Glimpse of Nature


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa Rare

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Glimpse of Nature


Whenever you cast a creature spell this turn, draw a card.

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Glimpse of Nature Discussion

Comicalflop on [[Primer]] Seton, Druid Goodness AER Update!

1 week ago

This is a pretty solid list, but can be optimized even further!

Avoid Fate should be Vines of Vastwood since it can also counter sorceries, and most importantly it counters beneficial cards that target your opponents' creatures.

Since your plan is to win so early, you'll probably get more mileage out of Burgeoning than Exploration. Turn 1 Burgeoning is 6 chances to slap a land into play by turn 3.

Awakener Druid, Greenweaver Druid, Kaysa, Ley Druid, Mul Daya Channelers, Oracle of Mul Daya, and Paragon of Eternal Wilds are all too expensive for what they do (the mana dorks cost too much to cast and don't generate alot of mana, the pumpers all pump by miniscule amounts compared to Craterhoof and Beastmaster Ascension). I would cut them all for 1 mana druids (even if they have useless abilities.) Every 1 mana Druid is a haste Llanowar Elves, you should be running every single one possible since you want to win so fast. If you reduce the CMC further, you can run Collected Company.

The rule of thumb should be: #1: Run every 1 single mana druid. Thisin creases the variance on the number of "haste Llanowar Elves" you have and helps smooth out combo turns. #2: Run some 2 mana druids if they are amazing or generate more mana than a 1 mana druid would (like Hidden Herbalists, Devoted Druid, or Priest of Titania). #3: Only run 3 mana druids if they are insanely good (Elvish Archdruid, Elvish Harbinger).

You have 9 cards that benefit from recasting elves, so Wirewood Symbiote is a must. Symbiote + Reclamation Sage makes people cry.

You should be running Cloudstone Curio since there are almost as many if not more combos than Paradox Engine involving Curio loops. Glimpse of Nature plus two 1-mana druids = draw your entire deck. Throw in Hidden Herbalists as one of the druids in the Curio loop for infinite mana.

Elvish Spirit Guide should be another super fast mana accelerant.

Skullclamp and Birthing Pod are also musts.

Winter Orb, Tangle Wire and Root Maze are nice Stax options since you can play very nicely around them. You break parity by relying on creatures for mana, so you can afford to run land-lock cards.

You have 7 ways to tutor for Craterhoof Behemoth and lots of ways to draw large amounts of cards, so I would cut Overrun, Overwhelming Stampede and Triumph of the Hordes to make room for more slots since you're almost guaranteed to play Craterhoof every game. Reducing some instants/sorceries would start to put you in the range of running Primal Surge.

Final suggestions: Benefactor's Draught, Summoner's Pact, Survival of the Fittest, Creeping Renaissance, Seasons Past, Mana Reflection, Harvest Season, Collective Unconscious, Harmonize, Lead the Stampede, Wildest Dreams, Praetor's Counsel, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip

WiltLeafElves on Mono-Green Elf Combo Deck

1 week ago


Actually, Elves work really well in Green White and not only Black. White has way better sideboards, and other options. Black is generally only for Shaman of the pack, and thoughtseize. Beck is splashed for as a substitute of Glimpse of Nature, which got banned early on in modern. The combo deck uses Nettle Sentinel and Heritage Druid, as well as sometimes using Regal Force, Elvish Visionary, Cloudstone Curio, etc. It can make infinite mana by continuously using 3 Nettles to cast 2 Visionaries that are bouncing each other off Curio. Also, the new rules only care when an effect wants to know the converted cmc of a card. To cast beck, you still only need UG, not the additional cost of call (although it's something you can do if you have the mana).

abby315 on LF: black tutors, EDH pieces ...

1 week ago

Looking to complete my 4c Aluren deck, do you like FREE STUFF?. I need, in order of most to least important:

Vampiric Tutor
Diabolic Intent
Tymna the Weaver
City of Brass (2x if possible)
Arcane Denial
Lim-Dul's Vault
Swan Song
Noxious Revival
Parasitic Strix
Autumn's Veil
Demonic Tutor

I have a binder full of value, including Invocations, Glimpse the Unthinkable, eternal lands like Dryad Arbor and Dark Depths, etc. :)

Additionally, I would be interested in trading for the following cards that I already have but would like another copy:

Glimpse of Nature
Boreal Druid
Wood Elves
Worldly Tutor
Toxic Deluge
Overgrown Tomb
Sylvan Library
Mana Confluence
Ad Nauseam

These are lower priority than the top.

