Qasali Slingers

Qasali Slingers

Creature — Cat Warrior


Whenever Qasali Slingers or another Cat enters the battlefield under your control, you may destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Qasali Slingers Discussion

DreadKhan on Run Hans! Run!

6 months ago

I feel like Acidic Slime having Deathtouch is pretty annoying for this deck. Qasali Slingers does a similar job and won't kill Hans if they fight. There isn't much else that jumps out at me that solves problems and won't kill Hans. Woodfall Primus is certainly big enough that losing Hans might be acceptable, and even if it dies, you get it back to block with.

beets on Lords of Maskwood

10 months ago

i'm really not one to comment since i only know edh, but if i were to make a deck like this i would try to include Tuktuk Scrapper, Qasali Slingers, and Azami, Lady of Scrolls. and yes i know only the ally fits in the colors you like but just some suggestions. hope this deck is fun to play with!!

MokraMrkva on Kitten Crusades

1 year ago

I would go with Arahbo, Roar of the World and with a tactic of always having one or two cats on the field trying to hit people. Go tall. Alms Collector , Enlightened Ascetic , Kinjalli's Sunwing , Lost Leonin , Skyhunter Skirmisher , Stalking Leonin , Temur Sabertooth , Whitemane Lion , some ramp, removals, protection, a board wipe or two and some equipment. would take out Jareth, Leonine Titan because too much mana, Jazal Goldmane, Nacatl War-Pride , Qasali Slingers and Jedit Ojanen of Efrava for the same reason. Also cool are Heroic Intervention and Selesnya Charm. Stave Off has a cat on it.

Iamdune on OMG KITTIES!

1 year ago

RNR_Gaming Funny story, I literally removed all 3 of those in the last edit.

The deck is very much built for 1 vs 1 and loses a lot of its' effectiveness the more people added, and the less players the less value Oreskos Explorer has. That combined with a pretty low CMC, I decided to test without it.

Qasali Slingers was removed simply to lower CMC.

Stalking Leonin was removed as the less players, the less effective again as the deck is much more suited to 1 vs 1.

If I'm playing 4+ people I'm going to play something that goes infinite most likely.

I think all 3 are great cards, and were my mind going another direction with the deck, would all likely see inclusion.

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