Selvala's Stampede


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Rare

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Selvala's Stampede


Council's dilemma - Starting with you, each player votes for wild or free. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card for each wild vote. Put those creature cards onto the battlefield, then shuffle the rest into your library. You may put a permanent card from your hand onto the battlefield for each free vote.

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Selvala's Stampede Discussion

Bxbx on Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

4 days ago

Thanks for your suggestions, Wolfrage76!

You're right, Quicksilver Amulet should make most of my dinos cheaper. I also like the possibility to put them into play during my opponents turn. But for now I will try Selvala's Stampede because I enjoy voting and other multiplayer-related mechanics. @bushido_man96: I'll also try out Elvish Piper at some point, thanks. Her ability is cheaper, but no "haste" like the amulet - we'll see.

Mizzium Mortars does not offer the possibility to trigger my own creatures' enrage abilities, so I think it's not ideal.

Berserkers' Onslaught will likely be included, but I still have to decide which vanilla dinosaur to cut.

I didn't know Scalding Salamander and Neko-Te til now and won't include them in this deck because they seem to be a bit unrelated to my strategy. But I'll keep them in mind for future deck ideas!

Bxbx on Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

5 days ago

@Newtypezx: I've decided to go without additional combat steps for now, because I do not want to include too many different mechanics in the deck.

But in general, I think it's right to play a mixture of pump spells, double strike, double damage and additional combat steps in this deck, because this way those different mechanics can combo with each other. I wouldn't include Gratuitous Violence or Furnace of Rath though, because of their heavy red casting costs. An alternative would be Dictate of the Twin Gods.

Descendants' Path and Lurking Predators aren't included in my build currently, because their effects are redundant to Gishath, Sun's Avatar and I want to save card slots. You have to invest a lot of mana to use Quicksilver Amulet and Hunting Grounds can be difficult to set up in this deck. But I might put Selvala's Stampede in my deck. It is a hybrid between the aformentioned cards and I simply like cards that have a multiplayer component of some sort.

I think I won't include Iroas, God of Victory because I need more cards in the deck that do something on their own, which Iroas doesn't.

Thanks for the suggestions!

brandonsperry25 on "Why the heck do I need comet insurance?" -Gishath

6 days ago

Bxbx I really like Mercadia's Downfall in commander. Everyone has so many nonbasic lands, it's almost guaranteed to be a massive number when Gishath swings.

Pyrohemia is a card I have and believe it has been included in my updated list. I will be updating this afternoon (time permitting of course) to have the current deck list as it sits. Great minds ping alike. Desert is a nice ability as well. Not only is it good for enrage, but it's a good card that can be used multiple times throughout the game and against opponents when needed. Very versatile.

I believe I had Urza's Incubator on my list before but can't really remember why I removed it. Probably had to do with the fact I had Oketra's Monument and it did similar things. I will add to the maybe board anyways just because it should be tested.

I don't beleve I have ever seen Selvala's Stampede. That is one nifty card and I do believe I will look into getting a copy for this deck. It could definitely help cheat the cards out of my hand that I drew before Gishath could attack.

Thanks for checking out my deck!

Blackerlotus13 on OM NOM NOM, Omnath is Angry

6 days ago

Thank you for your suggestions. I have recently picked up a Scapeshift, Mana Reflection, Tempt with Discovery, and Parallel Lives thinking about whether to put them in and or what to remove.

Playing 36 or 37 lands, Animist's Awakening would be too much of a gamble One with Nature is a neat card and I will actually consider but not having enough trample outlets leads me to look elsewhere.

My original build for Omnath had Rampaging Baloths but quickly came out for Titania, Protector of Argoth. I also don't intend to risk making my lands into creatures otherwise I would run Liege of the Tangle which can get pretty beefy. I did also at one time run Abundance its pretty decent for what it does, but to make room for the heavy hitters like See the Unwritten, and Selvala's Stampede sacrifices had to be made.

