer on My girl wants to party all the time party all the

7 months ago

While Luminarch Aspirant can be good, I think it only truly shines in decks that care about +1/+1 counters. In order to get a more consistent full party and help protect against board wipes, I'd suggest playing Seasoned Hallowblade instead. Also, I'm surprised to see a UW party deck not playing Spoils of Adventure ! A 2 mana instant speed draw 3 with lifegain is absolutely NUTS, especially in an aggressive deck with a lot of low cmc creatures.

Depending on your meta, putting either Apostle of Purifying Light or Remorseful Cleric in your sideboard also gives you more clerics that work as graveyard hate, while Glorious Protector fights the blowouts Party decks tend to experience against boardwipes.

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