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The gameplay starts at 51:06, also win the game.

Single malt whisky, individuality, uniqueness, and uncompromising. A single-color deck is like a single malt whisky, with obvious advantages and disadvantages. Well, I saw the explosive power of boldness, impulsivity, and despising everything in the single red. If you are also a planeswalker who walks on the edge of a blade regardless of the consequences, you may wish to try this newly polished deck.

In this deck, you will see the following strategy:

  • Wheels, quite a few wheels.
  • Burn, artifacts, and artifacts removal.
  • Graveyard shenanigans, storm.

If you sir a planeswalker who is starting to feel dizzy here, you should take a break with a glass of water. The exit is on the upper X sign on the right-hand side. The price of clicking on it will be your 10-year lifespan.

If you like to turn the creature sideways, try to drain your mana every time, then pass the turn, and then look at the other powerful planeswalker with a frown. Watching the whole world burn may not be bad at all.

The biggest issue with Red is that we have too many efficiency spells. Burst out spells left and right, it empties your hand immediately. You wish you had drawn more cards to fill your hollow needle.

Worry not my friends. A good Red planeswalker does not need the help of other colors, we have the best solution, to becoming a master of wheels! When opening hand with Mana Crypt Dayum! Draw it at turn 10? Dammit! A wheelmaster would not have such troubles, he spins the troubles away Hallelujah!

Neheb can focus on discard advantage like Madness, Encore, Flashback, Jump-Start, etc.

Mono color must have a downside; we suffer from "Short of Tutor" and "Narrow Interaction" in Red.

Having fewer tutor cards in EDH provides a randomized gameplay experience, which is fun. But, had no access to enchantment removal, and some burn spells to deal with creatures...we need something else to cover our ass.

Introducing an old-fashioned way to answer.

The Color-Less. They're Efficiency but Backward, and we do love that little hint of jankiness. Some cards could dump or dig whenever you want. Or doing tricks in instant speed to set your opponents up.

In the ancient past, we red wizards were only good at destroying artifacts and land except for burning. This may be a curse, but we can bring this curse to everyone! Mycosynth Lattice, Liquimetal Coating, Liquimetal Torque, etc.

Everybody hates STAX, PERIOD. And I'm not attempting to convince you guys this strategy is fun, but...

  • Winter Orb

    It's really good to combine a commander who could still generate mana when lands don't untap. Compare with that, MLD (mass lands destruction) which caused everyone to lose their lands, opponents still have a chance to blow up the orbs and catch up from behind.

  • Static Orb,

    Besides, the Wheelmaster do need to stomp through, and they make sure creatures stock in sideways, and I see this as an absolute win.

Other kinds of STAX Show

Voltron Style

The main goal is very simple. To have at least five cards in hand, Aggravated Assault + Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion attack and discard your hand to activate again, and again. But, maintaining enough cards in hand is the hard part. Giving him a double strike will make things easier.

Aggravated Assault synergy cards:

Storm Off Style

A 5/4 trample won't stick around on the table long. Times go by, we are not able to recast him because of his tax added-on. Underworld Breach is the second solution, not just casting Neheb from your graveyard.

A way to don't need combat to win.

Tim the Enchanter Style

Your graveyard got lockout, and Neheb is not intact at all.

Fear not, there's another way...

Remember we talk about making permanents into artifacts to let us access removal? Adding artifacts type to Magda. Taping both the clock and Magda, to untap herself, then tap the treasure and her to repeat this process of making infinite treasures.

We could fetch Reckless Fireweaver, Grinding Station, or Hellkite Tyrant to win the game.

Get any creature in play without Maskwood Nexus Show

When you built a deck highly focused on doing one thing and one thing only, your opponents will try to stop it.

Neheb always a hot target on board, take him down equals shot us down too. So prepare for it.

The four types of threats are:

  1. Hard removal
  2. Soft removal
  3. STAX
  4. Steal him from us

Therefore, you should pick some cards which versatile enough, it compacts your deck too.

Big shout out for QUEST FOR THE JANKLORD, an amazing youtube channel. The Wheelmaster in that show is truly kind and generous. This deck may not be as benevolent as he is, but it's guaranteed that everyone is equal in front of the wheel.

“Ushigo dorbo gordo? (Would you like a hand, stranger?)” —The Wheelmaster

Feel free to ask about how to operate this deck or any suggestions. And consider giving an Upvote +1 ?


Updates Add

Update— July 30, 2023

+1 Shatterskull Smashing  Flip / - 1 Snow-Covered Mountain

Hall of the Bandit Lord foil

Testing— August 13, 2023

+1 Simian Spirit Guide / - 1 Chaos Terminator Lord

4 drops which are the same as CMDR.

If our game plan is casting Neheb ASAP, which depends on the ritual ramps, then we never have a chance to put Chaos Terminator Lord in play before the combat begins.

On the other hand, Karlach, Fury of Avernus is in the same shoes, but it's more useful in most situations.

Or maybe I'll use Spectacular Showdown instead of Karlach.

Buying— September 07, 2023

+1 Inventors' Fair / -1 Prismatic Vista

Aggravated Assault, Deflecting Swat Bling.


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