Descendants' Path


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Rare

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Descendants' Path


At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature card that shares a creature type with a creature you control, you can cast this card without paying its mana cost. Otherwise, put it at the bottom of your library.

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Descendants' Path Discussion

CinnaToastKrunch on Paradox Elfball

2 days ago

For a tribal deck with green I would highly suggest Descendants' Path. allows you to play creatures for free! also Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip is an elf as well! Thassa, God of the Sea allows for creatures to be unblockable and allows you to scry, from what I hear and have witnessed gods are really good in EDH. And Praetor's Council recycles well! hope these suggestions are helpful!

doozy on Best Modern Slivers

6 days ago

Collected Company seems better than Descendants' Path in this deck.

MohenjoDaro on Aurochs Charge!

2 weeks ago

Glad you liked my deck enough to make a version yourself! As I've said, Aurochs are one of my favorite tribe because they're so powerful the more you have out.

My deck focused on using Shared Animosity to buff however many Aurochs I had out where your deck focuses on getting more out.

After doing some play testing with your deck, it gets mana screwed for me a lot (probably luck of the draw and tappedout being annoying) but it feel like you don't have the draw and it slows the deck down. As much as I want to love Descendants' Path in the deck, there just aren't enough Aurochs for it to be beneficial, it seems to do more harm than good. Once it's out you have a low chance of the next card being a Auroch and a higher chance of it being a helpful card that gets put on the bottom of the deck. I suggest adding Lifecrafter's Bestiary which would let you scry to increase the chance of the top card being an Auroch for Descendants' Path to work even better, and as an added bonus, it adds some card draw for you so you can miss less land drops.

I love the Crown of Fury being in the main deck since it means the Aurochs won't die when attacking (unless another creature has first strike).

I don't feel that you need 3 Fires of Yavimaya, 2 should be enough (sideboard 1 just in case though).

Cultivate is a nice card, but for 3 mana it slows the deck down on that turn 3 or 4. If you play Overgrowth then you can play Cultivate on turn 4 which will prep you for playing Aurochs on turn 5, but I'm not sure it's really worth it. Maybe try testing some Arbor Elfs instead of the Cultivates? They untap a forest, so a forest with an Overgrowth on it will yield 3 + 3 = 6 mana from being untapped. Otherwise it's a nice blocker so you don't need to waste your Aurochs (it also is a bigger target than the Aurochs because 6 mana is amazing and other players don't want you to have 9 mana on turn 4). If you don't want the elves in the deck then Search for Tomorrow acts as a cheaper Cultivate that you can play turn 1 and get the benefits turn 3 (this allows for you to play an Overgrowth on an untapped land so you can use 3 mana on turn 3).

Overall, nice deck, can use some tweaking as can any deck. I'm glad I could inspire you to make a deck for Aurochs, they're such sweet gentle creatures (until they stampede lol).

joshuaizac on Mayael of the Angels

2 weeks ago

I dig the Angel flavored Mayael idea...there's been some good advise above, if you do stick with Mayael be prepared for it to be shot off the board repeatedly some games, Tooth and Nail, Sevala's Stampede and quite a bit of ramp as you've stated are a good alternatives when this happens.

I don't really think you need much in the way of Anthems in a big stompy deck like this....using a couple of these would be as close as I'd get to that: Titanic Ultimatum, Overwhelming Stampede, Akroma's Memorial. Side note, Chandra's Ignition can be pretty devastating too...

Depending on how competitive you want your deck to be I'd consider a few more "cheap it in" cards Lurking Predators is pretty good especially when paired with Cream of the Crop, Hunting Grounds is pretty stupid midgame, Defense of the Heart and Quicksilver Amulet are pretty damn strong, I also run Descendants' Path in my Mayaelist (Beast Tribal) but it's usually crap without Cream of the Crop. I'd recommend looking at this decklist even though it's tribal Beast, and not that competitive.... It does outline a really good balance of Mayael targets vs non-targets, a few advantage cards, ramp ect....

anyways, GL & HF...

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Shadowborn EDH

3 weeks ago

Descendants' Path also seems like a good addition with green, however, since the deck is more casual I don't really want to drop the money for a 3 color mana base.

GMD_1090 on Sliver

3 weeks ago

in response to your Q: maybe remove the Panoramas, and possibly Savage Lands and Crumbling Necropolis since you are running less of red and black and a few of the basic lands if needed.

These slivers you may want to take out and replace with some of the ones below if you can

Victual Sliver, Sinew Sliver, Predatory Sliver, Plated Sliver, Heart Sliver, Hibernation Sliver, Homing Sliver, Basal Sliver,

put in:

Call to the Kindred, Prismatic Omen, Bloom Tender, Commander's Sphere, Fellwar Stone, Exotic Orchard, Beastmaster Ascension,Coat of Arms, Descendants' Path,dual lands (if you can) pain lands (to replace some of the tri land, few of the basics)

possible replacements:

Essence Sliver, Hunter Sliver, Magma Sliver, Thorncaster Sliver,Groundshaker Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Toxin Sliver

these slivers will combo a tad better than the ones you currently have. especially hunter sliver with first strike and deathtouch

Zerraphon on Look at the flick of that Rhys

3 weeks ago

Im not sure if there are any Elf token generators, but I do know that you're missing a couple of good cards, such as Sylvan Offering And a lot of people typically go towards selensya's cards for the populate triggers with cards like Growing Ranks If money is not an issue, then get a Doubling Season or if moneys a little bit tight get a Primal Vigor instead. Coat of Arms and Door of Destinies are GREAT cards for ANY tribal deck. Other suggestions for cards are Lys Alana Huntmaster, Elvish Harbinger, Elvish Promenade, Wirewood Symbiote, Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, Dwynen's Elite, Hunting Triad and finally Descendants' Path!!! I hope these help!

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