Elvish Pioneer


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eighth Edition Common
Onslaught Common

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Elvish Pioneer

Creature — Elf Druid

When Elvish Pioneer enters the battlefield, you may put a basic land card from your hand into play tapped.

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Elvish Pioneer Discussion

Zankaa on Yisan, Budget Bard

1 month ago

Also consider Elvish Pioneer.

Darth_Savage on

2 months ago

If you want to improve your ramp on a budget the best option is 4x Arbor Elf and 4x Fertile Ground on turn 2 you have access to potentially 4 mana, 2 used to cast Fertile Ground and 2 free, turn 3 could see 6 mana as a minimum... To improve the consistency you would need to use the 2x Utopia Sprawl (as it costs more $, or ) and 2 Voyaging Satyr. You could also use Elvish Pioneer to improve your ramp too.

Once you have got the ramp sorted out then you can think about which big creatures you gain the most from playing.

vincilios on

3 months ago

Ta massa o deck, mas da para melhorar umas 10 criaturas e principalmente mudar as seguintes cartas:

Runic Repetition por Mystic Retrieval

Into the Roil por Utter End

Sultai Charm por Abzan Charm

Mulch por Buried Alive

Pensaria bem em colocar Lurking Predators.

Acho que falta muito ramp tambm para que o Thrasios, Triton Hero valha a pena. Quem sabe um Elvish Pioneer

ElementalEd on Ezuri

4 months ago

Cards i would cut:- Defiant Elf- Elvish Herder- Elvish Pioneer- Elvish Soultiller- Gamekeeper- Heedless One- Realm Seekers- Skyshroud Ranger- Winnower Patrol- Wren's Run Vanquisher- Timberwatch Elf- Elven Fortress- Fog- Counterspell- Second Wind

Hey bud, The deck overall looks fairly fun to pilot, but i think it may run into some small issues. The "Tap" Theme is always one i have been super interested in. In fact, I have built a hand full of tap decks myself. I think your issue is, neither of you generals tap themselves. Therefore more slots need to be dedicated to finding the true commander of your deck Priest of Titania, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Wirewood Channeler, and Elvish Archdruid. You might have enough redundancy to find at least 1-2 per game, but if you lose one or unfortunately don't draw one, you might have a few dead cards in hand. I think with the heavy investment in tap, you should either consider creature tutors, or big draw (which has synergism with your mana).

As for the removal / fog i recommended to cut. They are ok, but if you are able. I would much rather use a repeatable one like Constant Mists or Forbid.

Regardless what you do, i am sure it will be awesome though!

mar41710 on Yisan, the Paradoxical Bard

4 months ago

Not sure if Spore Frog will interest you.Is there any reason not to play Boreal Druid?I might also play Elvish Pioneer in this deck.

Dunadain on Selvala Brostorm

5 months ago

Sorry I forgot to ask, is Elvish Pioneer out for good? I never agreed with the change since it was a combo card that was actually decent outside of the combo, but if your sure it's staying out you need to fix some of the play lines (or at least add a note explaining that those particular play lines don't work in this particular build and give the reasons why it was cut.)

icehit6 on Yep, Elves again

5 months ago

Are you looking to keep this Modern? If you're willing to delve into it being (technically) legacy, I can suggest some really good cards that will improve the play on this immensely. That could work fine if this deck is only being used casually. If not, here are my suggestions for modern.

So first off, you want to try and keep this deck as creature heavy as possible. 4 beast within should definitely be a sideboard option because removal in green should generally be a reactionary card pick, not necessarily mainboard.

Elvish Promenade is good, however it's slow. In modern, the idea is turn 5 kill max, and that card is slow. Sands of Delirium isn't of much help either. I say that card would be fantastic if you're running infinite mana combos, which is very possible.

When you run mana ramp, you only need 18 lands max - so taking out one land is going to be a good medium. So now with 12 spots removed in your deck, you've got 50 cards to work with. You should ONLY be running 60 cards, it keeps your deck consistent.

With your 10 spots I would recommend adding in two Lead the Stampede and two Eldritch Evolution. Eldritch Evolution definitely has some drawbacks because it's a sorcery and it limits you to 2 CMC more, however it's 3 cost and is a ton cheaper than Chord of Calling and I think on a budget, it's an absolutely fantastic substitute. These keep your hand going and as well helps you recover from board sweepers a lot easier. The next one might be obvious, but I do recommend Collected Company. If CoCo is too much for your budget, the next best thing would be a playset of Genesis Wave, because that card is still hella effective with mana ramp, especially turn four. And if Genesis Wave is still too expensive, the next best thing would just be add two more Lead the Stampede and two more Eldritch Evolution.

With the 2 extra slots left over add in one Reclamation Sage for enchantment removal, and one Scavenging Ooze for graveyard hate. If ooze is too expensive, Loaming Shaman is also a viable option.

Moving on to your creatures, there's quite a bit of change that I think should take place. Firstly, Drove of Elves is not the type of card that's going to be helpful to you in a turn 5 format. They're too slow, and should likely be removed. Ezuri's Archers as well. They're just flying chump blockers, and fliers aren't as much of an issue in Modern than they are in standard play. Sylvan Messenger is a less effective Lead the Stampede, so if you make that change, Sylvan Messenger should come out. Plus it's a very high mana cost for its effect and it's power toughness. And lastly, Joraga Warcaller is really only good with a Immaculate Magistrate, but even at the end of the day, that's still too slow for a turn 5 deck.

So if you decide to make those changes, you now have 14 slots freed up for creatures. :)

This is where if you're willing to into a technical legacy format comes into play. Casually it would definitely be fine, but competitively it wouldn't be allowed.

For modern, I recommend you take Heritage Druid and use it with Nettle Sentinel. It's a nice little mana combo that allows you to dump your hand onto the board. Now, because I understand that not everyone has 12 dollars for a playset, among other recommended things in this deck, there is in fact a replacement. But it requires to delve into legacy. If you want the 50 cent replacement, that isn't quite as good, but has a similar effect, take a look into Birchlore Rangers. If you want to use that, add four and as well, with an effect like that, four Nettle Sentinel is 100% mandatory. If you don't want either, skip this entire section and disregard Nettle Sentinel. However, I highly recommend Heritage Druid and Nettle Sentinel first, second Birchlore Rangers and Nettle sentinel. If you decide against it, throw in four Dwynen's Elite, two Elvish Harbinger, and 2 Copperhorn Scout (just because that untap effect can be very helpful).

So now you've got 6 slots left at this point. The first one, if you can splurge, would go towards an Elvish Champion, just because that forestwalk can be extremely helpful in getting free hits on your opponent, increasing kill potential. One Essence Warden can go mainboard. Lifegain is somewhat important too. If you didn't add in Dwynen's Elite at this point from the Heritage Druid/Birchlore Rangers debate, add in four of those. If you did, add one more Essence Warden, and then three Elvish Pioneer for increased mana ramp in one cost creature form.

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