Fertile Ground

Fertile Ground

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Whenever enchanted land is tapped for mana, its controller gains one mana of any colour. (In addition to the mana the land produces).

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal

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Fertile Ground Discussion

bushido_man96 on The Frey You See and Prey You Be

2 weeks ago

Fertile Ground is another land enchantment, if that is your ramp focus.

bushido_man96 on NO STEP ON SNEK: Koma EDH [PRIMER]

3 weeks ago

If you prefer the land enchantments for ramp, and aren't terribly attached to Kodama's Reach , you could replace it with Fertile Ground . It's 2 CMC ramp, and makes the land tap for an additional mana of any color, which makes any of your basics get you both of your colors. If you are looking for a little more redundancy in that area.

Billith on RAMos THE GATE

2 months ago

I would give my left arm to make door to nothingness viability.

Luckily I can put away the hacksaw because this looks pretty dang good.

Ramos was my first thought for the commander to do it. I also flirted with the idea of Jodah, Archmage Eternal +Mycosynth Lattice + Omnath, Locus of Mana and running mostly forest and enchants like Fertile Ground and Abundant Growth / Wild Growth etc, but Ramos' instant 10 mana is perfect with Door to Nothingness, can't get around it.

Nice work!

Monomanamaniac on Cancer Ward

2 months ago

Decent deck. You might think about getting that average cmc below 2.5 but besides that I like it

So don't take my recommendations as me disliking your deck, but I'd suggest adding Eidolon of Blossoms,Enchantress's Presence, Fertile Ground, Sigil of the Empty Throne, Wild Growth, Overgrowth, Tuvasa the Sunlit, Setessan Champion, Bear Umbra, Winds of Wrath, Arcane Signet, Thought Vessel. But consider which of the higher cmc ones you y like because average cmc is important

Suggested cuts would be: Charisma, Thornweald Archer, Rofellos's Gift, Grimoire of the Dead, Traverse the Ulvenwald, Predator Ooze, Revoke Existence, Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Lux Cannon, Stonecoil Serpent, Behemoth Sledge, Necropede, Wall of Denial, Spawning Grounds (as cool as it is, it's likely going to get the land it's on blown up), and think about taking out some of your etb tapped lands. Again these are suggestions and in no way am I saying these cards aren't good.

Anyways, hope it helps and I do like the deck, estrid proliferate is a good place for this commander

king-saproling on Uril, The Miststalker

2 months ago

Looks good. Personally I would make these swaps:

Cultivate -> Fertile Ground
Ghalta, Primal Hunger - > Satyr Enchanter
Aura Gnarlid -> Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar

dvlfsh84 on Bant Enchantments

2 months ago

Recent updates to this deck involved adding ramp to the deck and an additional win condition.



ghostfire86 on This is my boomstick

3 months ago

Thanks for sharing your list on the Facebook post.

I can see a lot of cards that I also played in my Uril deck,

Uril, Stalker with the Mist

First big issue is see is that you have very little ramp. At a minimum you should be running these mana rocks:Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, and three guild signets or three talismans:

Boros Signet or Talisman of Conviction

Selesnya Signet or Talisman of Unity

Gruul Signet or Talisman of Impulse

I run a lot more additional ramp in my deck. In fact I found making use of land auras like Fertile Ground help with my draw capabilities due to my enchantress effects. Cultivate alone isn’t enough. Add Kodama's Reach, Nature's Lore, and Three Visits. Since you want to drop big auras like the Eldrazi aura, you should consider Academy Rector to cheat out one of those big auras.

You should consider adding the enchantress package:

Verduran Enchantress

Argothian Enchantress

Satyr Enchanter

Season of Growth

Sram, Senior Edificer

Kor Spiritdancer

Enchantress's Presence

Spot removal is important and Uril has access to Contested Cliffs. Hall of Heliod's Generosity is a great utility land to recur those lost auras. Kessig Wolf Run and Yavimaya Hollow are another great utility land.

Don’t just pick the auras that make Uril big. Pick good utility and evasion tactics like flying, trample, protection.

I don’t like Spectra Ward because once it’s on you can’t add more auras. There are plenty of pro creature auras that are cheaper cmc, and Uril doesn’t really need pro color because of the hexproof.

I hope this helps. Look over my build and maybe that’ll give some more ideas.

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