Space in the deck has been hard to come by aaaaaaaand I also need room to re insert that Krosan Grip that really should be in the deck, and perhaps a Song of the Dryads

Bxbx on "Why the heck do I need comet insurance?" -Gishath

6 days ago


even for a budget version your deck is already going in the right direction, I think!

Haven't thought of Cathars' Crusade for this kind of deck before, but letting Gishath grow bigger, each time his trigger reveals a dinosaur, is just a really great combo! Will definitely think about that for my own deck. Mercadia's Downfall could be a blowout-card in this deck, too (imagine how big Gishath's trigger can grow this way!).

If you're looking for more enrage enablers, take a look at Breath of Darigaaz, Pyrohemia and Desert.

For ramp you could consider Urza's Incubator instead of one of the monuments.

A fun multiplayer card that either cheats out creatures from your hand or from the library is Selvala's Stampede.

That's all for now. You might also take a look at my own attempt on Gishath. I evaluated some of my card choices in the deck description:

Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

Commander / EDH* Bxbx


Bxbx on Please Help!!! Cutting cards for ...

1 week ago

Selvala's Stampede is a really funny multiplayer card though. Maybe I have to include her in my deck.

Bxbx on Please Help!!! Cutting cards for ...

1 week ago

Hi,I evaluated some cards for my own Gishath EDH deck just yesterday. Maybe it will help you. You can check it out here:

Extreme Dinosaurs EDH

The basic problem, that all Gishath-decks have in my opinion, is that they have to play a lot of big, clunky dinosaurs, which you would not include in any other EDH deck ever, because they are just weak compared to cards like Avenger of Zendikar, Godo, Bandit Warlord or Sun Titan for example. So at least your non-dinosaur-cards should be as strong and impactful as possible. You should also avoid playing too many cards that do nothing on their own, are too situational or are just "win more".

This is why I'd recommend to cut cards like:

Huatli, Dinosaur Knight, Drover of the Mighty or Savage Stomp (all not good enough for EDH);

World at War, Fires of Yavimaya or Brave the Sands (do nothing on their own);

Guttural Response, Teferi's Protection (too situational);

Titanic Ultimatum, Overwhelming Stampede (win more, also do nothing on their own);

I also do not like cards like Lurking Predators and See the Unwritten or Selvala's Stampede in here because they offer an effect that your commander already provides. I'm not sure if the redundancy is needed.

Xanitsu on Dinobib

1 week ago

I would cut the dino cards that dont have enrage and focus on the ones that do. The only dino's without enrage that are worth running are the 3 other avatars (Wakening Sun's Avatar, Verdant Sun's Avatar, Burning Sun's Avatar they are all good in their own right), Deathgorge Scavenger for grave hate, Drover of the Mighty because mana dork, Goring Ceratops he can be a win con due to double strike, Kinjalli's Caller for mana reduction same with Otepec Huntmaster, Raging Swordtooth to trigger enrage, Priest of the Wakening Sun for a tutor, regisaur alpha for haste and it is just a good card, Thundering Spineback anthem and token generator, and Kinjalli's Sunwing for suppressing the opponents. outside of that you just need cards to trigger enrage so cards that deal 1 damage to everything (Earthquake, Magmaquake, Pyrohemia, and Subterranean Spirit just to name a few).

Outside of trigger enrage with AOE damage cards there are other ways to do it like Pit Fight like cards that have your stuff fight other creatures. This also helps with the lack in flying (because you fight the fliers and destroy them). So that way you don't need cards like Cobbled Wings.

Then the deck needs ramp spells, mana rocks, and card draw along with other ways to cheat your dino's into play like Sunbird's Invocation, Kindred Summons, Selvala's Stampede, Quicksilver Amulet, etc.

Do not forget your EDH staples.

Lastly a win condition card that you can just play it and either defeat a player or win the whole game. Because the deck is naturally a creature based one and using green i would use cards like Overwhelming Stampede and Titanic Ultimatum where you mass buff and swing big.

edhrec helps when deck building hope this helps. Feel free to look at mine for any ideas (even though mine is already outdated compared to the edits I made physically).

Note: some old cards got relabeled as dino's

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