Dragon Fangs

Dragon Fangs

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has trample.

When a creature with converted mana cost 6 or more enters the battlefield, you may return Dragon Fangs from your graveyard to play attached to that creature.

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Set Rarity
Scourge (SCG) Common

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Pauper Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Leviathan Legal
Pauper EDH Legal

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Dragon Fangs Discussion

Wihito on Baevictis & Friends

1 month ago

Coward_Token: I'm slowly making the deck more creature heavy, so I might exchange the two of them later on!

zulado: I used to have Drownyard Temple in the deck but the cost felt like it was too much each time, and there's little space for colorless utility lands so I'd rather have other card take the sacrificial role for Vaevictis. There's too little benefit from trample with Dragon Fangs, while haste is a huge benefit from Dragon Breath. Thanks for the suggestions though!

VorelNailo: Splendid Reclamation along with Life from the Loam would be the first cards I'd put in if I ever scrapped my "only permanents" restriction! The other cards fits well with a creature token strategy, which this deck doesn't have. Though I'd like to put in more non-creature token generators because Oath of Druids is a pet card of mine and having it putting out heavy threats is awesome.

king-saproling: Used to have Herald of Leshrac but it felt too slow for its mana cost. Mimic Vat looks like a much better fit now compared to last time I considered it! Path of Discovery and Titania, Protector of Argoth are good additions but I'm very unsure on what to take out for them. Replaced Sneak Attack with Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded to power down the deck, but if I get my hands on a Sneak Attack I'll put it in! Not a fan of the one time use Generator Servant, I'd rather have repeatable haste enablers and mana rocks, and I'm trying to lower the number of small creatures for Oath of Druids to accidentally hit.

StopShot on Mortify or Mythos of Nethroi?

4 months ago

@DemonDragonJ, In that case replace Grim Backwoods with Bonders' Enclave. It costs one less mana to draw a card and you don't need to sacrifice anything for it either.

If you're concerned with overall CMC of the deck I would replace the Aura Mutation with Mythos of Nethroi and counter-balance it by replacing Armadillo Cloak with Dragon Fangs. You do lose the life-gain and it does give less power and toughness, but it's not a 1-time effect as you can always enchant your commander with it from the graveyard for free. Having consistent trample would really help your commander in being able to trigger his effect after all and you have plenty of other ways to give lifelink as well.

With that change the total CMC of your deck would stay the same as you're swapping a 2-cost and 3-cost for a 3-cost and a 2-cost.

Bokamoso on New Veteran on the Block

5 months ago

I like the choice to play Veteran Explorer. High risk, high reward wins me over. Every suggestion Spell_Slam made is great. If your playgroup adapted to Veteran Explorer's weaknesses, you'll likely be losing a lot more games but I think the deck can be further improved.

I wonder if you have too many mana dorks. Since your commander ramps so well, having 16 one drops and 1 four drop seems skewed towards a curve that is too low. You may want to cut some of your ramp in order to better utilize the graveyard. More cards in the graveyard would make the suggestions Revive and Wildwood Rebirth more valuable. It also establishes Threshold and Spell Mastery abilities.

Consider dredge. Golgari Brownscale could be help as a blocker, gain life and fill up the graveyard.

Spells that put cards in your graveyard, like Satyr Wayfinder can be better than spells that put cards on the bottom of your library. Commune with the Gods might be a better option than Seek the Wilds unless you really need that spell to grab a land.

Dragon Fangs would be very relevant in this deck.

Voracious Typhon can add mid-game and late-game value.

If your vanilla fatties are getting chump blocked, Shinen of Life's Roar could clear a path.

[email protected]_only on Most underrated commander of all time

7 months ago

Well of Knowledge and Rites of Flourishing are odd cards I found worked well when I ran this guy as a commander. On the surface level, they reduce your threat level in multiplayer (after all, you're doing nice stuff for them, aren't you?), but in actuality, they're filling their hands out as fast as possible.

Dragon Fangs doesn't target on it's triggered ability, so once it's in the yard Multani will get trample each time he's cast.

standard staples for mindrazor decks apply, so Anvil of Bogardan, Horn of Greed, and Otherworld Atlas are also good options

SaltySpecula on Uril, the Miststalker

7 months ago

Out of curiosity, is there some way you've found with Dragon Fangs to get it to recognise Uril as a 6 cmc creature? Or do you use it purely as a low mana source of trample?

SideBae on Omnath EDH

1 year ago

So three things:

  1. There is, as far as I know, only one asymmetric Null Rod effect: Karn, the Great Creator . In EDH, where there’re typically no sideboards, he can be underwhelming. But his +1 and passive are very relevant.

  2. I think with regard to the not wanting to draw dorks late, you can just rely on mass card draw. I mentioned a few card advantage engines above (see Beast Whisperer ) which would draw you through dorks to GET to your threats, late game.

  3. There are some voltron-y-style enchantments in green you might find useful instead of the equipment package. Aspect of Mongoose is excellent, though note that it grants Shroud and not Hexproof. Rancor and Dragon Fangs give trample, and Rancor , like Aspect of Mongoose , is self-recurring. Bear Umbra is another good form of protection. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any auras in green that grant lifelink; that being said, running Collector Ouphe doesn’t preclude your running one or two lifelinking equipments.

DemonDragonJ on Auras of the Dragonlords

1 year ago

The cycle of dragon auras ( Dragon Scales , Dragon Fangs , and so forth) is an interesting cycle, but is unlikely to be reprinted at any time in the near future, so I have decided to make my own cycle of auras representing aspects of dragons.

Since Tarkir has a large focus on dragons, I chose to have these auras focus on the aspects of dragons that each clan reveres, and I chose the tri-colored clans over the dual-colored clans, because they are more popular and three colors allow me to put more effects on the cards.

Claws of the Dragonlord Show

Since the Temur clan focuses on ferocity and power, this aura is very straightforward. I gave it flash so that it can be used as a combat trick, and I was contemplating giving it a triggered ability akin to that of Trygon Predator , but I then decided that it was already sufficiently powerful.

Eyes of the Dragonlord Show

This aura represents the Jeskai clan's focus on knowledge and self-awareness (which is why it grants a creature vigilance); I originally did not give it the scrying ability, but I then decided that the aura was not sufficiently powerful, otherwise. I could have given it additional abilities, but I wish to avoid any overlap between these auras, whenever possible.

Fangs of the Dragonlord Show

This aura represents the cruelty and ruthlessness of the Sultai clan, as reflected in both of its abilities. I was contemplating giving it flash, but I decided that it would be too powerful with that ability.

Scales of the Dragonlord Show

This aura represents the strength and endurance of the Abzan clan, so its abilities are purely defensive, rather than offensive. I was considering having the aura allow the creature to block additional creatures, but I feel that it is very nice as it currently is. Should it increase the enchanted creature's power as well as its toughness?

Wings of the Dragonlord Show

The Mardu clan focuses on speed and swiftness, so this aura grants a creatures three abilities associated with those concepts. Also, since members of the Mardu/Kolaghan clan are often associated with lightning, this aura grants the creature a triggered ability to strike at additional targets whenever it deals combat damage to a player.

Also, these auras can return to the battlefield from a graveyard, as with the auras that inspired me to make them, but I gave that ability greater flexibility (notice that the auras do not need to attach to the creature that caused their ability to trigger).

What does everyone else say about these cards? Are they impressive?

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