Spell Snare


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Uncommon
Dissension Uncommon

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Spell Snare


Counter target spell with converted mana cost 2.

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Spell Snare Discussion

ArmyJM07 on Robust Harvest

17 hours ago

Engineered Explosives <-- over Anger of the Gods easier to cast in a three color deck, you're not committed to on turn 3.Ratchet Bomb <--Same as above Dreadbore <-- for Planeswalkers in the Side.Ancestral Vision <-- Do not underestimate drawing cards, controls wetdream <-- synergy with Yahenni's Expertisemore Tasigur, the Golden Fang maybe x3drop Young Pyromancer he's better in a dedicated strategy and worse without Gitaxian Probedrop Faithless Looting better if you were running cards with Madnessconsider Spell Snare, Spell Pierce, Familiar's Ruse <-- +1 for synergy with Snapcaster Mage.More artifact hate and explore other options for Graveyard hate.Up the count on Thought Scour to fuel Delve.Tip, prioritize creature's for discard spells, and you can focus more counterspells on noncreatures. Drop Remand

GeminiSpartanX on Banned and Restricted - Jan ...

2 days ago

CanadianShinobi- Splinter Twin really wasn't a control deck. It's a straight up combo deck that aims to live just long enough to combo off safely, or punish any deck that taps out after turn 3 by winning the game on the spot. If you look at the old Twin lists, they're not running more or different answers than many other modern decks run now, they just had the instant-win button. Look at their 'controlling' cards: Lightning Bolt, Remand, Spell Snare, 1-2 Cryptic Command, Serum Visions, Electrolyze, with Snapcaster Mage buying them all back. Absolutely none of those cards have left the format, and are still heavily played. What part of the 10 cards that made up the Twin combo made it a control deck? (4 exarch, 2 pestermite, 4 Twins). There are Grixis lists today that are twice as controlling as Twin ever was, but they don't see play because people perpetuate the idea that control is bad in Modern so they don't play those lists in the first place. The easy and free wins against decks that had little removal was what really made Twin oppressive, and I am very glad that I don't need to play 1-2 turns behind every game of magic to bluff removal in Modern today.


HurricaneZach on Infect/Proliferate

2 days ago

I would start by swapping the Contagious Nims out for Phyrexian Crusaders. I don't see double black being an issue with this build. Mathematically speaking you should have 2 black mana available on turn 3 most of the time and he can win games on his own. I also like Virulent Wound at least in the SB. Gives you a chance to handle most pesky 1 drops and mana dorks and gives a poison counter so you can start to proliferate on T2. It may not be a bad idea to consider some low cost counterspells also (I.e. Spell Snare, Spell Pierce, or even something like Remand to buy you time and draw a card.) Hope that helps. Just imagine having a Phyrexian Crusader in play and getting to drop your Quicksilver Gargantuan.

ArmyJM07 on AER - Grixis Control

4 days ago

Negate is likely the number one most underestimated card of all time. MY theory on that is because it is just terrible in modern the curb is so low, Spell Pierce or Spell Snare are just way better.

knudthedude on The Fly and The Fish - Grixis Delver

4 days ago

Dear Eiyros,

thank you for the fast response and your suggestions.

Liliana, the Last Hope and the Young Pyromancer are always on/off choices. The come in and will be taken out again for my newest spleen. Lili will leave the deck soon again for a slightly more control route.

Furthermore I want to flip my Delver of Secrets  Flip most often so I have to keep the count on non-instans and non-sorceries low.

True I mostly play against heavy two drop decks (junk, jund, affinity). Three Spell Snare might not necessarily the correct choice but that spell is imho highly underrated. Time will tell...

Remand is an awsome card. It can set a whole enemy turn back, get rid of Lingering Souls casted of the yard or blowout an Ancestral Vision.

Never considered Peek. I would probably play rather an Inquisition of Kozilek.

You are not the first considering Negate over Countersquall. With two copies of Darkslick Shores it does work out fairly good.

I love Electrolyze AND Forked Bolt and really want to squeeze them in. One will probably find a place for Lili ;-)

Thank you again!


ArmyJM07 on UR prowess sideboard counterspell

1 week ago

Yes, Stubborn Denial is only going to work for you provided you can consistently increase the power of your creatures to 4 or greater otherwise stubborn denial is just a worse Force Spike. Negate is a fail safe, Spell Pierce would be great if you can consistently kill them by turn 6ish. There is no catch all unless you run hard counters, Remand might be something to consider as it replaces itself Izzet Charm is versatile, Spell Snare is very conditional, as well as several others.

TheAlexGnan on God Sram It!

1 week ago

One thing thats not totally irrelevant (in case you missed it), Sram, Senior Edificer works through Chalice of the Void on 0 for draw, Puresteel Paladin doesnt ;)

I also tested, and jeezs this works consistently. The only thing that bothers me is that you are very vulnerable to 2 things: a grixis guy like me just sitting on a bolt and a terminate, and second a grixis guy like me sitting on a Spell Snare.

if you can kill me on turn 2 and i have neither, kudos to you, but otherwise, things will get mucky.

TheAlexGnan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 weeks ago

So i just faced faeries with Fatal Push on Cockatrice, with Thing in the Ice  Flip aggro, and although i ended up winning in 3 tight games, push was totally savage against me, killing everything apart from Bedlam Reveler for 1 black.

push kills everything in: Affinity, Burn, UR Aggro, most zoo threats, most GBx threats (all GBx and zoo threats if Revolt is active), all Abzan Company threats if Revolt active.

The top decks its actively bad against are Tron, Valakut and Grixis Delver/Control (in my case thats the mirror) where it doesnt hit Tas and Angler.

Against aggro and GBx, its amazing, but it does have downsides Path to Exile clearly doesnt have.

Its a classic example of "better early, scales poorly". I dont know if red control decks (mainly grixis) want it beyond 1-2 copies as they have bolt...

it might make decks viable that have neither access to path nor bolt and therefore have struggled against aggro (sultai, UB fae, Rock)

It reminds me of Spell Snare tbh. I think after all is said, tested, and done, it will be a 1-2 of + maybe a sideboard slot in Grixis and GBx decks. maybe sultai. maybe faeries.

Welp, thats pretty darn good, then :D

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