"Ach! Volo, Run!".

Here is my easy guide to building a 7/10 level Volo deck.

There are three main game styles of Magic: Aggro, Combo, and Control.

Simic is a color combination seen to be good at ramping, card draws, and some control magic.

And we're doing aggro-control midrange by following Volo's guidance, trying to keep up.

If you look clearly, you'll find out Volo rewards you while casting different creature-type spells. A perfect commander for a zoo theme even clones tribal as well. Because they were once shapeshifter type on the stack, but changed it after resolve. Even better, you could choose to copy different permanents on board to make some benefit.

That's been said, but you don't need to jam every single clone card in the 99. Some of them are obviously Clever Impersonator than others, better check that out before building the deck.

Now we're building a zoo, so how do we pick?

  1. No Humans, Wizards, and Amoeboid Changeling aren't wellcomed, leave my zoo.

  2. Don't use the same creature types twice, except for Clone.

  3. Fblthp, the Lost were fine as long as they looked fabulous.

  4. Mirrorhall Mimic   in different creature types or can remove itself from your graveyard is excellent.

  5. Doubling Season, Parallel Lives won't work here, if you saw anyone using them with Volo you've got bamboozled.

  6. Triggered abilities like Cascade, "Whenever you cast a spell", and "When you cast this spell" won't be triggered from their copies, you don't want them.

  7. Alternative casting mechanics like Mutate works well, and all your creatures are not "Homo Sapiens". Escape, Evoke, Madness, Bestow, etc. also works.

  8. Tokens will disappear while leaving the battlefield, so Vorapede and Woodfall Primus are half that good, try to avoid them.

  9. You have some duplicate creature-type needs to clean up, to help you cast another Body Double. Why don't just leave this job for Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath?

How about wincon? You need extra effort to win a game without some combo. Worry not my friends, life will find its way out.

There are millions of ways you could draw cards in Simic, but what's the "Voloest" way?

Coastal Piracy? Nope. Beast Whisperer? Nah. Garruk's Uprising? Yesn't!

In Highlander format, "There Can Be Only One" rules limit some cards' power. For example, Risen Reef could only be found in an elemental tribe or blink theme deck. Fortunately, we have wild card, lots of them. They go nuts instantly by popping each other's triggered abilities.

I might be a few people who use Generous Patron in the Volo deck.

Drawn 6 cards for only ... Another Stunt Double, Selesnya Eulogist, Roaming Throne, the numbers after this will drive people crazy.

Simic is good at ramping, but how do we maximize the benefits also flavor as well, from Volothamp?

Creatures, of course, my friends. Cards can be selected from the following conditions.

According to your budget and META, choose the most suitable cards for you. And leave some slots for other kinds of ramping, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

You thought extra value is fun? How about EXTRA SALTINESS? Yeah! Let's Go!!!!

Extra Collector Ouphe, Man-o'-War, Feline Sovereign, and extra Akroan Horse we loved.

Two opponents' hands Thought-Knot Seer and give 2 draws to the one who hasn't.

When you paid Thieving Skydiver, the copied spell also kicked. Steal two Sol Ring for .

We built a heavy creature base deck, which means clunky and lacks instant speed. On a fringe power-level table use Vedalken Orrery with lots of creatures ETB effects are unreliable. We already spent most of our mana to cast creature spells, so low mana value or mana-free interactions must be included.

If you don't wanna or are not allowed to use Proxies, then here are some suggested cards to give you a hand.

"I've traveled the length and breadth of Faerûn, and there's always something new."—Volothamp Geddarm

Feel free to ask about how to operate this deck or any suggestions. And consider giving an Upvote +1 ?


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Update— January 28, 2024

I decided Roaming Throne should take Twinning Staff's place instead Spark Double.

Twinning Staff only adds on copying a spell, which I didn't run that many kinds of cards.

Once I lose Volo, maybe it will never work again, and I can see that situation happen.

+1 Spark Double / -1 Twinning Staff double it up!


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