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/unfriend_all: Jhoira Storm [Budget cEDH Primer]

Commander / EDH Artifact Combo Competitive Storm Tempo UR (Izzet)



WARNING: This list consists of a highly toxic Solitair-like archetype, which most likely will make you the archenemy before turn one.

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As mentioned above, this is a very special deck regarding saltyness, toxicity and overall "casualness" in most non-cEDH playgroups. Most of the time this deck is ultra fast while, at the same time, you are pretty much playing alone or at least are taking so much time per turn you simply annoy the whole table - your turns can go like maybe 10 or 15 minutes but may still need 3 to 4 more turns to actually win. That's a lot of time and by simply piloting this deck you really expand a whole game to a whole new (for everyone else) super annoying level!

I handle it this way: it was one of my first decks and it feels a little like a pet-deck to me, so i don't want to miss it. Most of the time i am not playing it. I take it to our game-days and -nights but most of the time it just stays in my backpack. My playgroup of course knows this deck and it is eventually every 3 or 4 or 5 meetings we have i play it once - so pretty rarely.

You really should be aware of the fact that most people don't want to play against this deck, which is very ok due to its absolut incompliant nature imho - so maybe check it first with your friends, be nice and don't insist on playing it everytime, i personally would't find it very social or friendly too.


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