Mutagenic Growth

Mutagenic Growth


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Mutagenic Growth Discussion

amazingdan on The Inferno Counts to 20: Budget + Sideboard Swap

5 days ago

This is a pretty fun concept, I'm a fan! Big smashy dragons are always fun :). I think Irencrag Feat could help a lot as a way to either slam down your Inferno a turn or two earlier than usual and as a way to generate a ton of red mana to sink into its activated ability. Irencrag Feat with Inferno on the battlefield and Unleash Fury in hand (or Rush of Blood with an extra mana/attack from somewhere else) is enough mana to pump Inferno three times, double its power, and spend the last two mana floating from Irencrag to push its power to twenty! I see Mutagenic Growth in the maybeboard which I'm assuming is to keep this deck budget but it should definitely go into any optimized version of the deck. Pyretic Ritual is also starting to get on the pricy side but would be an excellent inclusion, probably over something like Dragonlord's Servant.

nbarry223 on Zada lotta triggers

3 weeks ago

Manamorphose may help to enable the magecraft guys a little.

Mutagenic Growth could probably allow for some fun combat tricks, since not many people expect you to pump creatures when tapped out.

zapyourtumor on Why Can't I Hold All These Wolves?

4 weeks ago

26 lands is definitely way too much. I'd probably drop 4 for more cantrips. Also maybe Mutagenic Growth?

Valengeta on Dead, Bath and Beyond

1 month ago

zapyourtumor I've added Mutagenic Growth to the sideboard as well as a couple stuff to the mainboard. Thanks for your help, I really have trouble doing tri-color decks but you made it much easier!

zapyourtumor on Dead, Bath and Beyond

1 month ago

I think Mutagenic Growth might be worth adding here, it was sometimes in those explosive boomer GDS lists with TBR and is also included in blitz since it buffs shadow/scourge with life loss and triggers prowess for 0 mana. 2 copies of it could maybe replace nights whisper or peek.

hiddengibbons on Blisterspit Burner

1 month ago


That’s not a bad idea. Keen Sense opens up the possibility for a red/green pump n’ dump with spells like Giant Growth, Mutagenic Growth and Scale Up on Kiln Fiend before using Fling or Thud. It wouldn’t take very many pump spells on Kiln Fiend. I used Blisterspit in my version because he untaps when an enchantment or mantle is cast

Grubbernaut on Weird Storm (Temur-ish)

1 month ago

Manamorphose , Strike it Rich , Mutagenic Growth , probably Lightning Bolt . Crash Through could be good, too. Gut Shot , Lava Dart are always good.

Paradise Mantle seems really out of place, especially with only four creatures. I'd go to a minimum of 10 threats of the flavor of your choice -- maybe Runaway Steam-Kin could be good, especially if you go red-heavy.


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