Elvish Promenade

Elvish Promenade

Tribal Sorcery — Elf

Create a 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature token for each Elf you control.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Elvish Promenade Discussion

Erza420 on Can I tutor Elfhame Palace …

2 weeks ago

please link all cards in your question

Elfhame Palace

Elvish Harbinger

Wirewood Herald

Skyshroud Poacher

the answer is no. Elfhame Palace does not have the "elf" typing. the card would need to have the "elf" sub-type, such as a Llanowar Elves , or even Elvish Promenade (except in the case of poacher).

legendofa on Planeswalker types

1 month ago

Difference is, Elvish Promenade has the Tribal supertype. Every card with a creature subtype has either the Creature type or the Tribal supertype. Arcane is for instants and sorceries, Shrine and Aura are enchantment subtypes, Locuses (Loci?) and Lairs are lands, and so on. It's just one of the definitions in the game--subtypes can only go on a card of the appropriate type or supertype. There's no mechanical reason they can't change that definiton later, but there's lots of balance and comprehension reasons to keep it the way it is.

IKILLEVERYONE on Planeswalker types

1 month ago

Played my bro tonight in cmdr elves battle. He played Elvish Promenade on me and i freaked out!!! A sorcery with a creature type. So now it really make sense planeswalkers should have a tribe type.

multimedia on Elf Budget Army

2 months ago

Hey, nice budget version, less than $50 is impressive.

I recommend getting the Elven Empire Kaldheim Commander deck for $20-$25 since in the precon are several cards that can help your deck, most importantly Elvish Archdruid and Beast Whisperer , but also Elven Ambush and Elvish Promenade . There's some staples in the precon: Sol Ring , Arcane Signet and Command Tower .

Llanowar Wastes and Rogue's Passage are some other budget lands to consider adding.

Keqing420 on Monomanamaniac's Infinite elves

3 months ago

i'm not sure why you wouldn't ever add black, when Shaman of the Pack is so good. and Elvish Champion is pretty cheap. she's like $3 right now. so $12 for basically a win against any green deck. she saved my bacon once when my Tron opponent had 3 Wurmcoil Engine out. i know how elves work and know they can make a decent amount of mana, but i really dont think you're getting "50" mana. the board presence that would require would be enough for you to win before you even got to that point.

Elvish Promenade isn't necessary, as by the time you have 4 mana thats really all you need. you could be using that mana on Collected Company. Fauna Shaman is too slow of a tutor when you could just replace it with another lord. you'd really only need it if you were planning on using specific creatures for some sort of combo, like using Yavimaya Dryad to give the opponent a forest while you have Elvish Champion out.

i actually think Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a bad card here. it doesn't give you a turn 1 mana dork, and doesn't break even on mana until turn 3 at the earliest.

Monomanamaniac on Monomanamaniac's Infinite elves

3 months ago

Keqing420 the entire deck is geared to make absurd amounts of Mana. Heritage Druid, Elvish Archdruid, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, combined with a lot of elves will generate all the mana the deck needs. I don't usually make 50+ mana until turn 5, but it's not unusual to get a whole mess of elves by turn 3 that i can turn into insanity mana on turn 4. The champion isn't in my list because it's an actual physical list and I don't usually spend money on it anymore. I'm not every going to add black so Shaman of the Pack is out of the picture.

MagicMarc i can get behind your suggestions. Elvish Promenade combos with Heritage Druid to tap for mana, Elvish Archdruid to let it tap for twice as much Mana, and with marwyn when i had her in the deck. I can see it's not a popular option though lol. Ezuri is a necessary evil, i don't always spend a boat load of Mana on him, but usually even one activation is enough. So Elvish Clancaller is a very deceptive creature, it's a 2 mana lord, both of its mana is devotion to green, and once i get the mana, it can tutor for the other copies of itself. Fauna Shaman is still a great card in this deck, i usually use her to tutor for Heritage Druid, Beast Whisperer, Nettle Sentinel, or Ezuri, Renegade Leader I'll discard a mana dork or a clancaller or something like that and get what I need. I tried imperious perfect, great card but it's too high costed and not enough reward

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