Seal of Fire

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Seal of Fire


Sacrifice Seal of Fire: Seal of Fire deals 2 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

Tyven on Budget Mono Red Burn

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions plakjekaas and wallisface! I will add Seal of Fire for sure.

plakjekaas on Budget Mono Red Burn

3 weeks ago

If Chandra's Incinerator is your plan, I'd suggest adding Seal of Fire. T1 seal of fire into turn 2 crack it, and cast Skewer the Critics for a turn 2 Chandra's Incinerator. You already have Rift Bolt to enable the t2 Incinerator, but redundancy is key ;)

Seal of Fire also enables Light Up the Stage very well, to help out with casting your spells before combat, so you get maximum advantage out of prowess on your Monastery Swiftspear.

Edit - sniped a bit ^^

wallisface on Budget Mono Red Burn

3 weeks ago

You probably want to be playing Seal of Fire so that you can more reliably cast Chandra's Incinerator on turn 2.

Personally i’d ditch all the Light Up the Stage - they’re a bit to clumsy for burn decks

DreadKhan on Mono Red- Take 1

8 months ago

If you're going for Sligh, have you thought about Bonecrusher Giant? This offers you Stomp for 1R, which cancels damage prevention and deals 2 damage, then when you've got nothing better to play it's a 4/3 for 3 with upside. I think it's a better Flametongue Kavu, though both might be worth looking at.

I'm not sure about Jackal Pup in this age and day, there are 2/1s that don't have a drawback you could be running in mono-red, Falkenrath Pit Fighter and Falkenrath Gorger both seem better, Pit Fighter can turn into new cards when it's too small to matter.

I think if you ever want to run Shock, you should probably run Seal of Fire first, Seal can come down turn 1 and is damage on board until you need it, which can let you snipe something like a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben or Eidolon of the Great Revel without hassles. I added x2 of it to my Burn deck to help my Dragon's Rage Channeler work better, but there are a lot of tough matches where I really love the card.

I can't decide if a Browbeat or two would work in here, there is also Risk Factor, 'damage or cards' is pretty scary if you've got 4 Mountains and might pull 2 Fireblasts.

DreadKhan on Flame in the Land of Snow

1 year ago

I find that it's very hard to win competitive games in Legacy in a Burn deck without Fireblast. I also wonder about something like Flame Rift can get in for a lot of damage, and Risk Factor is a great card to draw when you're out of cards, it's certainly a reasonable x1 or x2 in a Burn deck. I actually liked Ball Lightning a lot, but Dragon's Rage Channeler is also worth a look, even if you have to throw in some weirder stuff like Seal of Fire, a 1 mana 3/3 flyer is a pretty good card I find, and the ability to dig through extra lands is an incredible rush, but it can also help you dig your way down to needed lands in other games.

I tried to build a deck a bit like this, I was mostly curious if I could find a way to make Scrying Sheets busted. Not sure how many Snow cards you need to make it good, but it's probably a reasonable x1 or x2 to test out, at least it's been reprinted recently!

legendofa on The Spiteful Professor and the Penitent Dinosaur

1 year ago

Switched Loran's Escape and Blacksmith's Skill for Armor of Shadows and Professor's Warning. Giving an opponent's creature hexproof isn't very useful when lining up a Seal of Fire to start a damage loop.

DreadKhan on Rocks Monored burn

1 year ago

I have a Legacy Mono-Red Burn deck, but it only runs 1 card that's not in Modern. Mine can win early, but it's got an ungodly number of 3 drops instead of just running all 1 drops. I think some of the cards I run that might be worth a look for you include: Dragon's Rage Channeler is great if you've got too many lands or not enough, I don't worry too much about it's ceiling, just getting to Surveil over and over can be very good value in some situations. That said, I do run Seal of Fire, which is sneakily useful, it sits but if they try to 'deal' with it you just use it, and it's an Enchantment for DRC. I also run Vexing Devil, it's a so-so card later game, but it's a huge effect turn 1, 3 toughness is high enough that it doesn't trade with most 1 and even 2 drops, meaning most decks are either wasting cards on it or taking 4 damage for R. In rare matches it's terrible obviously. Risk Factor is another Browbeat, it's instant which is huge, and it can be cast from the graveyard once, which is actually pretty huge in practice. Cards like Browbeat and Risk Factor are amazing with stuff like Fury, but that's a pricey card! I've rarely been too unhappy with Ball Lightning, it's very sensitive to First Strike blockers, but getting 6 damage for RRR feels incredible. I use Flame Slash as dedicated 'creature burn', though I only use x2, not sure if you run into a lot of 4-7 toughness bodies that need burning though.

I like Grim Lavamancer more than Hellspark Elemental, the two 3/1 Elementals are both good cards but 3 power is low enough that it ends up walled evenutally and they become dead cards, as Burn is very bad at removing bigger blockers, I find if you can get a flying Dragon's Rage Channeler it's a much, much better card. Lavamancer is almost certainly better than the Viashino, but I think DRC does even more work. That said, DRC and Lavamancer work together EXTREMELY well obviously, even if Lavamancer might turn it 'off' eventually, just the Surveil is a lot of value if you're feeding your Lavamancer/clearing situationally bad cards (that said I run 10 3 drops and have more lands, so I have more 'bad' cards).

In my experience, I don't love Eidolon as much as other people, it's small so it's easily outclassed (and sucks if you can't swing in each turn), and it hits you as well if you need to remove something that can kill it. I use Flame Rift as an alternative that always shaves 4 off everyone, it's better vs some decks fwiw. I also find Guide can cost you a surprisingly large number of games when you help your opponent dig through multiple lands for a solution. I run Vexing Devil over it, but enough people run Guide that it's obviously not a bad card. There is also Soul-Scar Mage, which feels pretty nice with Lavamancer and synergizes with Swiftspear, and technically Young Pyromancer still exists. If you ever get two out it feels pretty good, but 3 is like stubbing a toe, they limit how many other creatures you can run. Young Pyromancer might be a valid sideboard card, along with something like Goblin Chainwhirler maybe, if people 'go wide' in your area it's a nice card to switch in.

JustJohn97 on Budget Burn

1 year ago

TapatioDorito Thanks for the suggestions! I like the idea of using Play with Fire to help scry for cards. That was actually my thought process for switching out my Monastery Swiftspear with Dragon's Rage Channeler. The suggestion by wallisface to add Seal of Fire just confirmed it haha! I may end up switching in Play with Fire for Lava Spike if I decide I want to manipulate that top card more. I think Dragon's Rage Channeler beats out Play with Fire for now because I prefer Lava Dart in the graveyard and surveil fuels Bedlam Reveler.

Temur Battle Rage and similar effects are interesting and something I hadn't considered. It would help increase combat damage, but I think it makes me more vulnerable to creature removal by piling effects onto one creature. I'll keep that in mind though!

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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