Modified Built From Scratch Upgrade for Neheb, primer also goes there.

Who is the Wheelmaster?

Big shout out for QUEST FOR THE JANKLORD, an amazing youtube channel. The Wheelmaster in that show is truly kind and generous, make me wanna build a friendly wheel deck.

The gameplay starts at 51:06, also win the game.

If you like to turn the creature sideways, try to empty your mana every time, then pass the turn, and then look at the other powerful planeswalker with a frown. Watching the whole world burn may not be bad at all.

The biggest problem with red is that there are quite effective spells, but you don't have enough cards in your hand. You burst out energy quickly but you are immediately exhausted. Or the spell in your hand is not the answer to the moment, You wish you had drawn another one useful than this.

Worry not my friends. A good red planeswalker does not need the help of other colors, we have the best solution, to become a master of wheels!

When opening hand with Mana Crypt Dayum! Draw it after turn 10? Dammit! A wheelmaster would not have such troubles, he spins the troubles away and entrusts his destiny to the place where the arrow stops. Hallelujah!

Mono color must have a downside; we suffer from "no tutor" and "bad interaction" in red.

Had fewer tutor card in EDH provide randomize gameplay experience, which is fun. But, had no access to enchantment kill, and bad creature removal...we need something to cover our ass.

An old fashion way to deal with that, the color-less . It's just efficient but backward, and we do love that jankiness. Some cards could dump or dig whenever you want. Or doing tricks in instant speed to set your opponents up.

Everybody hates STAX, period.

And I'm not attempting to convince you guys this is fun to against, but! It's really good to combine a commander who can still generate mana when Winter Orb . Compare that, MLD (mass land destruction) which caused losing lands, opponents still have a chance to blow up the orbs and catch up from behind.

Besides the Wheelmaster do need to stomp-through, and Static Orb make sure creatures stock in side-way, and I see this as an absolute win.

“Ushigo dorbo gordo?(Would you like a hand, stranger?)” —The Wheelmaster

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