Feral Hydra

Feral Hydra

Creature — Hydra Beast

Feral Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

: Put a +1/+1 counter on Feral Hydra. Any player may play this ability.

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Feral Hydra Discussion

nuperokaso on Simic counters

1 month ago



griffstick on Mandatory Loop combos (for game …

1 month ago

There are so many combos that do this with Luminous Broodmoth and Solemnity. Basically anything that's a 0/0 that enters with x +1/+1 counters on it like Hydras like Feral Hydra. Just make x equal 0 because you can

mrweaselman on Blue Green Counters

7 months ago

For creatures, seems like you have the deck split three ways between graft, adapt, and evolve. I would recommend taking out the graft creatures like Plaxcaster Frogling and Aquastrand Spider , I just don't think graft is a very good mechanic. I would also take out Skatewing Spy , considering most of your creatures have either evasion or a relevant activated ability already. Also Feral Hydra feels like it's easily outclassed other cards. That's eight creatures out, 28 to begin with feels high, so maybe add a combination of 2-3 Lorescale Coatl and 2-3 Avatar of the Resolute . Also this one is just my opinion, but I feel like something like Verdurous Gearhulk could be a better finisher than Vorel of the Hull Clade , especially since your 3 drop slot is pretty packed and you curve out at 4.

For non-creature spells, Plasm Capture is a little bit too high costed and the payoff isn't too relevant to you, consider taking it out for another Cancel or Frilled Mystic , however you may just want to take out all the Cancel for Mana Leak s. If you took out eight creatures and only replaced 4-6, then you have room for some more spells like Incubation / Incongruity .

For land, add 2 either Temple of Mystery or Yavimaya Coast and take out the Thornwood Falls . Overall, looks decent and has an adaptive enough game plan to be fun (pun intended)

RiotRunner789 on [Active] Zaxara`s X-citement

1 year ago

You could cut some of the less exciting hydras such as Capricopian, and Feral Hydra. Capricopian ability is actually a downside if you are trying to kill the bothersome opponent. Feral is just wanting. Recommended Stonecoil Serpent or Voracious Hydra, or Steelbane Hydra.

I would put in Mass Manipulation over Entrancing Melody because the hope is you have infinite mana plus Manipulation steals planewalkers.

A bit more expensive, but Rhonas the Indomitable or Nylea, God of the Hunt allow you to kill any player per creature you have with infinite mana.

Ley Weaver can be a good alternate target for pennim's aura/free to allow infinite mana. Plus, the partner, Lore Weaver gives you the game with infinite.

Last few recs would be Demonic Consultation with Thassa's Oracle and Ertai's Meddling. Demonic is instant speed, card to hand. So, if everyone is tapped out it can be a hail mary (rather than a combo piece) for one of the infinite mana enchantments. Ertai's meddling is a great counter and it gets you a hydra.

Braingamer on WatoBato's Vorinclex Deck

1 year ago

One easy cut is Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary due to him being banned. Also if primal surge is your goal, you should probably cut your other instants and sorceries.

potential cuts: - Blanchwood Armor having big creatures is scary enough, them having +10/+10 is obviously good but it's a bit win more.

Some potential includes:

multimedia on Zaxara, Hydra Spawner

1 year ago

Hey, a card that's more fair then Freed for ramp is Gyre Sage. Sage will grow as you create Hydras with Zaxara. If you're casting an X Hydra then Sage could grow twice that turn. Could cut Rampant Growth for Sage.

Temur Sabertooth is a mana sink, a way to repeatedly bounce an X creature and cast it again. This interaction is good with Genesis Hydra to get repeatable value from it and Stonecoil Serpent as an easy to cast X creature. Could cut Feral Hydra for Sabertooth. Eternal Witness is a staple green creature for recursion and it's also good with Sabertooth who makes it repeatable. Could cut Reclamation Sage for Witness. Reclamation is a fine card, but there's more ways here to destroy an artifact or enchantment and only one way to recur cards.

Good luck with your deck.

aston452 on "Do all of your cards have an X cost in it?"

1 year ago

Saiyamax, Feral Hydra seems good and cheap. The only reason I wouldn't add Brokkos, Apex of Forever would be because I would want the godzilla equivalent for the card and he is currently way too much for my taste. Thanks for the suggestions!

Saiyamax on "Do all of your cards have an X cost in it?"

1 year ago

Maybe take out Bioessence Hydra? You only have the one planeswalker. Feral Hydra also could be decent, especially in a multiplayer format like commander. Brokkos, Apex of Forever would also be good for having a reusable way to really buff your hydras, especially the trample.

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