Flood of Tears

Flood of Tears


Return all nonland permanents to their owners' hands. If you return four or more nontoken permanents you control this way, you may put a permanent card from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Flood of Tears Discussion

Asmoeus on Veyran, Voice of Cantrips

2 months ago

Flood of Tears to replace Cyclonic Rift - budget replacement.

Impulse instead of Jeska's Will - budget replacement.

Leap vs. Shadow Rift

Reality Shift vs. Expansion / Explosion

Highland Lake instead of Steam Vents - budget replacement

TriusMalarky on Overperforming Cards?

6 months ago

One card I would love to try in cEDH is Dovin, Hand of Control . Turn one Mana Crypt this guy, especially if you're going first, should be backbreaking.

Other than that, Flood of Tears is hilariously good. Oftentimes you get to the point where you have several Mana rocks and dorks in play in addition to an assortment of creatures, and this just resets the board except you have your scariest thing in play and probably one or two Mana dorks/rocks, meaning you take the way the game had been going and now you're ahead on Mana and are totally winning.

Guerric on Mizzix puts the "X" in Excellence!

6 months ago
Part the Waterveil OUT Alrund's Epiphany IN

Since foretell is an alternate casting cost which allows us to cast a spell at instant speed, this is just a strictly better card in this deck. In general with Mizzix we'd rather play on other people's turns than our own, and to be able to stick an extra turn of our own in the midst of our opponents' turns is a huge upgrade.

Devastation Tide OUT Flood of Tears IN

With Mizzix these cards will usually cost the same, but the Miracle cost of Tide is rarely a boon to us, whereas flood's ability to immediately put Mizzix back on the battlefield is a huge boon.

Optimator on Frugal Faeries

8 months ago

You have Flood of Tears --also consider Wash Out , Devastation Tide , and Fade Away . Crux of Fate and Deadly Tempest are good budget board-wipes ("wraths") as well. Necromantic Selection is expensive but it has the upside of being able to steal a commander. In Garruk's Wake and Plague Wind are budget too but they're sooo expensive, mana-wise.

I would switch Doom Blade for Control Magic , personally.

MagicMarc on Top 10 blue cards at …

9 months ago

I think Flood of Tears is the perfect name for that card. Can you imagine like turn 10 or so of a casual 4 player game of Commander and someone plays this card?

I am guessing a hard table reset except for land won't make you popular.

First the tears and then the groans of pain as soon as you put griffstick's copy of Omniscience into play!

griffstick on Top 10 blue cards at …

9 months ago

Grind I think if I had an underrated list at 6 cmc Recurring Insight would make the list at or near the top of it. I'm actually really surprised to see Flood of Tears at #3. I have not seen it in action. I have not used it but I really like the idea of playing Flood of Tears and putting an Omniscience into play and redeploying your whole hand.

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