Descendants' Path


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Descendants' Path


At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature card that shares a creature type with a creature you control, you can cast this card without paying its mana cost. Otherwise, put it at the bottom of your library.

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Descendants' Path Discussion

Bou on EDH Arahbo! Roar of the Kitten Overlord

1 week ago

Hey Spirits, Sorry for the late reply. I haven't had much time lately.

You raise a few pretty good issues. Going with creature-based strategy you definitely end up with some underpowered cats, so tutoring for the bigger ones is a good idea.. it also costs more mana though. Which wouldn't be a problem with stuff like Mirari's Wake if you can get your hands on it. When I put Arahbo on the table my playgroup goes "oh.. double strike +20/20 incoming" and proceed to remove all my stuff. I guess that's meta.

Anywhoo, Descendants' Path has a 'may', so if you don't like the cat you can put him on the bottom - but it's pretty much a free cat so why not. Especially useful if you're planning to go with Worldly Tutor as you can put a cat of your choosing on top, then play it for free.

Vanquisher's Banner is a nice touch, I don't think it was out back when I drew up this listing. The extra Vigilance was there to help my cats defend after having attacked. Teferi's Protection is too powerful. I've played a few games lately and literally every white player runs it. Seeing as I've grown towards Aggro with all my decks - not a fan haha. If you play white, definitely use it as it can literally save you and end games.

The problem with Arahbo is like many people already said; there's no clear tactic. On the one hand you want a lot of cats to have your options open and use eminence as much as possible, on the other you can champion one cat into legend and go voltron and try to break someone. What usually happens is a silly mix where you have maybe 1 or 2 cats and when you do manage to swing you deal ~ 20-60 damage and everybody looks at you funny.

Considering this, it is probably better to go with a few high quality cats rather than having a lot of cats.

JonRock on Werewolf EDH

2 weeks ago

So my friend gave me a Shaper's Sanctuary tonight so I'll be testing that in Werewolves, finally getting to the point of cutting Blades of Velis Vel which was a blowout a couple times, but isn't quite up to flavour snuff.

In terms of Kindred Summons and Charge, I can see Summons being good as sort of a more immediate Descendants' Path, Charge I'm not really a fan of in this deck, I feel it would work better in a deck with more ETB creatures, like Allies, in Werewolves since we don't really have many ETBs, it feels like you should just pay the extra 2 mana and play Insurrection and get rid of all their blockers while getting a big board.

sagramore on Arahbo's Kitted-Out Kitties

2 weeks ago

solarseraph - Thanks so much for such a long and helpful comment! I appreciate your time and effort :)

I've mentioned in some comments before about cards like Puresteel Paladin and Stoneforge Mystic. I know they're great, and I know they almost certainly would perform very well in this deck, but... they aren't cats :D I am a stickler for the theme and this deck has a cat theme so I just can't bring myself to put them in. I might even replace Sram, Senior Edificer for that reason as without the theme I might as well drop half the cats and throw in a whole bunch of other "better" creatures! Same reason I don't run Sun Titan here. Perhaps swapping him out for something like the Descendants' Path you mentioned, or a Lifecrafter's Bestiary if I can't get one easily?

Cards I've definitely considered (and I am still considering!) include Dispatch, in fact I will put this in the Maybeboard. Same goes for Bloodforged Battle-Axe. I hadn't fancied it before but your comment about double strike had gone over my head before and that is very inviting.... I also just obtained a Strionic Resonator so it would be pretty hilarious to get the right combo out and be able to double the trigger for 2 mana and end up with a frankly ridiculous number of equipment on the board after one turn.

I am still unsure about Trailblazer's Boots as you say, the same goes for Trailblazer itself. I like it but not sure what I'd cut for it. The shroud is a pain but if you have free/instant speed equip you can get around it by detaching, pumping, reattaching. Clunky but workable.

Finally you're right about Soul's Majesty and Hunter's Prowess - I think I'll make that swap immediately. Thanks.

solarseraph on Arahbo's Kitted-Out Kitties

2 weeks ago

Hey sagramore, great looking deck! I'm building a Kitty Equipment deck too. It's a Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist Voltron deck so it plays a bit differently, but a lot of concepts transfer. I'll come back and post a link once I spruce it up if you like.

I have to say, Puresteel Paladin is amazing, and for me worth the price. He's a draw engine, and when you pair him with Leonin Shikari things get nuts - free, instant-speed equipping turns your equipment into answers, especially ones like Swiftfoot Boots and Darksteel Plate.

Those two are great fetch targets for Uncage the Menagerie, which is inexpensive both to buy and cast. (I don't rely on Cat Tribal as much, so I usually fetch a Puresteel Paladin and Stoneforge Mystic with Uncage). Also, if you haven't thought about it, Dispatch is one of the lesser-known spot exile spells. A budget card compared to something like Path to Exile, but it works in artifact-heavy decks.

Could I recommend swapping your Hunter's Prowess for Soul's Majesty? Same casting cost, so it doesn't affect your curve. HP is only better draw if your opponent blocks for less than three damage, and is easily interrupted by tapping, bouncing, destroying, or just plain blocking the creature. I ran both in my deck for a time, but I like SM better.

