Devastating Summons

Devastating Summons


As an additional cost to cast Devastating Summons, sacrifice X lands.

Put two X/X red Elemental creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Devastating Summons Discussion

LandoLRodriguez on Windy Kitty's Landfall Engine

10 months ago

Changes, 30Sep2020:

-1 Devastating Summons, +1 Nissa of Shadowed Boughs. Even with the synergy with Doubling Season, I feel like I'd have a better reason to sacrifice my lands than to Devastating Summons. A planeswalker with a landfall trigger to add loyalty is a dream for this deck, and by the time she got rolling, her minus ability can probably get any creature in the deck that's available. I can't wait to play with this card.

-1 Army Ants, +1 Ancient Greenwarden. I have plenty of land destruction options that are better than a once-per-turn, creature-facilitated option like Army Ants. I think I may have been including it for purely nostalgic options. Ancient Greenwarden, on the other hand... a 3rd crucible effect, and a land-Panharmonicon (landharmonicon?), both attached to a big body that can swat down fliers? Yes please! Either one of his abilities would be enough to include him, but both?! I've mentioned before that I love the possibility of exponential growth, and I'm excited to get this guy rolling with Doubling Season and watch the ensuing chaos. It's like this guy was made for this deck.

Omniscience_is_life on You fool! That goblin was Emrakul the whole time!

1 year ago

Yeah, I would say putting in the spirit guide is a bit risky. Either you hit your Emrakul a turn early, or you hit a 2/2 Ape instead. I would continue your search before considering that one.

Satyr's Cunning, Purphoros's Intervention and Devastating Summons Would work as 1 mana for a noncreature token creator

Ragham on Rakdos 8-Whack

1 year ago

You miss Devastating Summons. I've been playing this deck also in major tournaments, and this combo Summons + Whacker is the main kill of the deck. I would not play less than 3 Summons.

I have also really prefered to play with Mogg Fanatic over Fanatical Firebrand for having more reach, and to put more pressure.

As you splash black, you have a all-indicated companion to play : Lurrus of the Dream-Den.

Your land choice are not the best clearly. I would recommend to play Auntie's Hovel, Blood Crypt and Blackcleave Cliffs alongside basic mountains. For budget issue, replace cliffs by your Unclaimed Territory why not, but do not play Dragonskull Summit because you have many non-mountain lands.

I am unsure about Munitions Expert and Light Up the Stage. The expert is situational and needs conditions, while the sorcery spell is not triggered before combat so it slows down our main plan. Since we play black, I wonder me if a Thoughtseize effect would not be better for not being disrupted in our game plan which allows at our opponent to play. The question would be Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek ?

Finally, I am happy to see no Burning-Tree Emissary as they are bad with Goblin Bushwhacker. In my opinion, they are great when we play Manamorphose to fix mana issue as well as digging for the combo.

In sideboard, I think that you want some Fatal Push to defend yourself against Kor Firewalker etc, Thoughtseize effect against combo, some graveyard answers like Nihil Spellbomb which can be recast with Lurrus, some anti-Chalice of the Void like Smash to Smithereens.

I will start with a list like that : (18 lands) 4 Auntie's hovel, 4 Blood crypt, 4 Blackcleave cliffs, 2 Bloodstained mire, 4 Mountains. // (28 creatures) 4 Goblin guide, 4 Foundry street denizen, 4 Mogg fanatic, 4 SPike jester, 4 Legion loyalist, 8 Bushwhackers. // (14 spells) 4 Lightning bolt, 4 Goblin grenade, 3 Devastating summons, 3 Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize (meta call). // Sideboard: Lurrus of the dream-den, 4 Fatal push, 2 Thoughtseize, 4 Nihil spellbomb, 4 Smash to smithereens.

I hope I would help you fellow goblin ! What do you think about all that ? :)

ZendikariWol on Amulet Rainbow Reef

1 year ago

I agree, Meddling Mage is an enormous prob. Is Dismember in the sideboard gonna be enough?

That idea for Devastating Summons as a build-around is kinda cool, but I think that's its own deck (maybe alt wincon for Dryad-Valakut?).

Anything sorcery-speed is not a problem. My goal is to just blow up and win the turn after I play Reef. Anger of the Gods is tantamount to Lightning Bolt at sorcery speed against my deck.

Damping Sphere destroys me. Good thing nobody plays it right??

Ingot Chewer gets me the Risen Reef triggers. The spree does not. For the same reason, I am considering Shriekmaw over Dismember.

Anyhow, my goal is to be able to compete at an FNM. However, I have no FNM at which to compete, and all of my friends who play Magic were taught by me pretty recently. So yeah, altogether, not ideal.

