The Desert Metropolis was invaded by those that come from above.

Alright enough of that, "T H E Y’ve came from A B O V E +" has returned (yet again)!!! The Mono-W EDH Deck has been revived, Hopefully with a more competitive atmosphere! “T H E Y” are back; and now more dedicated to win. All here for Emrakul’s greatness!

T H E Y’ve came from A B O V E + is still the Voltron Style Angel/Eldrazi/Phyrexian Cult Mono-W EDH Deck you know and love; just now with Mono-W Semi-Stax, Denial, Alternate Win-Conditions & some new Equipment for Giada’s Closet. So basically Shinier & Faster if done well!

Giada, Font of Hope continues as Commander of this deck with lots of Angels, Humans & Phyrexians to back her up. All in the name of the great one in the moon: Emrakul.

No good cult would exist without some badass enforcers to the big boss; so both Gisela, the Broken Blade   & Bruna, the Fading Light   are still in the 99 to meld into: Brisela, Voice of Nightmares    . Artist Scott M. Fischer’s majestic versions of both from the new EDH Secret Lair have been added to Bling out the Deck!

I would love suggestions on other Awesome Angels, Psychotic Phyrexians & Eldritch Eldrazi to repopulate Emrakul's Air Raid!

  • -Both Gisela, the Broken Blade   & Bruna, the Fading Light   are still in the 99 to know opponents down individually and together as Brisela,Voice of Nightmares (SLD) *f* to _really_ lay down Emrakul's Law. I have the Foil From the Vault versions of both in the 99 and new Scott M. Fischer's SLD Art in Acrylic for when they meld. Bonus points for the Miscut Foils and for Multiple Versions of the baddie Angels <3!!
  • -Holding down the Opps, its Myrel! Myrel, Shield of Argive is basically the Secret Commander for the deck, seeing how much work she pulls each match! Argive’s Shield is here to make sure all Angels and Spells on behalf of Emrakul go through. And if she isn't enough, there should be a full suite of items to make our spells Uncounterable!!!
  • -Speaking of Stax, both Lovely versions of Thalia have been brought back in Emrakul’s Army! Thalia, Guardian of Thraben & Thalia, Heretic Cathar both have Opps mad by restricting them the way Mono-W can only do.
  • -Making sure there aren't any more shenanigans, Linvalla keeps the silence! Linvala, Keeper of Silence has the Opps tethered down by not letting any Activated Abilities through! Gotta love the dulcet silence <3!
  • -All will be one with Emrakul using the best version of Elesh Norn. Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines has all arrived to Double up ETB’s and Stifle Opponents all in the name of the TRUE QUEEN. Flexing on foo’s with her Oil Slicked Raised version!!
  • -A formidable ally arrives on the battlefield!! Avacyn, Angel of Hope has decended!! She is here to give all creatures on my side Indestructible. Very handy when it comes to all the Wraths added to the deck! Avacyn is here to make sure Emrakul’s will be done!!!
  • -Double Dipping in the Tithes:(Needs these cards) Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines with Smothering Tithe out on field. End Goal: Have the Dommy out to make any unpaid Draw Tithes turn into Double Treasures for _Tithes_** truly worthy of Emrakul!! Emrakul really loves the InNOut Special, DoubleDoubles galore!
  • -Stifling Aura of Emrakul: (Needs these cards) Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, Drannith Magistrate, Authority of the Consuls, & Blind Obedience! End Goal: T H E T R U E G O D D E S S, her Herald and their Cult have a pressure on the battlefield. Heretics and their Champions can and will be caught in this Aura if able to be brought out. All bow below the might of the Mighty ‘Mrakul!!
  • -Giada’s Multiplicity: (Needs these cards) Giada, Font of Hope + Helm of the Host with Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines to add the InNOut special as well. End Goal: Have Giada out, attach the Helm and bring out the Angels! Each having a trigger on the stack to add +1 Counters on each new Giada arriving to the field!
  • -Emrakul’s Exalted Assassin:(Needs these cards) Greater Auramancy out on field Pumping Eldrazi Conscription; using Sigarda's Aid + Forge Anew to bypass any pesky Equip costs or Opponent’s Artifact shenanigans. End Goal: Deal Combat Damage to a player with an Enchanted/Exalted/Shrouded creature and Ping for Damage with an unstoppable force! If either Boots are equipped as well, Haste would be applicable as well! Targets for the Emrakul’s Anointing are: Giada, Font of Hope &/or Brisela,Voice of Nightmares (SLD) *f* for Savage Beats. But honestly, any angel after turn 5 is valid for this. Bonus points if “Emrakul’s Avenger” gets pulled off as well !!
  • -Heliod, Gun-Bound:(Needs these cards) Heliod, Sun-Crowned & Walking Ballista. End Goal: Have Heliod load up the Ballista to Blast all in opposition by Self-Reloading Papercuts continually until opponent(s) cannot proceed further. Bonus points if you have out _E.Norn: The PanharMomicon_ out to double the +1’s on W.Ballista!
  • -Destiny calls:(Needs these cards) Angel of Destiny. End Goal: So this lil guy, let’s call him Des. He is a 2/6 Flyer with Double-strike, he has the delightful line of text that states: “ At the beginning of your end step, if you have at least 15 life more than your starting life total, each player Angel of Destiny attacked this turn loses the game. ”. Bonus Points if you use Des with the Helm of the Host. Might try to add a Blade of Selves if this becomes more viable a Win-Con!
  • -Emrakul’s Avenger: (Needs these cards) Holy Avenger + Eldrazi Conscription. End Goal: Have Giada, Font of Hope (or any of the Emrakul’s Anointed Assassin Targets I suppose, but the Commander Damage Win is always so fun!) out & doing damage with Holy Avenger and having the Eldrazi Conscription in hand. Using the static of Holy Avenger, attach the Enchantment Aura to the Target Creature with the Artifact for their Second Swing. Who needs Red Mana to Embercleve when you have faith in T H E T R U E G O D D E S S !!!!
  • -Brisela, Emissary of Emrakul:(Needs these cards) Gisela, the Broken Blade   + Bruna, the Fading Light  . End Goal: Bring out Brisela, Voice of Nightmares     to Wreak Havoc in the name of T H E T R U E G O D D E S S !!!! Brisela will be able to add to the Stax with her own Static Ability: “opponents can’t cast spells with mana value 3 or less” It is straight AM/PM: _“Too much good stuff!”_

Let's hope this lets me stay alive long enough to bring out Emrakul’s greatness!!

“They look like what we thought was there, but not quite.” “They tear us asunder while we stare in awe.” Emrakul’s Army has grown since her last showing. More Horrors will descend unto the townsfolk with time!! (New Additions, in the bottom!)

As always; Please advise and let me know what you think. And again, more frightening Angels & scary Eldrazi would be awesome!! I’d love comments and opinions!

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the sponsors. They really let us test out this Frankenstein's Monster! : -Waiting4Heaven -HorcattaMaster/ Jinkiies -JarlMitch -Deathmurgic -The Tangelo -Miggy,The Spellchaser -Teysza - brakshow420 - Grind -SlutDragon - NV_1980 - Niko9 - Jabberjaw46 - TypicalTimmy - Profet93



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