I always wanted to build/play a blink/flicker-themed deck, so i built one on my own - this list only consists of cards out of my binders, that was one requierement for me. The second requirement was to build a budget deck.

I especially didn't want to build this deck with long-known "specialists" for this theme like Roon of the Hidden Realm or Aminatou, the Fateshifter . So i picked the very underrated Amareth, the Lustrous which i pulled in a booster by myself. I absolutely love this card.

A dedicated list with all of the many many combos will follow.

Manabase is more of a placeholder right now (except Sunscorched Desert ), i still have to look trough my spare lands :).

Decklist right now (May/04/2021) is at 108 to 120 $ with the placeholder-manabase (9x Forest, 15x Island, 1x Mystic Sanctuary, 10x Plains, 1x Sunscorched Desert) - be aware of this fact as the manabase soon will change with better spare lands out of my collection.

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Blink and Flicker is a huge part in many MTG-Decks and in many formats - with (most repeatedly) blinking oder flickering certain permanents, you maximize or even abuse their etb-effects.

The most common colour-pairing is Azorius () - every color has many cards with very good etb-effects but almost exclusively and give you the opportunity to blink over and over, since these are the colours which gives you the best non-permanent spells ( THE Flicker and many more) and permanent spells ( Resto-Angel or Felidar Guardian ) to actually blink/flicker.

Most edh-decks are using Azorius within Bant (), for example Roon , or Esper (), for example Creepy Girl .

The mechanic alone is very fun to play and it feels like you can always actually play magic, combos feel good everytime even if it is only an etb-effect you try to repeat. Its simply satisfying.

I for myself chose The Lustrous Dragon , first it is a more or less new card and second i find him very underrated and this mechanic as a special kind of card advantage is pretty nice.

In my list, out of the 35 creatures only 7 come without an enter-the-battlefield-effect - but even they are possibly supporting the whole theme like Brago or Temur Sabertooth .

7 "classic" blink/flicker-spells (and in are a lot more) in form of instants are trying to keep the whole theme more consistent, especially the already mentioned THE Flicker or another golden pick in Displace .

Of course there are certain creatures with etb which allows the blink on themselves, as already mentioned above too.

1) Light of Promise + Spike Feeder

Here you easily get infinite life for the cost of and no more other requirements.

2) Archaeomancer + Time Wipe

A little softlock you get here; the Mancer needs to be on your board, when you resolve the Wipe and are able to successfully return the Mancer to your hand, you can hold it back to repeat this in your next round - and the the round after, and the round after... you get it. You only need the and no one interacting with you :)

3) Agent of Treachery + Infinite Reflection

This can put you in a pretty nice position overall, especially when resolving some other, maybe even infinite, combos in this deck. Yet, this combo on its own is nice and i find Infinite Reflection per se is a super nice and underrated card.

Note: Remember the commander; every permanent entering our battlefield triggers The Lustrous Dragon when on the field, which may result in pretty nice card advantage!

Core-Combo 1: Ghostly Flicker + Naru Meha, Master Wizard

  • gives infinite etb-trigger on its own

  • gives infinite mana on its own too when paired with a land on your board

  • for example pair with Overwhelmed Apprentice for infite mill for all opponents

  • for example pair with Sunscorched Desert to win by pinging all enemies infinitely

Core-Combo 2: Displace + Naru Meha, Master Wizard

Core Combo 3: Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake

  • gives infinite etb-trigger
  • gives infinite mana

Core Combos 4/5/6/7: Cloud of Faeries + Deadeye Navigator , Felidar Guardian + Spark Double , Felidar Guardian + Restoration Angel and Clever Impersonator + Felidar Guardian

  • gives infinite etb-trigger

Core Combo 8: Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker + Peregrine Drake

  • gives infinite etb-trigger
  • gives infinite mana

A pretty important combo too is any combination of Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker plus any etb-buddy. Let's say Wall of Omens for example. You can replay THE Flicker for every you can afford; or you may have infinite mana from another combo, to draw as much cards as you want. Pretty neat combo and you can use any other etb here.

- Infinite etb-trigger: Mill with Altar of the Brood , infinite Life with Soul Warden , infinite power on an unblockable Champion of Lambholt

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