Patch Up

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Patch Up


Return up to three target creature cards with total converted mana cost/mana value 3 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.

enraged on Selesnya lifegain Lurrus

1 month ago

Powerful deck always frustrating to play against!

What issues do you run into during 1v1 that need solving?

If your small creatures keep on dying a recursion engine like Abiding Grace or Patch Up to get more than one cards worth of value over time. I also like Lunarch Veteran  Flip for a long game.

Your guys can probably get pretty big but if a green deck goes bigger or someone has a pesky artifact or enchantment a good answer like Banishing Light

Finally there's always a good wrath. I like Dusk / Dawn for its late game play.

TheOfficialCreator on Thran Vigil deck

2 months ago

Do you think Abzan might compel you? Raffine's Informant seems very strong for this kind of deck. Maybe even Patch Up if you lower the curve a bit.

kamarupa on Moonlight Sonata

2 months ago

I think I might favor Tocasia's Welcome over Collected Company here, though Welcome would be even better if your bounce effects could happen on your opponent's turns. Ephemerate isn't quite as repeatable as Soulherder, but it is cheaper to cast, though not a creature spell itself. There's also the classic Restoration Angel, but that seems too high MV and only a one time use. Saltskitter seems interesting, but not particularly reliable. Eldrazi Displacer would be great if it didn't require 3 mana to activate. Thraben Doomsayer doesn't give the all the benefits of a bounce, but token generation is still a powerful trigger with Soul Sisters. If any of those made the cut, then I'd say you didn't need Blue spells at all, which would make your mana base faster, cheaper, and more reliable.

I think Speaker of the Heavens is a pretty perfect fit with Soul Sisters.

While on principle, I like protecting permanents, I think Patch Up might be strong enough that removing your creatures could prove more helpful to you than to your opponents - something that usually frustrates the hell out of me.

I'm not convinced shock and fetch are the best lands. While the lifeloss is less painful when counterbalanced with Soul Sisters' lifegain, it also negates some of the advantage of gaining life. Equally efficient lands that don't cost life would be better. Pathways and fast lands seem, at least to me, just as good if not better: Barkchannel Pathway  Flip, Branchloft Pathway  Flip, Hengegate Pathway  Flip, Seachrome Coast, Razorverge Thicket, Botanical Sanctum

Yogie on Yogie

2 months ago

lhetrick13 - Sounds like a sound plan. No need to rush to collect cards. I can recommend CardKingdom, especially for buying entire decks, I've bought all my decks from there. They have a large stock of cards so you don't have to worry about multiple shipment costs stacking up. TCGPlayer seems good as well if you are buying individual or a few cards. Cards like The Ozolith are insanely expensive and not worth the money in my opinion. It's definitely possible to build good decks on a budget. I've built a minotaur deck a while back for a friend (The Minotaur Horde). It's a pretty powerful deck with a 50-50 win rate against pretty much any of my decks, and the entire deck cost less than a single copy of The Ozolith.

I feel like Unearth's CMC makes it hard to beat, but I've actually considered playing more "return from graveyard cards", and Patch Up is a great suggestion. I've also looked at Kaya's Ghostform. It's an aura which means it can be found with Acclaimed Contender and it protects from exile, which is something my friends often use. If I make the switch, I'm dropping Hyena Umbra.

I'm glad to hear that your Haakon decks are improving! And I understand the feeling regarding your vampire decks. I've built many decks that had fun ideas but didn't perform well or consistently when I played them, and it's always a letdown. Both my knight and vampire decks were like that for the longest time, but I managed to turn them around, so keep working on them! For myself, what little time I spend on building right now is mostly spent on tweaking the knights or my new wizard deck.

lhetrick13 on Yogie

2 months ago

Yogei - Ya, I might try piloting your knight and vampire builds and slowing try to add in some of the stuff. Just never realized jsut how much more some of those nice lands are or cards like The Ozolith. Even my tribal cat I build around Anointed Procession seems unattainable in paper! The plan is to get into it and just like my MTGO collection, invest slowly over time and hopefully I can get there... I am looking at buying from CardKingdom. I use that site for discovering new cards all the time so pretty family with it, any other recommendations?

I actually was looking at your knight deck jsut the other day and noticed the subtle changes. You might consider Patch Up over Unearth just for more bang for your buck. Bringing back three creatures in a single turn for only 3 CMC is pretty awesome but tough to beat Unearth in terms of cost and utility with the Cycling ability.

In terms of my builds, I have not done to much lately. I edited my two Haakon builds heavily over the last month or so and feel like those are in a much better place but my vampire builds still feel...underwhelming. I look at them and see so much synergy but when piloting them, they just do not seem to live up to the my expectations...yet at least!

lhetrick13 on Beyond the Grave (Mardu)

5 months ago

keizerbuns - No problem, I am just happy to get some food for thought so thank you for taking the time to comment!

I had thought of tutor spells but not for this version of the deck. I am not a huge fan of them as they tend to be expensive and take a turn to cast then the next turn to see the benefit but maybe this would be a good chance to procure and try out something like Fiend Artisan. Given the Maddness ability, I will likely have some stuff in the graveyard to give it some durability and you are right that being able to force cards would be nice...

I had considered some graveyard yank spells like Patch Up but decided against it only because it would be tough to find a way to squeeze them in. I do like Unearth for its low cost and Cycling ability if not needed but again, just decided against it.

I do like the idea of Cathartic Pyre for some discard OR if needed removal. That has some merit as I have not quite found the right fit for the discard/draw engine yet. Regarding Dakmor Salvage, I see what you are getting at with Dredge to "search" the deck for what I need. Not crazy about tap lands but the plan would be to discard that land, then use the Dredge ability to bring it back and get cards in the graveyard...I will think on this as it has merit...

Good stuff so thanks again!

Yogie on lhetrick13

6 months ago

lhetrick13 - No worries! I almost view the conversations here at tappedout as letter correspondences and I don't expect immediate responses ;)

  • I can definitely see why you like Acclaimed Contender and Collected Company. I imagine it helps a lot with finding the creatures you're looking for.

  • The deck seems to play fine so far with just 20 lands. The low average CMC helps a lot and Knight of the White Orchid helped out as well during initial playtesting. The reason I tried dropping lands was that I couldn't make the deck fit together as 60 cards. When I was tweaking I ended up with 58, 59 or 62 cards and I wanted 60 :p

  • Patch Up looks like a great card. I'll keep that one in mind for future decks! Unearth works for my deck since it's so cheap to play my creatures shouldn't be in the graveyard at all. But Patch Up could be a lot of fun for a deck where you sacrifice/utilize your creatures more freely.

lhetrick13 on lhetrick13

6 months ago

Yogei - Sorry for the delayed response, I have been traveling for work and play.

  • Not surprised by the dropping of Aryel, Knight of Windgrace. She is decent but her ability is underwhelming for sure.

  • Glad you like Acclaimed Contender. Her ability is pretty nice on top of her decent stats. Love dropping her after playing a Collected Company as that searches a good portion of the deck for a knight I am looking for!

  • Dropped lands for Knight of the White Orchid…Interesting…I see the logic as he can be critical in helping find that third land or just ramp. Personally one of my favorite knights.

  • I need to try out Unearth to see if that is something I should adopt into my decks. Another option I saw that interested me was Patch Up but that was more for the discard heavy Haakon deck I talked to you about…has merit there on discarding creatures to activate abilities and then cast them back for cheap!

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