I saw some discussion about Bloodforged Battle-Axe in the other comments - I have to say I like it. As one guy said, it can eat your mana and turns if you focus on equipping all the copies. However, three or four cards mean you don't have to. With Sigarda's Aid or Hammer of Nazahn in play, all of the copies auto-equip when they hit the battlefield! This is especially gratifying when you have a double-striker, because copies of the Axe are made during the first damage step, and auto-equip before second damage is dealt. That quadruples your Axes instead of doubling them. Balan, Wandering Knight can attach copies to himself, so you can do the same trick with him at instant speed for two mana without either of the other support cards. And if you spring for that Puresteel Paladin... then Paladin.

I love that you included Asceticism and Heroic Intervention. I run both myself :) If I can get a hold of Teferi's Protection I will. Gotta love anti-boardwipe.

As far as Trailblazer's Boots in your Maybeboard, I currently run it, but I'm thinking of replacing it with Whispersilk Cloak, which you already included. The boots just don't do a whole lot for the card slot they take up when you could have better equipment in its place. On the other hand, I'm running Mirri as my commander, so I don't usually pump with Arahbo, Roar of the World, and Whispersilk prevents you from doing that. Maybe trample is all we really need? Playtesting will tell!

Oh! One last thing: Descendants' Path is a card I ran when I was sticking closer to the Tribal theme. I since removed it, but it means free Kitties!

AllhydeNoJekyll on Wasitora

2 weeks ago

-1 Phyrexian Arena +1 black/green draw spell of your choice (Read the Bones, Sign in Blood, Rishkar's Expertise)

-1 Thundermaw Hellkite, as cool as he is, most dragons have flying and you don't need much more evasion than that. If you're looking for damage to non-fliers, +1 Siege Dragon.

-1 Lightning Greaves, +1 Swiftfoot Boots

-1 Sol Ring, +1 Worn Powerstone

-1 Descendants' Path dead draw, too much of a gamble each upkeep try +1 Heirloom Blade for similiar, but more consistent effect.

Spirits on EDH Arahbo! Roar of the Kitten Overlord

1 month ago

Hi Bou,

Fellow Arahbo, Roar of the World player, Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats.

I play quite a different style of Arahbo, Roar of the World deck, but thought I'd offer some suggestion and get some insight. I'm still trying to make mine a functional deck that compete in Multi-player consistently.

Do you find that by going the creature (Cat) forward approach, you end up with several under-powered cats. For example, Enlightened Ascetic, Grizzled Leotau, Leonin Armorguard, Scythe Leopard (He could benefit from fetch lands like Windswept Heath or Wooded Foothills, Scythe Tiger (can't be Eminence, I get hes big, but he is what he is and sets you back a land), Stalking Tiger, Wild Leotau.

What about tutoring the high-powered cats, with something like Eladamri's Call for sure, or Green Sun's Zenith. In my build im trying forward planning tutoring with Worldly Tutor and Sylvan Tutor to get into my Lost Leonin or Felidar Sovereign.

I know you run Descendants' Path so more cats is preferable, but Im always worried about a balance, drawing an extra bad cat that doesn't do much, or pulling a good cat that pushes forward my board position, if that makes sense?

What about Metallic Mimic, with so many Cats i think he would be good for you, and is an aggro cat? Would something like Vanquisher's Banner (even though higher CMC) be better than an Always Watching because of the extra draw? I think it's pretty high CMC, but the vigilence isn't key. Stuff like Mirari's Wake or Spear of Heliod totally make sense to me though.

No Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist, he provides evasion, and protection from counter-attacks. I think you should get him in there. He was in the C17 deckbox.

I see your protecting your cats with Faith's Reward / Make a Stand type stuff, what do you think about Teferi's Protection? Seems multi-utility as well.

I would run a Triumph of the Hordes with so many cats, the +1 to each is going to defeat some opponents. +1.

PS: Really like the Privileged Position

Bxbx on Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

1 month ago

@Newtypezx: I've decided to go without additional combat steps for now, because I do not want to include too many different mechanics in the deck.

But in general, I think it's right to play a mixture of pump spells, double strike, double damage and additional combat steps in this deck, because this way those different mechanics can combo with each other. I wouldn't include Gratuitous Violence or Furnace of Rath though, because of their heavy red casting costs. An alternative would be Dictate of the Twin Gods.

Descendants' Path and Lurking Predators aren't included in my build currently, because their effects are redundant to Gishath, Sun's Avatar and I want to save card slots. You have to invest a lot of mana to use Quicksilver Amulet and Hunting Grounds can be difficult to set up in this deck. But I might put Selvala's Stampede in my deck. It is a hybrid between the aformentioned cards and I simply like cards that have a multiplayer component of some sort.

I think I won't include Iroas, God of Victory because I need more cards in the deck that do something on their own, which Iroas doesn't.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Newtypezx on Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

1 month ago

Bxbx thank you I'm making a build myself and I was kinda stuck on that part. I thought Aggravated Assault or Gratuitous Violence may work well in the deck too. Also have you thought about Quicksilver Amulet,Descendants' Path, Lurking Predators or Hunting Grounds as a away to cheat in your creatures. Iroas, God of Victory would be a pretty good addition as well.

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