Esika's Chariot

Esika's Chariot

Legendary Artifact — Vehicle

When Esika's Chariot enters the battlefield, create two 2/2 green Cat creature tokens.

Whenever Esikia's Chariot attacks, create a token that's a copy of target token you control.

Crew 4 (Tap any number of untapped creatures you control with total power 4 or greater: This becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)

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Esika's Chariot Discussion

FalconForce on Staring Contest: A List of Blink-Effect Cards

1 month ago

Nightmare Shepherd is one of the best as it adds a lot of functionality with no upfront cost and allows you to exploit sacrifice mechanics like evoke. Creating token clones with etb/ltb can easily become overpowered, especially when combined with populate. In fact I built a great ETB Roon EDH deck around it using cards like Yosei, the Morning Star, Protean Hulk and Wayfaring Temples that clone themselves. Token clone generation is amazing because it's essentially ETB blinking as a side effect. You have some cards that do it already listed under abuse but I think the mechanic is good enough and has enough viable cards that it might be worth making a new category for it.

Token clone makers

Stolen Identity Blade of Selves Mirror Mockery Zndrsplt's Judgment Repudiate / Replicate Hour of Eternity Supplant Form Dance of Many Minion Reflector Bramble Sovereign Progenitor Mimic Anointed Procession Quasiduplicate Rhys the Redeemed Back from the Brink Dual Nature Mimic Vat Rite of Replication Song of the Worldsoul Helm of the Host Doubling Season Parallel Lives Battle for Bretagard Mechanized Production Orvar, the All-Form Prototype Portal Saheeli, the Gifted Saheeli's Artistry Seance Second Harvest Soul Foundry Spitting Image Splinter Twin Replication Technique Saheeli Rai Mirror March Mirrorworks Molten Echoes Mythos of Illuna Sublime Epiphany Flamerush Rider Felhide Spiritbinder Littjara Mirrorlake God-Pharaoh's Gift Hofri Ghostforge Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Followed Footsteps Nightmare Shepherd Osgir, the Reconstructor Echo Storm Cackling Counterpart Esika's Chariot Feldon of the Third Path Flameshadow Conjuring Trickster's Talisman & of course anything with populate.

Also some other blink type cards:

Blink-Yorion, Sky Nomad Conditional bounce- Cunning Evasion ETB clone- Wall of Stolen Identity Graveyard blink- Cauldron of Souls, Twilight Shepherd, Adarkar Valkyrie ETB Abuse- Jalira, Master Polymorphist, Proteus Staff, Master Transmuter. Listing the ones that specifically clone or blink artifacts in their own group might be helpful too.

wallisface on T-Rex with a Tank

1 month ago

My main thought looking through this list was that it feels like you’re creating extra steps for yourself - pretty much all your “cheap cmc vehicles” don’t have any additional power over what green can provide normally in creature form, so you’re creating extra work for yourself with no real gain.

Going down a more traditional (and practical) creature route also lets you run Aspect of Hydra instead of Might of the Masses , which can net you free-wins out of nowhere

iammute on Wulfgar edh

2 months ago

Blade of Selves is a great trigger to copy. Esika's Chariot is interesting too but could only copy Flamerush Rider or Goblin tokens at the moment.

Might be worth including Nylea, Keen-Eyed , Pathbreaker Ibex or Garruk's Uprising as extra ways to get through blockers.

Savage Ventmaw, Radha and Druid’s Repository can go infinite with Aggravated Assault or Hellkite Charger if you’re in to combos

Omniscience_is_life on Social Constructs (Oviya Pashiri) *primer*

4 months ago

Hey BrassLord! Thanks for stopping by with some suggestions.

Kogla seems like a very good card, I'm trying to find a place for it in my Atla deck as well.

Oketra's Monument is interesting, I think it just might find a home here!

I looked at the Shaman for a while in the making of this deck, and decided in the end that I would add it if I decided to splurge here. Definitely a good one.

Esika's Chariot is good but likely too slow. As much as I want more cat tokens in my life, I think that one's gonna be passed by.

When I do some play testing irl against actual opponents (still in the goldfishing phase atm), I'll decide if Myth Unbound will go in or not. It's certainly a good suggestion, I never remember that card!

The Ranger is another one I had to consider, still unsure on it.

I'd love a Great Henge or five, but if I do pick one up it'll probably go into Atla.

Not sure about Eldrazi Monument , it'd definitely do some work in the wincon category but it doesn't fit the current Overwhelming Stampede strat. I'll do some playtesting with it.

I always appreciate you making me think more about these decks I make, never ceases to expand my brain ;)

BrassLord on Social Constructs (Oviya Pashiri) *primer*

4 months ago

Cool deck idea! Glad that commander is getting some love!

Some interesting things to look at. Kogla, the Titan Ape has some interesting synergies with your commander. Oketra's Monument can help explode your board presence in the early game, and any of the token doubling enchantments seems equally good! It might not gel extremely well, but Shaman of Forgotten Ways is a mana dork that can also be a wincon. Esika's Chariot seems right up the decks alley, as it makes tokens and can copy your tokens as well! Myth Unbound also seems decent if you start running into targeted removal. Quirion Ranger also works with your tapping and untapping plan!

If it's in your budget The Great Henge goes really well with all your mana dorks! Also Eldrazi Monument seems like it would be good with your source of repeated creature making!

I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks on Cat Chariot and Embalm/eternalize

5 months ago

So I was doing some cube draft on arena and ran into the very fun pairing of Esika's Chariot and Resilient Khenra . I know this isn’t the most competitive option in pioneer, but how can I make it the best possible? I don’t know what secondary color to use, because white gives generally good option, but red adds Earthshaker Khenra and great option like bonecrusher giant. What do you all think in terms of what colors to use and how to make it best. Thanks!

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