Creeping Renaissance


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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Creeping Renaissance


Choose a permanent type. Return all cards of the chosen type from your graveyard to your hand.

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Creeping Renaissance Discussion

007ooi on Tas

1 day ago

Honestly I think that Biomantic Mastery, Lashwrite, Perpetual Timepiece, and Sudden Reclamation shouldn't make the cut.

These are some cards that I didn't notice on the list that seem like they could be good for this list. I bolded cards that I think are particularly on point for a list like this.

Dreamscape Artist
Patron of the Moon
Drown in Filth
Excavation Pedantic Learning

Sprout Swarm
Summer Bloom
Harvest Season
Rushing River

Sprouting Vines
Distant Melody
Seek the Horizon
Creeping Renaissance
Perilous Forays
Worm Harvest
Boundless Realms

PookandPie on Mean Green Elves Machine

2 days ago

Against board wipes, I mentioned Eldrazi Monument up above and its in your maybeboard. Monument is a great way around Wrath of God and its ilk, and even if someone activates a Nevinyrral's Disk, Monument will get destroyed but all of your creatures won't be destroyed by the Disk since, at the moment of its activation, they had indestructible.

Back when my wife first started in Commander, we tried everything from Cauldron of Souls to Kamahl, Fist of Krosa (you turn opponent's lands into creatures so the opponent who cast the wipe screws themselves over. They will then think twice about casting a Wrath with him on board for the rest of their time playing Magic haha). We even used Oran-Rief, the Vastwood with Cauldron to make a Wrath-resistant board state. We wound up eventually dropping Cauldron when her deck got built up well enough to t4-t5 tables, but it's an option.

I think Monument is probably the most elegant solution (the +1/+1 and flying bonuses are usually pretty huge too), though I will say I have cast a Chord of Calling into Caller of the Claw far more times than I feel anyone should have done, and it usually winds up allowing me to chunk the life total of the guy who cast the board wipe, if not kill him.

Praetor's Council is one of the cards that my wife's Elf deck dropped early on, because while it was okay when you had Elves, most of the time you needed it, it's because of a board wipe, and it's extremely hard to get 8 mana when your mana Elves are in the graveyard. Creeping Renaissance might be an idea since it is far easier to meet with 33 lands than an 8 mana spell is and, essentially, will do the same job (outside of the Spellbook ability, but you already run Reliquary Tower so you have that effect if you need it).

Those're my suggestions: Eldrazi Monument or Creeping Renaissance. Elves are always going to be a little soft to board wipes, especially those that mass-exile. There isn't really a lot you can do about those in green outside of keeping your opponents from reaching six mana before you can kill them.

WargRave on $25 Extreme Budget Hapatra EDH

4 weeks ago

A decent $25 deck is a great accomplishment! Moreover, a lot of the stuff in here looks genuinely strong, and not jank at all.

On the subject of evasion, Trailblazer's Boots is other inexpensive equipment that gives nearly unblockable and doesn't have Hot Soup's downside, though it doesn't curve with Hapatra quite as well.

Reclamation Sage is a bit cheaper than Beast Within and you may be able to count on your -1/-1 counters to take out troublesome creatures, and your snakes to combat planeswalkers. Unravel the Aether and Deglamer maintain instant speed and budget while dealing with indestructibles like the Theros gods, Blightsteel, etc.

Speaking of removing creatures, fight works great with deathtouch snakes as well as infect/wither. I see you already have Ulvenwald Tracker, but how about Setessan Tactics for some instant speed blowouts?

I feel like Liliana's Influence is a little weak for its mana cost and it's over twice as expensive as the average card. Corrosive Mentor can spread a lot of -1/-1 counters at half the mana cost. Rendclaw Trow is another 3 mana witherer that also has persist! Blight Sickle allows everyone, including the snakes, to get in on the fun.

Eldritch Evolution is even more expensive, and doesn't have many targets from your snakes. The exact effect is impossible to replicate as thriftily, but Primal Command give the tutor effect along with other decent modes for about 80 cents less (you can find it for about $1 quite easily).

Gravity Well is an interesting one. I wouldn't want to stop my opponent's flyers from attacking each other though, just me. Tower Defense does the same job for a turn, and the toughness boost is considerable. It's enough to use it against ground attackers to keep all your blockers alive. Blightwidow and Deadly Recluse are the spiders that seem to fit best. Windstorm and Whirlwind proactively handle flyers.

