Radiant Fountain

Radiant Fountain


When this enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.

: Gain .

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Radiant Fountain Discussion

abby315 on Weight of the Forest

3 months ago

Welcome to MTG! I'd start by getting down to a 60-card deck as you mention. Just increases the chances you draw your best cards. To get there you need to remove 9 cards, which should be non-lands IMO.

My suggestions:

  • 4x Feed the Clan (this is a good sideboard card but gaining life at the expense of a card is not where you want to be in most aggro decks)
  • 4x Harmonize (this is just not a great rate for 3 cards, there are better things to do)
  • 1x Llanowar Tribe

So that gets you down to 60 cards. I'd also make at least one further swap: to get more card draw back in there, I'd swap the remaining Llanowar Tribe for either 1x more Lifecrafter's Bestiary or Return of the Wildspeaker, which is a really neat modal spell that should net you a lot of cards with your big hydras, or it can close out the game.

There are also some upgrades you could make to the lands, if you'd like. I'd start by removing all the Radiant Fountains - again, gaining life isn't that important, and it's really bad to have a hand of 2x Radiant Fountain and a hand full of Llanowar Elves!

I'd swap them out for as many Lair of the Hydra you can afford. You could put in a few Treetop Village instead, but Hydra is better because it comes in untapped, eats up your extra mana, and is on theme!

Otherwise, looks like a fun and solid core for a deck. You've got a good manabase and ramp package, and you can just fill in the "top end" with cards that you like, as you've done. Have fun!

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Any advice? (Elspeth Token Surge)

5 months ago

Okay, while trying to change as little as possible and keeping budget low, here are some suggestions by section:

Land: You can lower the number down to a reasonable 24 to avoid flooding. I would suggest removing the Radiant Fountains, since your deck is more reliant on tokens rather than lifegain. It'll also help you lower the number of cards in your deck to 62, which will help with consistency.

Tokens: You can do without Sworn Companions and Captain's Call because you have far better token production in your deck already. I'd replace it with some cheap ramp artifacts such as Mind Stone and Heraldic Banner to get to your better token generators.

Lifegain: I think you an drop the lifegain altogether for answers such as Oblivion Ring or Swords to Plowshares

Hope this helps.

MrMortifex145 on Dimir Control - 2021

6 months ago

cheffireball synergy with Radiant Fountain and Mortuary Mire if you bounce, with Gurmag Angler if you discard something you don't need and rather ramp for it.

Flodder on Varragoth Ad Nauseam

8 months ago

since every single life counts, consider Seraph Sanctuary and Radiant Fountain . Not much of a difference, but hey it's something.

Also Ivory Tower popped up my mind, but I don't know, if it fits this deck.

trocroi on Angel/Cleric Tribe

9 months ago

A lot of your cards need more lifegain to “turn on”

Things like Rest for the Weary or even Revitalize help hit +7 life, ideally with a Speaker out turn one so that you can start tapping for Angels turn 2.

Radiant Fountain is another land to consider if you can spare room for more colorless.

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