Comment here or on my binder with interest! Thanks!

WiltLeafElves on BG Elves

3 weeks ago

+1, although I may have already done so in the past (sorry, I'm forgetful)

You've got a very good deck here!

Has Spellskite been helpful to you? I used to run it, but found that it ended up turning out like this.

  1. I cast spellskite
  2. My opponent casts a removal spell on an important elf.
  3. I redirect to spellskite.
  4. I'm short a creature, and my opponent is short a removal.

Usually, it ends up becoming a 2 mana evoke creature with give one time hexproof.


Nettle sentinel is simply there, as stated by EWDijkstra, because it works very well with heritage druid, and is good with chord of calling. Sentinel is also used in a different elf deck, which runs cards such as Beck / Call (a modern legal of Glimpse of Nature, which got banned at the start of modern), Cloudstone Curio, and Elvish Visionary. The scenario in which nettle sentinel can basically end games is this;

Tap 3 sentinel for 3 mana (off heritage druid), cast Elvish Visionary. You leave 1 Green floating, and you draw a card. Because of Cloudstone Curio, if you have another visionary, you can return it to your hand.

Next, you cast another visionary. This time, you have 2 Green floating, and you use cloudstone curio to return visionary.

You can continue by using your nettles to cast the same 2 visionarys over and over, until you have a whole ton of mana, which can be placed into a spell such as Banefire, casting a Craterhoof Behemoth, activating an ezuri multiple times, etc.

Dont forget nettle also can be a vanilla 2/2 with pseudo vigilance (sometimes better than vigilance)

cujo253 on First elves edh

1 month ago

My oh my, good old elves tribal. Elvish Mystic Fyndhorn Elves Heritage Druid Evolutionary Leap Craterhoof Behemoth Elvish Visionary Immaculate Magistrate Imperious Perfect Yeva, Nature's Herald Reclamation Sage Skullclamp Glimpse of Nature Harmonize Shamanic Revelation Dryad Arbor Green Sun's Zenith Beast Within are all moderately (I think) options to better streamline if elf tribal is what you're going for. Also, depending on your budget, Sylvan Library is an auto include in almost any green deck, Mana Reflection and Song of the Dryads are also good.AND! If your wallet and sanity are truly beyond all recall, Gaea's Cradle.

Stab on Ramp, Gisela, Angel of Goldnight

1 month ago

Hi, I like the deck, it looks super fun. Tooth and Nail has always been one of those decks that I wanted to build. Sadly Glimpse of Nature is not modern legal, so you would need to find a replacement for that if you want to have your deck be completely modern legal, possibly Harmonize. Also I would like to recommend cutting down your Tooth and Nail targets to just one of each Xenagos, God of Revels and then your finisher. Doing that will allow you to bring in more ramp and more consistently get to Tooth and Nail mana much faster. Cards like Sakura-Tribe Elder, Search for Tomorrow, Garruk Wildspeaker, and Primeval Titan are some great options to help in that department. I really like the Gisela as the tutor target and I understand that it can just out right one shot your opponent (she can deal 20 damage maximum; Xenagos makes her a 10/10 and then she deals double damage) but what happens when your opponent has Path to Exile, or Terminate or any other very common low costed removal spell? You get left with a Xenagos who can be fairly easily be handled by cards like Path to Exile, Anguished Unmaking, and Dismember. I would like to recommend Emrakul, the Aeons Torn as the tutor target instead. She has a much larger body, annihilator 6, protection from colored spells, and flying (she would end up as a 30/30 Flample with Annihilator 6 when she attacks). Emrakul is the most common creature I see paired with Xenagos in tooth and nail decks. She is a little pricey, sitting at about $40, but if your budget allows I think she could greatly improve the deck. Good luck with the deck.

Oloro_Magic on Elf deck

1 month ago

Glimpse of Nature and Craterhoof Behemoth are cards that are broken in elves.

As for the sideboard help you want:

First Krosan Grip over Naturalize in a format with Force of Will. Tormod's Crypt to hate on reanimator is another card you should play. Null Rod to hate on any and all artifacts; and Pithing Needle to hate on everything. Another card to consider is Reclamation Sage as it comes with a body in adition to the effect.

sonnet666 on Samut Ad Nauseum

2 months ago

You guys did good work here, but I really can't understate how much more effective Yisan would make this deck.

Glimpse of Nature is non-tutorable. What other ways do you have to draw cards? I only see 3 cards, and 2 only work well after you have an army.

You could probably cut Xenagos and Genesis for space.

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