Foe-Razer Regent


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Foe-Razer Regent

Creature — Dragon


When Foe-Razer Regent enters the battlefield, you may have it fight target creature you don't control.

Whenever a creature you control fights, put two +1/+1 counters on it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Foe-Razer Regent Discussion

MindAblaze on What cards are the coolest ...

1 month ago

Mage Slayer should definitely go in.

Archetype of Aggression seems like it fits.

Foe-Razer Regent and really any fight cards.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller while not Gruul per se, fits the ethos fairly well.

Aulrich7 on R/G Atarka Ramp

1 month ago

Would it be feasible to set up Foe-Razer Regent with Frontier Siege and Slumbering Dragon to quickly remove opponents creatures with quickly adding counters onto the slumbering dragon? and maybe take out atarka and the generator?

Crispy9288 on Double Dragon: The Rendering (Atarka EDH)

2 months ago

If you want another damage doubler, Dictate of the Twin Gods is a decent one. I'd drop Foe-Razer Regent for this. not a bad card but, it feels like you don't have enough "fight" effects to really take advantage of his ability

If you're not as concerned with blocking Berserkers' Onslaught could switch out with Rage Reflection

Also, Aggravated Assault works wonders with Savage Ventmaw. i'd drop Herdchaser Dragon for this one since you've got plenty of anthem/buffing effects and Morph effectively gives this guy a 10 CMC

Love the flavor of it. looks like it be fun to play!

Flytrigreen on FrEaKsHoW

3 months ago

I get that Atarka, World Render is a good card and synergies nicely with other dragons. However, you have 4 dragons total in your deck, one of which is shuffled into your library at the end of turn. I would change Atarka for something that fits your deck better, such as Dictate of the Twin Gods or Furnace of Rath. While both of those also double damage to yourself, the go nicely with Ruric Thar's deal 6 damage ability. Also, Foe-Razer Regent and Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  Flip are the only two creatures that can fight another creature, Ulrich only when he flips, so I would consider taking out Foe-Razer for something more effective.

Busse on Returning Mechanics/Card Types in Amonkhet

4 months ago

DemonDragonJ: you have many creatures that cross they color borders, at least one step in the colour wheel. Easily you could get a white sphinx, or a red or black one (evil side of sphinxes).
I thought of Festering Goblin (black), or all the dragons that appeared in Khans Of Tarkir: Foe-Razer Regent.

Not fighting, just analyzing. I would really like to see other sphinxes TBH heheh

LittleBlueHero on Nissa, Sage Animist | Fatty Beats

4 months ago

Would you consider adding Panharmonicon from the new set? Its use is probably limited by your current lineup but 7 of your creatures (If I counted correctly) have ETB effects including your commander but the effects are all pretty large.

I am working on a fatty beats build right now but I took out the eldrazi titans in favor of creatures with ETB effects like Terastodon and Regal Force.

I do like that your build is focused on being able to tutor most anything you may need. Its always nice to see similar decks taken in a different direction. I would like to ask you how Setessan Tactics has worked for you. A possible sub-theme of my deck may be fighting since Foe-Razer Regent works well with ETB effects as well. I was considering the tactics but thought it may be slow?

UnleashedHavok on The Surge King

5 months ago

TheACTR..... Is it weird to say "I love you" to a man you've never met? Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate that you recognized my desire to stay all in on creatures, and the card draw suggestions are great! I am also struggling a little bit with mana. When I originally built the deck, I figured that the overwhelming number of mana dorks would off-set the low land count. I'm starting to think that I should add 2 lands in. Right now, I plan to take out low impact cards and I'm thinking that those cards will be:

Warchief Giant

Void Winnower

Deus of Calamity

Stonebrow, Krosan Hero


Kargan Dragonlord

Foe-Razer Regent

I like these cards well enough, but I'm generally not happy when I draw them

Destroit4040 on

6 months ago

Added options at filling out the mana curve better with the addition of side and maybe boards. Most of the cutting will happen at the big flyers (Foe-Razer Regent) in favor of removal or ramp. Cutting that happens for sorcery will be in favor of more efficient mana use (Arc Lightning) or (Act of Treason) instead of (Bathe in Dragonfire). That is what I see for now.

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