Spell Snare


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Uncommon
Dissension (DIS) Uncommon

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Spell Snare


Counter target spell with converted mana cost 2.

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Spell Snare Discussion

clayperce on The Perfect Balance (Grixis Primer)

6 hours ago

Saw your comment about Ponza and figured I'd reach out.

I've been playing Ponza for a while and sorry for the spam if you already know all this. But here are a few thoughts from the other side of the table:

  • My Turn 2 is probably the most important turn of the game. Your odds improve dramatically if you can disrupt my T2 Blood Moon/Stone Rain (~65% of the time) or Mwonvuli Acid-Moss/Chandra, Torch of Defiance/Chameleon Colossus (~10% of the time). Techniques incl 'bolt the bird' (i.e., Bolt, Push, or even Terminate vs. my Elf or Bird), your counterspell of choice (especially if followed up with Surgical Extraction), and simply not cracking a Fetch.
  • My next big turn is trying to land my 5- or 6-drop.
  • If Game 1 looks hopeless, it may be worthwhile to pretend you're on Grixis Death's Shadow for a while before scooping. The advantage there is that if I'm not sure yet what your deck is, I'm going to board for GDS rather than Control. Plus, I will almost always keep a meh hand in Game 2 vs. GDS, because a meh 7 is better than a great 6 or 5 that gets hand-distrupted into a horrible 5 or 4.
  • We of course don't have any two-drops in the main, so sorry about those Spell Snares stuck in your hand Game 1. Not actually sorry :-)
  • Because I'm expecting Engineered Explosives from your side, I always think about bringing in Ancient Grudge ... but I don't think I ever have, since there just aren't that many targets for it. Plus it's (hopefully) going to be hard for you to get the 3 colors you need to kill Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon.
  • Collective Brutality is really good against me. Fulminator Mage is only OK, because I expect it ... though it's great if I stumble and you can keep me off double-red.
  • You should expect to see Chameleon Colossus (mine are in the main, but almost all of us have 2x somewhere in the 75).
  • Idk if it's any good in other match-ups, but you might consider Damnation in the side. It's a great way to kill our fatties and usually some dorks too. It's especially good after you have to tap out for something, as I will generally dump a fatty at that point (even if I think you may have it, because I generally can't afford to not take advantage of the opportunity). And even if you're not running it, you might consider pretending like you are (e.g., making a comment of some sort when you finally get double-black).
  • If you've kept me off Blood Moon, watch out Kessig Wolf Run + any mana dork.
  • In Control-heavy metas, expect Thrun, the Last Troll from the side for sure. Also expect to see some folks trying out Carnage Tyrant in the next few weeks. And Choke in a SUPER-heavy Control meta.

Hope this was helpful, and sorry again for the spam if it wasn't!

Draw well!

ouPotato on God Tribal {Updated 9/22}

2 days ago

Thanks for the suggestion Thorbogl, I have not considered Wistful Selkie but now that you mention it I think it would fit perfectly into this deck, giving me 3 devotion for each color on a 3 drop. I am a bit confused though, are you suggesting that I drop Kefnet the Mindful for the Selkies? I can see the appeal to do this, more devotion for only one of the gods, but Kefnet will be really easy to active with this deck and his ability to bring back a land can be crazy good with Arbor Elf + Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . I will definitely consider putting Wistful Selkie in this deck, probably as a replacement for Void Grafter.

Blue_Flame, I really appreciate the offer for my sideboard, I could actually use some tips from someone more experienced. I am still pretty new to modern and don't know what I should but in my sideboard for different match ups. I was probably thinking more counter spells like Spell Snare and Negate or Mana Leak for the side board. I'm not that worried about creature removal, because gods are indestructible and can chump really easily, but there could be a deck that i'm not thinking about that could bypass this in some way.

Thanks again everyone for all of the tips and suggestions!

MtgBigYiz on G/U Merfolk Standard

3 days ago

Also Spell Snare isnt modern legal, did you mean Spell Pierce?

MtgBigYiz on G/U Merfolk Standard

3 days ago

irishmoosetard ive never played competitive in my life so im not too in the know about how they standard competitive format plays at the moment I do a little research now and again on the top 8 decks and stuffVerdant Rebirth is an iffy one, I like it for the fact of saving anything I really need, and also for that little bit of card draw, plus it lets opponents waste burn/removal on creatures then I just bring em back to hand, that was my reasoning behind it! Apart from it being super tasty whwn used with a gearhulk as you said!! Spell Snare seems cool, I was thinking to replace with Supreme Will a little more mana cost but more versatile...

hwagner on UB Faeries

3 days ago

Also I was never personally a fan of Spell Snare. How do you like it?

Oloro_Magic on Bant Stoneblade (prelim, advice needed)

1 week ago

Well Supreme Will is too slow for modern so it's interaction is very limited. The options I see are to replace it with Serum Visions or a better counter, Cryptic Command, Remand, Spell Snare, and maybe even Mana Leak are all options though I would lean towards something like 2 Cryptic and 1 Spell Snare, 3 Remand or Remand and Mana Leak could be a decent option budget wise.

DarkLaw on Don't you guys think Burn ...

1 week ago

I suppose I should explain fully why it isn't very good.

Firstly, though this is a more minor point, most burn decks tend towards naya colors since they have the best burn. If black had better burn than just Bump in the Night, they might consider black instead. But I doubt that Wizards is planning on printing seriously good black aggro cards in the near future.

Plus, we also need to rule out an easy option or two of choice. You already have 3 lands if you're casting this; as far as burn goes, that's almost too many. It also means that, say, 1/2 of your deck (lands, creatures that outlived their purposes, circumstantial sideboard cards, or even more copies of this) are "dead" cards. That puts the "average" damage output of the card to about 5 should your opponent choose to stick those in your hand.

Now the more complicated ideas. The opponent gets to choose what's beneficial for them - that means that if they don't have a way to kill a creature, they'll just have you mill it and gladly take the 3. If the opponent has removal, but no counters, they'll let you have the creatures. If your opponent has Spell Snare or Mana Leak, they'll give you the Boros Charm, and so on so on. Put simply, there are two components to card advantage: real and virtual. "Real" is having a hand of 7 cards versus your opponent's 1; virtual card advantage is your opponent having the kill with Past in Flames in their graveyard while your hand is just full of vanilla creatures. Virtual card advantage is way more important than literal advantage, and you're letting your opponent make it as bad as possible.

Plus, the damage-per-mana ratio is pitiful. Remember the average of around 5 damage for 3 mana? You can get way more efficient with Bolts and Boros Charms.

Xica on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

1 week ago

Well if you win on the spot Pact does the job. I would play Dispell instead of Spell Snare if i were concerned about protecting the combo.
Playing control and protecting the combo are very different things as there are no cheap universal counters in the format.

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