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Chandra Storm Spellslinger [Budget EDH]

Commander / EDH Mono-Red Spellslinger Storm



Main idea is from SakuraStorm - thanks for a very nice looking primer!

Maybeboard are the more expensive, yet budget-ish wants-cards i want insert.

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I saw this decklist i mentioned before from SakuraStorm and instantly loved it. First i love storm decks as you can see in my profile; my Jhoira deck (deck:semi-competitive-jhoira-storm-semi-budget-edh) has to be my best deck and it still is budget-ish. The mechanic is great. But - i also love mono-colored decks in commander because they are more challenging speaking of working synergies and balancing. So a mono-red spellslinger deck seems to fit very well for me and the primer i found looked stunning, but way too expensive for me, even compared to other decks of my playgroup.
I think this deck is not that hard to pilot, although i also think it is not very friendly for beginners.

One of the keys to win with it is the sequencing, the idea to play with a lot of rituals and impulses with the goal to loot a lot and finish with the storm cards (wheels before the finishers can even grand more success) demands a few things to remember:

  1. This is a budget deck and we just don't want to win on turn 2/3/4 - build up your manabase, loot a little for key cards and stay calm.

  2. You sometimes need a little luck in this deck. It's great if you can sling your spells and raise your stormcount, interact a little and all this in one turn - but if you don't hit a finisher within your lands- and ritual-based manacount, it can feel very bad.

  3. So: remember you have recursion in this deck. You can still win, even if your storm-turn fizzles.

  4. If you can afford it play your lands as late as possible. Remember the impulses in this deck and that you can still only play one land each turn. This is very important, otherwise your turn can fizzle.

It's always great to have the right interaction cards at hand and it may be important for us to survive against a huge build-up board. So of course this deck has few ways to deal with problems as you can see in the Interaction category.

  1. It can bring the right solution as a boardwipe ( Blasphemous Act ), spot removal ( Chaos Warp ) and artifact hate ( Vandalblast ). We always try to loot a lot and there should be the huge problem of not getting any answer to a thread on the board.

  2. One of our biggest problems is blue, i.e. its counterspells. Thats why put in a own category named Protection that is simply blue-hate. One counterspell at the right time and our turn is over. We don't want this! So we are able to counter too ( Pyroblast ) or even to destroy the blue manabase ( Boil ).

  3. Other cards, mainly in the Value category, are kind of protection too. Price of Glory is very cool against our opponents in our own turn. They really will think about it if its worth to throw the Counterspell at us for the price of sacrificing 2 lands for it. Of course this won't stop an opponent from interacting with us when we're going to win but it really slows them down and gives us a little protection in our turns before. Blood Sun is cool value in every commander game, it's not that expansive speaking of our storm-count and even draws us a card. Just don't let them use their utility lands!

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