Jungle Hollow is as about cheap as Foul Orchard, as is Golgari Guildgate. Grim Backwoods generates some value from excess snakes. I find the one mana cycle lands good to mitigate land flood, and they're less than $0.25 too. Oran-Rief, the Vastwood would require one of the more expensive spells to leave, but it's far better than a basic Forest.

Some ramp wouldn't go amiss. Wayfarer's Bauble, Rampant Growth, and Nissa's Pilgrimage are super budget. Sakura-Tribe Elder is 0.75, but snake flavor! Grapple with the Past is flexible.

Card draw options: Warriors' Lesson, Altar's Reap, Mask of Memory, and Vulturous Aven make use of your snakes. Read the Bones is rarely bad. For graveyard based card advantage, there's Phyrexian Reclamation and Wildest Dreams. Skullwinder is political and thematic. Creeping Renaissance could potentially replace Seasons Past at a lower price.

What else could come out? Probably Aboroth, it doesn't do as much as any other 6+ mana spell in the deck I think, or even the 5 mana spells. It doesn't even provide -1/-1 counters until your next upkeep. Hideous Visage feels like it's not necessary, since who's blocking 1/1 deathtouch creatures anyway? It's true that Hapatra wants evasion, but intimidate isn't even great on a two color creature; Aphotic Wisps does the job for one mana, and cantrips. Likewise, Sewers of Estark is too much mana and too many cents for the effect. Culling the Weak seems like something that belongs in an explosive combo deck, not a grindy, incremental value deck.

Well that's it, I look forward to seeing you evolve this deck!

Aph1d on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 month ago

Entari0Let me first say Your deck is super cool, I love the use of your commander and the Creeping Renaissance & DamnationReally cool Theme +1

The Mist

Commander / EDH Aph1d


This Deck is an attempt at crypting in commander.I will use time shifting and anything to get cards into the grave, any advise would be awesome thank you.

PTsmitty on Is There a Recurison Engine ...

1 month ago

Wouldn't Creeping Renaissance work? It is not a recursion engine, but does get them all back in one swoop.

choss_monkey on Budget Edric, Spymaster of Trest

2 months ago

Alchemist's Refuge flash in things.
Cyclonic Rift every blue deck should run this
Wirewood Symbiote is great for elf decks..saves your creatures, and boosts your activated abilities
Viridian Corrupter never hurts to blow up stuff.
Krosan Grip For when your opponent is about to go off.
Overwhelming Denial I can see this card being good in this deck...You'll almost never get to cast it for its surge cost on the opponents turn, but it's great for protecting your stuff.
Reality Shift Unconditional exile...yes please.
Coastal Piracy essentially a second Bident of Thassa
Creeping Renaissance Great to recover after your huge army gets wiped.
Beast Within Price is low due to a recent printing and goes in every green deck ever!
Simic Signet

I would reconsider the following cards:
Abjure too conditional. It would suck to not have a blue permanent when you need to counter something.
Aeon ChroniclerKinda slow and expensive. You may be better off running other card draw.
Quiet Contemplation is a cool card, but only triggers on non-creature spells. How consistently are you able to tap something down?
Grip of Amnesia is too conditional. consider Syncopate or Swan Song. Swan Song has the political synergy with Edric. "I give you a creature, now swing at our opponent for value!"

Some "non-budget" recommendations:
Upgrade your manabase, first with a Breeding Pool
Eternal Witness recursion...Good with bounce effects, which you're running a lot of
Arachnogenesis It supports your "go-wide" theme and is usually a one-sided Fog (your creatures kill theirs).
Song of the Dryads Unconditional removal in green. So good in Commander.

Daedalus19876 on Tavos, the Soulsower

3 months ago

I feel like you could use some more double strike. There are lots of cards to help out with that, but Silverblade Paladin is my favorite.

Eldrazi Monument seems like a must here, and Creeping Renaissance might be your friend. Also, Vampiric Tutor is always handy.

The issue with Bloodrush is that it opens you up to 2-for-1s. Hexproof (for example, from Asceticism) would be very powerful here.

With an emphasis on pumping your creatures, Rishkar's Expertise could yield you many cards.

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