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Budget version from my Built From Scratch Upgrade.

Without foil and promo cards, more close to the original preconstructed "BUILT FROM SCRATCH" (Commander2014 Edition / Commander Anthology Volume 2)

Daretti 's first & second ability are actually 2 function combined.

  • +2 Discard / Draw Cards

  • -2 Sacrifice / Reanimate Artifact

So I'm focusing on both of them and ETB value.

His second ability, exchanging artifacts also can cheat the cost.

The best opening hand is 2~3 lands with 1~2 manarocks , and some good quality artifact .

Cast mana rock, and discard high CMC artifacts, lands, or something you don't need immediately.

Play lands after Daretti's discard & draw. Your lands can be reuse in the graveyard by Crucible of Worlds .

Defense your Commander is not for the ultimate, but for the discard/card draw engine mainly.

When you hit some other cards can do the discard & draw thing. Now you can break the pattern, use Daretti's reanimate and surprise!

  • 10 of 13 plus 1 cards below drop, cast your commander ASAP.

Why not Worn Powerstone , why not Thran Dynamo ? Cause they are not below 2 Drops, and not helping you play Daretti faster. Hedron Archive , Dreamstone Hedron are the larger versions of Mind Stone , also can combo with Alhammarret's Archive , or Rings of Brighthearth when you upgrade this deck.

BTW Reliquary Tower & Thought Vessel aren't suitable with this deck, when you discard the right card into your graveyard can get more advantage.

Blasphemous Act

  • One mana wrath, cool.

Chandra, Flamecaller

  • Flexible. ;)

Nevinyrral's Disk

Chain Reaction

  • Cheap wrath.


  • Instant, nice!

Glacial Crevasses

Mystifying Maze

Vandalblast , Scrap Mastery

  • only wipe out artifacts, so gonna do with the combo.

"Burn it. Burn it all. Burn the ashes. Burn the guilty. Burn the righteous."—Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast

Feel free to ask about how to operate this deck or any suggestions. And consider giving an Upvote +1 ?



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