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“Whispers, Visions and Delusions… That is what they started as…“Now T H E Y have **_corrupted_** us…”

The Desert Metropolis was invaded by those that come from above.

Alright enough of that, "T H E Y came from above +" has returned!!! The Mono-W EDH Deck has been revived! This Deck is back; And now more dedicated to bringing out Brisela & Emrakul as well as stopping the opponent. (I hope). Not going to lie, I’ve added Stax pieces slowly over time. I haven't used the deck in a while since I’ve been focusing on the Dual EDH Decks, but I have collected a decent collection of Stax pieces. All added here for Emrakul’s greatness!

T H E Y came from above is a Voltron Style Angel/Eldrazi Mono-W EDH Deck you know and love, just now with Mono-W Stax-on-a-Stick.

Gisela, the Broken Blade   is back as Commander, so she can “Partner” with Bruna, the Fading Light   melding into: Brisela, Voice of Nightmares    . I would love suggestions on other Awesome Angels and Eldritch Eldrazi to repopulate Emrakul's Air Raid!

  • -Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite has arrived to wipe the board in the name of the TRUE QUEEN. With her Secret Lair Drop Phyrexian language version!!
  • -Oketra the True & God-Eternal Oketra are both in the 99. For their awesome presence, their Factory Powers & Indestructibility/Return powers. I hope to soon get the Amonkhet Invocation version for OtT as I have the amazing SDCC version of G-EO.
  • -Reidane, God of the Worthy   is here to Stax in both ways. She is here to either slow down the opponents with Snow Lands & Tax them with Non-Creature Spells. Or on the Flip Side: She can Buffer with a -1 to any damage to me and Permanents I control as well as Counter any Spell to again Me and Permanents I control while the Valkmira, Protector's Shield  ’s out._Already blinged out by having the Kaldheim Showcase
  • -Giada, Font of Hope is our newcomer, who is definitely pulling her weight with this Angel Focused Deck. I look forward to her many successes.
  • -Last but definitely not least: Emrakul, the Promised End is here to Control the board!! For their awesome presence, their Flample powers & ProInstants. _and of course to gain control of target opponent during that player’s next turn. lol_
  • -Enemy to Gods & Phyrexians alike: Elspeth, Knight-Errant & Elspeth Resplendent both for their awesome factor and her amazing new art. It truly is *Chef’s Kiss*! _I D E F I N I T E L Y want to *Bing* out the deck with their Mythic Edition Version soon.But I have to get other stuff for other decks at this point…
  • -Guardian and Creator of her own Plane: Serra the Benevolent as you can’t build an Angel deck without her. Even if the whole point is to corrupt them beyond horror!! Also again, amazing Ultimate that I cannot ignore. _There is not Alt Art for her now, I am definitely looking into Proxies and Alters for her.
  • -Flash Planeswalker Supreme: The Wandering Emperor as she Rocks!! _Again, I’ll soon be able to *Bing* out the deck with their Extended Art Versions soon. _I fear the Anime version is far from my reach for now._
  • -Anointed Karn-structs-R-Us:(Needs these cards) Urza's Saga + Anointed Procession, Hall of Heliod's Generosity. End Goal: Bring in the Karn-structs and Double them up with the Anointed Procession! Use Urza’s S early game and bring it back with Hall of Heliod's Generosity if needed!
  • -Divine Procession:(Needs these cards) Divine Visitation + Anointed Procession with Elspeth, Knight-Errant,Elspeth Resplendent,God-Eternal Oketra, Halo Fountain, Grand Crescendo, Oketra the True, & Hall of Heliod's Generosity as back-up. End Goal: have both Divine Visitation + Anointed Procession out to make any of the above Token Factories into **_a Dvine Procession_** truly worthy of Brisela & Emrakul!!
  • -Heliod, Gun-Bound:(Needs these cards) Heliod, Sun-Crowned & Walking Ballista. End Goal: Have Heliod load up the Ballista to Blast all in opposition by Self-Reloading Papercuts continually until opponent(s) cannot proceed further.
  • -Heliod, Graceful Rummager:(Needs these cards) Hall of Heliod's Generosity & Any Enchantment. End Goal: If any Enchantments end up in the ‘Yard, Heloid says “Dont waste that.”, Picks it right back into the Library. Hall of Heliod's Generosity is clutch in the deck. Use Thespian's Stage if needed in case Someone gets Froggy with Land Destruction!
  • -Emrakul’s Anointed Assassin:(Needs these cards) Moonsilver Spear + Whispersilk Cloak + Anointed Procession. End Goal: Keep hitting with an _Unblockable & Shrouded_ creature and keep on making 4/4 Flying Angels per turn until overrun by angels x2 with the Anointed Procession. Targets for the Anointing are: Gingerbrute, Esper Sentinel, Speaker of the Heavens, Segovian Angel & the newcomer Archivist of Oghma for the beginning of the game. But honestly, any angel after turn 5 is valid. Bonus points for the Myriad Angels, though I don't think any Modifications apply to the copies.
  • -Prophet of Emrakul:(Needs these cards) Eldrazi Conscription, Hall of Heliod's Generosity. End Goal: Bring out any of the above targets and attach this delightful Tribal Enchantment may bring the fear of **_T H E T R U E G O D D E S S !!!!_** to all opponents. Again, available to get picked up by the always clutch: Hall of Heliod's Generosity
  • -Brisela, Emissary of Emrakul:(Needs these cards) Gisela, the Broken Blade   + Bruna, the Fading Light  . End Goal: Bring out Brisela, Voice of Nightmares     to Wreak Havoc in the name of **_T H E T R U E G O D D E S S !!!!_** Brisela will be able to add to the Stax with her own Static Ability: “opponents can’t cast spells with mana value 3 or less” It is straight AM/PM: _“Too much good stuff!”_
  • Let's hope this lets me stay alive long enough to bring out Emrakul to continue her greatness!!

    “They look like what we thought was there, but not quite.” “They tear us asunder while we stare in awe.” Emrakul’s Army has grown since her last showing. More Horrors will descend unto the townsfolk with time!! (New Additions, in the bottom!)

    As always; Please advise and let me know what you think. And again, more frightening Angels & scary Eldrazi would be awesome!! I’d love comments and opinions!

    Last but not least, I would like to thank all the sponsors. They really let us test out this Frankenstein's Monster! : -Waiting4Heaven -HorcattaMaster -JarlMitch -Deathmurgic -The Tangelo -Miggy,The Spellchaser -Teysza [email protected] [email protected] & -SlutDragon


    Updates Add

    Similar update to the last one. The deck has been slimming down to try and focus on winning. Still utilizing Angels and Abusing them in the name of the great NoodleMaster in the Moon. Again, Stax-on-a-Stick is making efforts to work out. The new sets have been gracious in the amounts of badass Angels to add, the Return of Myriad & awesome Draw effects. I hope that this works well enough to add over to Emrakul's greatness!

    Like last time: Please advise with other gross pieces to add or actual Win-Con Combos! & as always;

    A L L H A I L T H E T R U E G O D D E S S !! !!


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