Golgari Hulk-Pile incoming

My try to build a cEDH archetype in a golgari- and budget-version. Turn-1-win absolut possible, a win on Turn 2 or 3 can be kind of common.

Missing Earthcraft yet of course - coming soon!


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2021: Diabolic Tutor , Swamp , Liliana Vess , Myriad Landscape

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2021: Birthing Pod , Undergrowth Stadium , Grim Tutor , Fabled Passage

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First, this deck is meant to be played very proactive, aggressive and straight forward. Due to a very greedy manabase, compared with manadorks, very little dead cards and big redundance, you can normally achieve your goals pretty fast.

Nevertheless, if you draw very unlucky or keep a greedy hand without mulligan, you will enjoy playing magic with your friends too ;) this deck play nicely in mid-game, late-game against very aggressive or controlly decks can be hard, tho the commander herself and various tutor/ Razaketh, the Foulblooded -lines are able to grind out the late-game from time to time. Meren of Clan Nel Toth is a cool commander that gives big synergies and is fun to play because she generates her own and actually strong way of card-advantage.

1) The main goal is to get a Hulk-Pile with an instant-win infinite combo. At the point we're able to fetch our creatures due to Protean Hulk s death trigger, we go for Melira, Sylvok Outcast plus Lesser Masticore plus Disciple of the Vault and (though we need only one sac-outlet, can be anything) the two one-drop outlets Viscera Seer and Carrion Feeder .

With this creatures we established a combo that can sac the Masticore infinite times, which lets the Disciple drain our opponents infinite times.

2) The second combo, as an alternative win-con in this list if you want so, is the classic Earthcraft plus Squirrel Nest for infinite creature tokens for a single-swing-win in our next turn.

Alternatively and more budget-friendly is the Squirrel Nest plus Argothian Elder and Maze of Ith combo!

[i really don't want to include one of those token-combos atm, mainly because of the price for the expensive one and the missing slots for the budget-variant - i just mention it here because initially i wanted to include this as a backup-plan for a more competetive thought, but i want to play this deck here and there in our casual rounds so is don't want another cEDH combo]

Rare Turn-1-win: You need Swamp or Forest , Lotus Petal , Culling the Weak , Entomb , Reanimate a one-drop sac outlet with either Viscera Seer or Carrion Feeder and any kind of another one-drop creature.

You play a land and the Lotus Petal , then Culling the Weak . With the one remaining mana you play the one-drop, let's say Birds of Paradise . Sac the one-drop to Culling the Weak for . You now can play the Viscera Seer or Carrion Feeder , play Entomb and fetch Protean Hulk into your yard, play Reanimate on the Hulk and sac him for his death trigger. You get your Hulk-pile for the combo and have the Turn-1-win on the board.

Turn-2 and Turn-3-wins: can be achieved pretty frequently due to the redundancy of the deck and the possibility for explosive reanimations in the early game.


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