abbatromebone on Amulet Rainbow Reef

1 year ago
  • thats fine im trying to be helpful and not be a dick as well. Some people dont know the rules as well. We all have our expirences with the game so i assume people don't know, being well there's a lot of rules and interactions.
  • Id agree with point 3 as well. It was just an idea to throw out there.
  • Well the only way i see stopping any card is through cards like Meddling Mage and counter magic. You do have access to blue, so there could be a plan to consider haveing a shell of your combo and pulling out cards like Healer of the Glade. Its not needed in most of your matchups. It just helps keep a healthly life total, which counter magic can also do. You could put Healer of the Glade in your SB.
  • heres another idea being you are using Devastating Summons cards like Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator could be interesting to get them back. If you do go that route try Mystic Sanctuary in there as well. Its a land for reed, and can bring back summons. It'd generate more value although it may not be necessary.
  • Also while im thinking about lands replacing some shocks with Unclaimed Territory seems like a good idea as well.
  • You should also consider the card Anger of the Gods which murders your deck so hard. It really makes me think the counter magic idea is needed. The ones that come to mind are Mana Leak Spell Pierce Negate probably not Spell Snare, and maybe Dispel. The main issue with dispel is that it doesn't hit wrath affects.
  • Damping Sphere might be a card to consider it hurts other combo decks. It hurts amulet titan, tron (not that its needed here), and storm.
  • It might also help to clarify overall goals. Is you goal to do well at your local FNM? if so lets tune it to that meta, If its a much larger scale then we will want to tune it to the broader meta.

abbatromebone on Amulet Rainbow Reef

1 year ago
  • if a token leaves the battlefield it ceases to exist, which is amazing against Devastating Summons as its a 2 for one.
  • Yeah i forget risen reef is cmc 3.
  • You are running a creature package so stick with it. I dont see grape shot to be super amazing, unless you are comboing hard, at which point you should be winning anyways. Its probably better to keep bushwhacker. You can play test it if you want.
  • I see Fulminator mage in my match-up all the time, it really helps hit some decks. It can cut some decks off a color of mana which is all you need to win. Also fun interaction you might not know. Block a creature without trample, and then sacrifice it in response. No damage gets through and you still get the effect.
  • As a burn player bolt is life, and gets rid of a lot of stuff you don't want to see. I personally wouldn't be worried about batter skull, as its an artifact in green, plus its easier to just kill stonefordge mystic. Urza is a deck ive never played against so i cant give you to much insight from xp.
  • Now your already 3 colors but I would like to point out white has a lot of help. Worship, path, RIP, stoney silence, ...
  • I love it when decks can SB into a different deck making game 2 super interesting. Now the important thing to ask is when would i board these cards in, and how does it help me?
  • I have mixed feelings about Surgical. Its amazing against decks like izzet phoenix, but at the same time relic, and tormod's crypt really do the job as well and the costs are slightly better in my opinion. I would recommend "goldfishing" against your bad match up's. Play just game 1 a couple of times and get the feel of who it goes, maybe try a different builds of theirs. Then strictly play game 2.
  • my guess is Surgical wont help dredge that much. The hit a dredge card and cast it for two life, next turn they get more dredge cards. Grafdigger's Cage is probably better if you are focusing on this match up. If your worried about storm this card does nothing, and against a good storm player i don't see Surgical helping that much. (they can just hold priority and combo off for a bit, at which point it may be to late for a surgical).
  • Ive had another thought on the plan B. You defiantly cast them but the focus of the deck would be bringing back those cards and get an absurd amount of value out of those cards.

abbatromebone on Amulet Rainbow Reef

1 year ago

-So scooping to bloodmoon sucks BUT There is one deck that runs it, which is blue moon. It uses Through the Breach and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Its only two colors so running basics doesnt hurt it as much as a three color deck. Also keep in mind that bloodmoon doesnt shut you off. You only lose 3 spells, and still have a board presence so they should board it out in the next game(s). They spend turn 3 casting a card with no clock, while you have dudes to play. Plus Smokebraider gets around bloodmoon. Dont worry about it. - Risen Reef is a powerful card, but the lands come in tapped anyways. You can find risen reef super easy with your set up, but finding amulet is harder. Being you need this for your set up your going to want ways to find it such as Ancient Stirrings (lands are colorless btw). - i havent played your deck much but it looks like your main clock is Devastating Summons plus maybe so 1/1 or 1/2. Spells like Electrolyze seem really good against you. Cryptic Command seems really good on your tokens. - To mean it looks like you lose to burn, control, dredge, probably jund, humans, and eldrazi tron. - Id recommend switching to the companion to the one i recommneded being you can cast it more often, and it lets you bring back dead cards. - As a burn player Eidolon of the Great Revel is AMAZING. It is for me at least 2 mana win the game in certain match ups (like storm). - Ive played against it and it deals damage, so much damage. I can beat it as burn but that wasnt to say the matches werent close. I went 2-1 against them. I beleive they went jund. Green was basically for Playing collected company.
- remeber shock lands zap your life total so dont run two many. Its a very common mistake when crafting a deck. - SB cards are interesting in games. you could run 1 mana counters such as spell pierce. Its amazing when they collected brutality for all the options and then you counter their spell. Anger of the gods is great usually but your deck doesnt want to see it so dont inculde sweapers. Tormod's Crypt for decks like dredge. Abrade Skullcrack Cindervines is another great card. It beats combo players, and holds for removal. Dismember is a good card but you need to consider if you can risk losing 5 life AND what would you need to remove that has more than 3 toughness?

Hybrow on Becoming the target

1 year ago

Wow, you play yours quite different from mine, way more 0 cost creatures. Your Average CMC is so much lower than mine.. Nice.

couple cards i would recommend:

Devastating Summons - you have the option to not sac any mountains.. still get the 2 ETBs before they die

Temple Bell or even Endless Atlas - because of your low mana curve, draw should always be better for your than your opponents.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle - I usually use this to target an annoying creature on the board.

Spawning Pit - fairly new add for me, but won me the last game, so cant argue with its success .. lol, 1 for 1.

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