Went through my friend Em's cards and tried to assemble a cube. Had help from another friend Alex to trim it down to 360. Haven't play tested it yet but hoping that entering it here will give me a better way to see the cube as a whole.

I'd like suggestions on potential weak spots and good ideas for replacements of cards. I'm trying to avoid super bomb-level cards. I'm also looking to strengthen the themes of each color as well as the potential for cross-color support for the themes.

Intended themes:

  • Black has graveyard recursion
  • Blue has proliferate/graft, some merfolk, tapping
  • White has knights, tapping, fliers, enchantments
  • Green has elves, getting big
  • Red has enter the battlefield cards, burn, all-in, elementals
  • Good multicolor cards/effects

Some design notes:

  • I tried to pick cards with some solid interaction, preferring permanents which have comes-into-play effects. This is more true in some colors than others but it's one of my goals moving forward.
  • Cutting cards is really hard. If it weren't for my friend Alex's help, I don't know how I would have done it.
  • I only did basic mana curve correction.
  • The multicolor lands are not balanced against each other. I could go either way on this. If there are some clear synergies between particular colors, I would be ok with setting up lands to support that. There are some cheap, good multicolor lands out there, though, so I wouldn't mind just balancing the lands and calling it a day in that regard.

timfreilly says... #1

Cube updated with a First Pass of upgrades/changes. Blog post to come shortly describing what is different!

December 7, 2011 8:48 p.m.

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