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Aminatou the Facelifter - Grin and Win!

Commander / EDH Casual Infinite Combo Multiplayer WUB (Esper)



Aminatou the Facelifter - Grin and Win!

Deck strategy and mechanics

  1. Flicker/Blink: play stuff with Enter-the-Battlefield-Effects (ETB) and get repeated value out of it with Blink/Flicker effects.

  2. Top Deck Manipulation: always know/control the next card(s) you gonna draw.

  3. Generate additional value: use Miracle and Manifest to have a variety of options available to get control of the game.


The easiest infinite combo in this deck depends on Altar of the Brood to win, milling all opponents. Possible combinations:

But there is also another way to mill everyone to death:

Additional to being combo pieces, Altar of the Brood and Jace's Mindseeker also help to set up Diluvian Primordial and Sepulchral Primordial .

There are also ways to generate infinite mana:

Infinite mana payoff cards:


Most of the cards in this decks offer an ETB effect with can be triggered again with all the Flicker/Blink cards in the deck. I just want to mention some important interactions to give a general idea:

  • Mastery of the Unseen + any Flicker effect can turn up a manifested permanent card which will stay on the battlefield (e.g. creatures, lands, enchantments). Please take note that this doesn't apply to instants or sorceries and you won`t trigger any ETB effects!
  • Primordial Mist + any Flicker effect will can also turn up a permanent card which will stay on the battlefield. But this card does even more, you can cast those cards, which means you even can make manifested instants and sorceries resolve if you wish to! Additionally if you cast the card, you get the ETB Trigger!
  • Venser, Shaper Savant + any Flicker effect can handle a lot of your opponents' stuff and slow down their game. You can also bounce back your own stuff to safe or it from e.g. boardwipes or just because you want to replay it, getting the ETB effect.
  • Rune-Scarred Demon + any Flicker effect gives us repeatable tutoring.
  • Reality Acid + any Flicker effect can get rid of everything, including lands (land destruction is highly controversial on some tables, so please don't use it that way if your playgroup hates it). After you flickered it, you can re-attach it to another permanent, great stuff!

Cards I playtested and swapped out:

Explanation for the swaps:

  • Seer's Lantern : Ramp and get scry2 isn't bad at all in this deck, but I already have a decent amount of top deck manipulation and I feel like getting Mill as an alternate wincon plus a possible infinite combo with e.g. Altar of the Brood + Aminatou, the Fateshifter + Felidar Guardian is the better option.

  • Chancellor of the Spires : Just a weaker version of Diluvian Primordial in my opinion, so a direct upgrade here.

  • Dungeon Geists : A budget option I put in when I built the deck, Reflector Mage is a direct upgrade for me.

  • Phyrexian Delver : I like the card in general and it does a pretty good job. But with a rising amount of graveyard hate in my playgroup it didn't perform well anymore. Currently, Sepulchral Primordial is doing the job much better for me.

  • Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow : I love this card in general! But I am desparatly in need for some tutors, so Rune-Scarred Demon gets its' place for now.

  • Psychic Battle : This card can be really really nasty for any opponent, but it it is too situational and most of the times I would rather have an Anguished Unmaking .

  • Night Incarnate : Interesting and flexible card option. Bane of most token decks if you can set up repeatable blinks and they can't answer it. It is like a small boadwipe, but I need the card slot and have enough wipes already so I replaced it with Ghostly Flicker to give me more flickers (instant speed!).

  • Captain of the Watch : Three 2/2 Tokens with vigilance ETB Effect is really good, useful for both offense and defense. The thing is, I ended up using the tokens for defending Aminatou most of my games and Lavinia of the Tenth feels like the better option for this, and it's much more versatile.

  • Haunted Crossroads : I tested this because in theory it sounds amazing. Creature recursion for cheap cost and it's repeatable. Reality got the better of me, it's way too obvious and gets all the graveyard hate from the table when it's on the battlefield. Plus, this deck hasn't got any creatures I desperatly need to replay from the graveyard anyway. I have options to cheat stuff into play with manifest, which seems way better to me in a deck with flicker effects then going for a single recursion card. Merciless Eviction helps me deal with almost anything my opponents can throw at the table, so I want to have it in the deck instead.

  • Baneful Omen : I have to mention, I had some funny games with this card. But for 7 CMC I like to have something more reliable and impactful to actually close out games. Venser, Shaper Savant is a sweet card, so I want this powerhouse included in the deck :)

  • Cryptic Annelid : A decent card in this deck, but Riverwise Augur is just better due to the draw in most scenarios and therefore a direct upgrade.

  • Crystal Ball : Useful in general, but I realized I have enough Scry-like effects already, so I went for a defensive option with Cloud Cover which saves my stuff from targeted removal.

  • Enigma Sphinx : Cascade was much better in theory then it performed in my games. Azor, the Lawbringer helps me to close out games and is a nightmare for spellslinger opponents.

  • Azor, the Lawbringer : Sounds better in theory than it actually perfoms. Stonehorn Dignitary does much more work :)

I appreciate suggestions of direct upgrades or anything you think this deck is currently lacking.


Updates Add

Playtested the deck against some upgraded versions of the Commander2019 Set Decks recently and was pleasently surprised with the smooth and satisfying gameplay :)


50% Casual

50% Competitive