Seal of Fire

Seal of Fire


Sacrifice Seal of Fire: Seal of Fire deals 2 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

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Seal of Fire Discussion

zapyourtumor on Lurrus Delirium Shadow

2 months ago

This decks mana curve is quite low and you don't have any real three drops to curve into ( Dismember doesn't count). Without the big, splashier 3-4 drops of big jund like Klothys, Huntmaster, BBE, etc., I don't really see why the Ignobles are there. I'd definitely take them out, since a deck like this probably wants more threats and disruption instead of mana acceleration.

I know Grim Flayer is cute and I've always wanted the card to work well, but Tarmogoyf just totally overshadows it in my experience. I would definitely go up to a playset of goyfs, which could maybe replace the Ignobles if you wanted to keep some flayers.

I would probably replace the rest of the Ignobles with IoKs. 6 discard spells seems like the sweet spot to me in this deck, 4x Thoughtseize + 2x Inquisition of Kozilek .

For the removal suite, I would definitely include some noncreature removal, like 1-2x Abrupt Decay (I see you got two Trophies and a Pulse in the sb). The ramping from trophy doesn't seem great in the current meta to be honest. Also, Dismember is pretty weak currently as well, I'd probably take out both.

Three TBRs definitely seems overkill to me, especially since JDS tends to be grindier and less explosive than GDS which usually only ran two. Since this is a lurrus delirium deck, in my opinion you should definitely run 1 Seal of Fire (more than one is pretty suboptimal though). To replace Dismember , you could add 1-2 Unholy Heat which is great. 1 maindeck Terminate might be worth it since it hits murktide.

Lastly, I don't think Night's Whisper is worth it since there are so many other discard, removal, and threats that you could be packing.

Happy brewing!

zapyourtumor on Legendary Lurrus

2 months ago

Interesting concept, but I have a few concerns.

First off, this doesn't really look that aggro-ey, besides the fact that the curve is low because of lurrus. With all the hand disruption, bobs, and advantage you can grind out Seal/Tourach and Lurrus, it seems more midrangey.

Also, a lot of the deck seems to revolve around Lurrus being on the field. How well does the deck function if Lurrus gets countered or removed? I see no way to get Lurrus back from the grave if this does happen. I think Unearth might help here as backup.

Tymaret, the Murder King looks terrible. A sac outlet that requires you to hold up 2 mana for a measly 2 damage in modern just doesn't cut it in my opinion. I'd be more forgiving to the card if it was something more than a vanilla 2/2 for 2 mana. You say it's good because it can sacrifice other creatures you control that are targeted by removal to be reanimated by lurrus, but any half decent player will remove the lurrus first and then this card becomes useless. I suggest Village Rites as a different sac outlet for some additional draw, and it also synergizes really well with Kari-Zev since we can sacrifice token Ragavan at end of combat.

Similarly Toralf's Hammer seems really bad as well, requiring you to pay 4 mana for a +3/+0 buff and also letting you repeatedly bolt for 6 mana. I understand that it only adds the buff if the equipped creature is legendary, which synergizes, but even if it just buffed +3/+0 to all creatures the card still feels unplayable. The flip side of the card also doesn't really do anything since the only noncombat damage you have is 2 damage, so the most this card will be doing is 1 extra damage.

Seal of Fire is obviously great with Lurrus, but if Lurrus removed or not on the field then you will definitely want Lightning Bolt over it. I'd maybe change it to a 2/2 split.

zapyourtumor on BR madness

3 months ago

Maybe a single Seal of Fire or Tarfire to help with delirium?

StopShot on I need help choosing another …

5 months ago

I enjoy playing competitive EDH and one of the recently spoiled Strixhaven cards I already know is going to shake-up my meta and make things difficult for me. Namely Witherbloom Apprentice is the card I'm dreading as it can close out a game if it's controller casts Chain of Smog as it can be copied infinitely if the controller always targets themself with it. It's very likely every BGx deck in my play group is going to run this combo given how easy it is to setup and when you pair the possibility of closing out the game on turn two through Dark Ritual or Sol Ring into a mana rock, it becomes a lethal threat I can't ignore when making deck building decisions. As such, I feel I need to add another one mana creature removal spell in my deck, but I'm stumped over which spell I should include not just to address this potential combo but also have the most practical use outside of it as well.

My current list of removal spells are: Path to Exile , Swords to Plowshares , Sinister Concoction , Dismember , Lightning Axe , Molten Vortex , Red Elemental Blast , Pyroblast and Terminate (I enjoy playing more reactively than proactively.)

The removal spells I'm considering are: Dark Betrayal , Fatal Push , Human Frailty , Lightning Bolt , Magma Spray , Weight of Spires and Seal of Fire . (The last one I'm considering for its use around counterspells by casting it early.)

Notable exclusions are: Deadly Rollick , Defile , Dispatch , Force of Despair , Galvanic Blast , Murderous Cut , Mutual Destruction , Necrotic Wound , Pyrokinesis , Reckless Rage , Skred and Tragic Slip as I feel I don't have the means to meet these card restrictions consistent enough to be useful in my deck, especially in the early game. I'm also not considering two mana removal spells like Go for the Throat because I feel at this point cost effectiveness matters more than removal range.

Of course the best removal spell is going to depend heavily on the meta, but I'm generally trying to figure out which of the spells I'm considering is the best in a competitive environment in general. I'm looking for feedback and second opinions on whether you think any of the spells shines well above the rest through your own play experiences. I appreciate any insight I can get, thanks.

GINGERBATE on Fiery spit

1 year ago

Sunscorched Desert is genius! In the interest of speed, you might consider dropping Torbran, Thane of Red Fell and Insult / Injury for Seal of Fire and/or Rift Bolt to set up a turn 2 Chandra's Incinerator. Also helps reserve a bit of mana and damage for a truly devastating Chandra's Spitfire attack. shrug

ThisIsMyAccount on Enchantress Prison

1 year ago

I don't know. I feel like the creature based aggro decks like humans, spirits, and tokens aren't that much of a threat with Ghostly Prison and Seal of Fire. The spell based aggro decks are what Leyline of Sanctity was targeted at because it can save you against burn or discard decks.

What could be interesting is maybe -2 Starfield Mystic main board for +2 Blind Obedience or Authority of the Consuls and then do the same thing in the sideboard with -2 Herald of the Pantheon.

Magic_Aids on 【BEST】【BUDGET】【DECK!】▷ Incinerator Burn! ◁ M21

1 year ago

Thanks for the many comments, my Big Boys! To answer some of them: yes! There is a lot of flexibility with what cards fit into the deck! I would, however, stick with 4 Seal of Fire and 4 Rift Bolt cuz they be dummy thicc!!

ShiltonCDXX on 【BEST】【BUDGET】【DECK!】▷ Incinerator Burn! ◁ M21

1 year ago

Hey man I like the look of the deck and was just wondering if Omen of the Forge might fit here, maybe over Seal of Fire? +1 regardless.

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