Sun Droplet

Sun Droplet


Whenever you're dealt damage, put that many charge counters on this.

At the beginning of each upkeep, you may remove a charge counter from this. If you do, you gain 1 life.

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Sun Droplet Discussion

ClockworkSwordfish on Horse "Tribal"

1 month ago

You know what's a great way to trigger the life gain requirement on Crested Sunmare every turn, not just your own turns? Sun Droplet - if your opponent's taking swings at you before you get your Sunmare out, it will load up on some counters and gain you 1 life on each player's upkeep, not just your own upkeeps. This suits the Sunmare just fine, who will be giving you an indestructible 5/5 on each player's turn!

It's also worth noting that Armored Pegasus does indeed count as a pegasus, not a horse. If you're going for the 'tribal' feel, you might be better served by Avian Changeling (as an actual flying horse) or Diamond Mare (as a horse that gains you life.)

wallisface on Merchant, Marauder, Murderer

2 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • while you have hand disruption and some removal, I think you need much, much more removal in the deck (4-8 cards). Your current creature count is crazy high, and your comparative removal options are very low, and very slow (3cmc is A LOT of mana to kill a thing). Look to include at least a playset of Fatal Push, and additionally 2-3 copies of another efficient killspell (the upcoming one “Infernal Grasp” from Midnight Hunt looks ideal).

  • 22 lands feels low for realistically/fairly casting all those 4-and-5 cmc cards. The abovementioned removal should help buy you time, but personally i’d suggest cutting down the quantity of these cards you’re running. 3 Obliterators and 2 Garys feels more on-curve and reasonable. Even adjusting for this, i’d recommend going to 23 lands to help cater for your numerous 3-drops.

  • Sign in Blood is imo a bad card here (and bad in general). You’re looking to build up your board state and tear your opponents board state apart. This card does neither of those - leaving your board bare while letting your opponent stabilise.

  • Your sideboard needs to be able to cater for all the various unfair decks. This will vary highly dependant on your local meta, but generally you’ll want ways to mess with lands, ways to mess with artifacts, ways to hate on the graveyard, answers for burn, and other cards to shore up your weakpoints. It may be worth having a single Godless Shrine and some fetches in your mainboard, so that you can sideboard Vindicate, as well as Deafening Silence, Rest in Peace, and other hate pieces that white is strong in. Other useful cards could include Damping Sphere, Sun Droplet, Torpor Orb, Void Mirror - but will depend on what you’re up against.

[email protected]_only on Dina Lifedrain

5 months ago

Sun Droplet for trigger on each player's upkeep?

skibulk on life gain buff

7 months ago

Maybe add a couple Regna, the Redeemer (just two since they're legendary). They pair nicely with Sun Droplet .

Icbrgr on Is Grixis Control Weak/Bad in …

7 months ago

wow i honestly never knew Collective Brutality was that good... Ive seen it in so many sideboards/primers but until this discussion never really thought about it.... I just used Sun Droplet in combination with hand disruption and countermagic but maybe i should give this a try.

Icbrgr on Grixis Control

7 months ago

I think with conventional countermagic + discard in combination with Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet i think you are doing all you can/need against burn TBH.... with my build i kinda just gave up on that matchup and decided to better hedge my matchups elsewhere; but for awhile i was running Sun Droplet .

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