Knight Exemplar

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Knight Exemplar

Creature — Human Knight

First strike (This creature deals combat damage before creatures without first strike.)

Other Knight creatures you control get +1/+1 and have indestructible. (Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy them.)

Valengeta on This is the Rhythm of the Knight

2 months ago

Crow_Umbra thanks!

The Cavaliers are very useful and easily discarded and cheated-into-play with Sidar's ability, bypassing the restrictive costs, but I do admit that if you want to hard cast them it can prove tough due to color fixing, as you mentioned. I don't see why I cannot try the deck out without them, since at least they were benched for more draw

Steel of the Godhead is definitely worth the 2-for-1 risk, especially if you're after combat damage triggers or simply going for commander damage win-cons. On this deck, it can be a safe bet if you can safeguard Sidar with the 2 Boots and Indestructible buffs like the one from Knight Exemplar

Skysurfer on Night Knight

1 year ago

Barrow Witches feel like they would be way to slow for too little value and would probably be better if they were replaced by Knight Exemplar, more Smitten Swordmaster or Knight of the Ebon Legion, Unearth, or Benalish Marshal. If you wanted to be spic maybe Wintermoor Commander, Shadowspear or Guardian of Faith are interesting options. I would also cut 1-2 lands because off 22 you will usually consistently hit 3-4 land without hard flooding. Stoneforge Masterwork is also kind of 50/50 and might be worth cutting 2-3 of them because its rather slow and half the time I think you would rather have more knights instead. Hope this helps

lhetrick13 on Yogie

1 year ago

Yogei - Liking the changes to your Immortal Knights deck. Looking pretty potent! Hit me up on MTGO for a knight battle one of these days!

About the only cards I would question would be Hour of Revelation. The combo is definitely valid but my question is how often do you actually get to play the Hour of Revelation + Knight Exemplar combo? Knight Exemplar by herself is still great but Hour of Revelation is situational at best if Knight Exemplar is missing although since you are running Unearth you could take some losses and recover.

Yogie on Beyond the Grave (Abzan)

1 year ago

lhetrick13 - Yes I agree, a second pair of eyes really helps sometimes. One of the good things about TappedOut I suppose, there are plenty of people to lend you their eyes.

I see your point on Aether Vial, and that’s totally fair. When you play the Mardu deck you might feel that you have enough ways to get Haakon on the battlefield without the need of Aether Vial. I looked up some other Haakon decks and Aether Vial seems to be a common way of “cheating him in”.

Knight Exemplar is definitely an amazing card, my own knight deck wouldn’t work without her. My thinking is, that if you manage to get a reliable way of reanimating knights indestructible might get in the way as Breathless Knight especially would benefit from creatures traveling back and forth between battlefield and graveyard. If you do Impact Tremors or other Enter the Battlefield or On Death abilities could be good replacements for her. But again, that depends reliable reanimation, and of course what you want yourself. Another silly combo for Breathless Knight is Gift of Immortality. Imagine if you could kill of a knight with Gift of Immortality attached to it while Breathless Knight is on the field!

I’ve had Changeling Outcast recommended to me a few times by others, that’s why i mention it. Yes it, and other shapeshifters are good cards but I’m always a bit on the fence regarding them. Maybe I’m being silly but it feels like “fake tribal” to me.

I’m glad that I could be of help! Vampires are pretty fun, and they are pretty versatile too with many types of abilities. And I know what you mean when you say that you have too many things to work on. I used to be the same way xD But I’ve managed to sort out my deck building. Right now I’m only maintaining my main decks and building just one new one.

You might already know this, but if you want to playtest without having to buy the cards first I could recommend both Cockatrice and Tabletop Simulator. The first is a free program where you can play MtG online, and you have all cards available. The second you need to buy, and you need a little bit of preparation, but it feels much more like real magic.

lhetrick13 on Beyond the Grave (Abzan)

1 year ago

Yogei - Good stuff! It is funny how having someone else look at the same things helps bring some light to things...given me some stuff to think on so really appreciate that! This is my first attempts at making a deck that hits on these discard/reanimation tactics so I am far from an expert as well!

The reason I have Aether Vial in the Abzan deck but not Mardu is I struggled to get a decent amount of cards into the Abzan that allowed discard as that is mainly seen with . So I decided to focus more on the alternative ways get Haakon onto the field. You may be right that I may want Aether Vial in both decks though. I am buying the last of the cards I need to make the exact decklist for both as shown and will start actually playtesting them this weekend to explore that.

You make a good point about Knight Exemplar. She is a lord and the indestructibility she provides helps prevent some removal and lets me swing with my creatures pretty loosely but she is not essential by any means and I am treating her as though she is...might be able to swap her out for something better. Good tip!

Unearth is pretty nice actually and never considered it. Even if I do not need it, the Cycling ability is not shabby for an extra draw. Changeling Outcast is another good suggestion. I see that alot with tribal builds but I have never actually looked into sprinkling shapeshifters into my tribal yet. I should look into that...

In terms of the single copies vs running full playsets, usually I only do this for the legendary cards unless they are crucial to the build. Most have the synergy or would be nice to have so I sprinkle those in but the last thing I want is to have a game with two of those in my opening hand as one is not playable. Things may shift a bit once I actually start getting some feedback on how those cards perform as well.

Thanks for the feedback and the upvotes! Really appreciate it :) Now I need to get back at looking at your vampire deck...doing a vampire deck has been on my wish list but I already have some many things I am working on!

hiddengibbons on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Blessed Ascension


Creatures you own are soldiers and knights in addition to their other types at all times.

No more choosing between a soldier build with Champion of the Parish or a knight build with Knight Exemplar.

Make another card that combines two creature types or themes that you always wanted to put together but the card to do so doesn’t exist

Yogie on Beyond the Grave (Abzan)

1 year ago

Hi, I’ve taken a look at both this deck and its Abzan sibling. The comment on the Abzan deck says the same thing, but it felt appropriate to leave the comment on both decks since I ended up comparing them a little. I should also say that I have little experience with graveyard/reanimator decks. But I’ll give what little input I can :p

Haakon, Stromgald Scourge looks like a fun card to build combos with. He’s a bit fiddly but such decks can be a lot of fun to play.

My first impressions are that the Abzan deck is currently the stronger deck, based on its creatures. But, the Mardu version has better graveyard-synergy and more potential. Call the Bloodline and Aether Vial seem like cards you’d want in both decks. Breathless Knight looks perfect for these decks, I imagine it being a key card if “tended” properly. Knight Exemplar on the other hand seem almost counterproductive. She’s a fantastic card but is indestructibility really necessary when you can play knights from the graveyard?

Speaking of the graveyard, Unearth could be worth looking at. It grants extra reanimation if Hahkoon doesn’t find his way to the battlefield. Something like Changeling Outcast could be good too since it’s so cheap, even if it’s a fake-knight.

Lastly, and this might come down to deck building style more than anything else, but why run just 1 copy of some cards? Olivia, Mobilized for War especially? If a card adds to the decks strategy wouldn’t you want better than 1 in 60 odds of finding it? And if not, is the card really necessary? In “my style” of building I focus a lot on consistency. I rarely want less than 3 copies of a card in a deck, and I try to always double down on key mechanics for the decks strategy.

Like I said, I’m a little out of my element here, but hopefully I’ve said at least one useful thing. Good luck with the decks, I like the idea of them, they have potential!

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