Galvanic Alchemist


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Common

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Galvanic Alchemist

Creature — Human Wizard

Soulbond (You may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired as long as they are both under your control.) As long as Galvanic Alchemist is paired with another creature, each of those creatures has "2U: Untap this creature."

Galvanic Alchemist Discussion

Alkadron on PDH(UG) - Harold they're lesbians

3 months ago

This deck can go infinte with basically any card with the word "untap" in the text.

So: Freed from the Real , Vigean Graftmage , Galvanic Alchemist , Pestermite , and Peregrine Drake would all have to go. Without Pestermite and Drake, Ghostly Flicker and Displace are only OK cards, so you could drop them as well if you like.

Drift of Phantasms , Muddle the Mixture , Vedalken AEthermage , Expedition Map , and Merchant Scroll are the tutors you'd be dropping.

As for what to add... Whatever you want, my dude.

This deck generates the mana to go very very big. Ulamog's Crusher , Hand of Emrakul , Eldrazi Devastator are good face-beaters for big-mana decks. Oakgnarl Warrior and Krosan Tusker are pretty solid choices too. Wildheart Invoker is a good mana-sink. Rush of Knowledge is important for the go-big plan.

This deck also has the resources to go wide, if you like - you could fill the deck with small-mana value spells (evasive creatures, equipment, auras, counterspells, control), and pour your enormous piles of mana into Lore Weaver to draw into all of it.

Sky's the limit, my friend.

Alkadron on Weavers Combo

1 year ago


I like it. Also, I have some suggestions:

1) Infinite Mana is WAY easier with a couple enchantments that make lands tap for extra mana, like Wild Growth or Market Festival. There are about 10 legal in pauper.

2) You should probably be running Vigean Graftmage and Galvanic Alchemist. They're pretty gross with Ley Weaver.

I've got a similar deck if you want to check it out: PDH(UG) - Harold they're lesbians

yodimaru on The best offence.

1 year ago

I love this so much! One suggestion since I saw Axebane Guardian in there. It goes infinite with Freed from the Real or Galvanic Alchemist if you have 3 other or more defenders on the board. Just another win-con! :)

JararoNatsu on Pauper BUG Defenders

2 years ago

This might be long ONLY because I have a lot to say that may be helpful. Bear with me here!

Galvanic Alchemist would be a wonderful addition to this deck, as you can use it's Soulbond ability on both Axebane Guardian and Doorkeeper, and multiple of all three can potentially lead to an infinite mana/mill combo if you make the correct choices.

Returned Phalanx would be good as well, as it would give some some means of offense, should you have the opportunity to attack.

I would highly recommend that you have some Reach in this deck, as you currently have no way of defending against creatures with Flying. To this end Archers of Qarsi could work really well. Aim High would allow you to untap Axebane Guardian and Doorkeeper as well as give them +2/+2 AND Reach. You should definitely have a 4-of of this. Shape the Sands and Spidery Grasp are likewise potentially helpful.

I really like the thought of using Aspect of Gorgon in this deck. It would turn one of your Defenders into a sturdy, murder-y machine. Considering adding some of these! If not those then maybe Coat with Venom?

Consider dropping or reducing the amount of Gatecreeper Vine. You don't need a lot of mana for this deck at all, so having a weak Defender that pulls a land card won't do too terribly much for you. There are other Defenders that could take that spot and work better for what you want to do.

As your Sideboard would possibly suggest, having a set of counter spells would be helpful in this deck. There are plenty of Common counter spells, like Cancel, Calculated Dismissal, and Counterspell. With counter spells I usually tend to avoid because it can be mana-intensive, but I don't think that would be too big of a deal for this deck so if it works, go for it!

Okay... I think I'm done. I hope this helps!

wmcduff on Fish Tank

2 years ago

Galvanic Alchemist was a bit too slow and the worst card. Surprise best card? Judge of Currents! Burn is miserable against it. Added a bunch of cards to the Maybeboard to take better advantage of Stonybrook Banneret.

KylerStar on I'm going to build a wall

2 years ago

I have a 5 colour Defender deck. If you run Galvanic Alchemist, you can make your Axbanes infinite mana with just 4 defenders. Just read Freed form the Real, that is probs better. xD

king-saproling on Tolarian Firing Squad

2 years ago

Elixir of Immortality is overrated in my opinion. I could see it being useful if you're drawing 30 cards a turn, but if that's happening then you should be winning anyway.

Maybe try Fabricate instead?

Also you might like Umbral Mantle. It untaps like Sword of the Paruns, but is cheaper and with enough mana you could even buff your general enough to kill someone with commander damage, which would be pretty sweet.

I feel like Apprentice Wizard could have a place here too, but I could be wrong. Other considerations would be Ophidian Eye, Unwinding Clock, Cerulean Wisps, March of the Machines, Distant Melody, and Galvanic Alchemist. Anyway this deck is really cool and creative, great job!

GoldenDiggle on Wheelin' and Dealin' (New Hands)

2 years ago

I had this nice long response typed out then I hit backspace and went back a page. Shit.

Nite_Owl12: I know Nekusar does a better job, but Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix is more interesting to what I want to do.

freezerboy: I didn't notice the may! I'll take another look at Geth's Grimoire.

Winterblast: I definitely agree I need some reanimation and I think Memory Jar is great, but due to budget issues right now, I can't spend a whole lot on a deck. I agree if I run a few more artifacts some good recursion would be great.

Grind: I actually like the Words cycle, but they actively take power away from Kydele on top of me having to pay for them. Leovold is good for control, but he actively stops my opponents from triggering discard or draw effects. Kozilek and Rise of the Dark Realms are both great inclusions. I should get those. Arcane Denial looks really good, fills hands and gives my commander a mana tap. +1 Umbral Mantle has been added. I am considering adding Kruphix, God of Horizons, Gemstone Array, Pemmin's Aura, and even Galvanic Alchemist.

RicketyEng: The difference between Arjun's deck and this deck (assuming you had no wheels) is that my opponents are also drawing and discarding cards. Effectively, Jace's Erasure mills on top of the wheel effect, but I will try a few tests without it. I took out Possibility Storm because casting a wheel but getting the effect ~1/3 of the time (7 wheels/24 sorceries) isn't the best plan, but maybe I am being short sighted. Eye of the Storm is a must add for this deck, thanks! Diviner's Wand looks like pretty good.

Sorry that responses were short and took a while to arrive! I had to rewrite all of them, so it took me a while to remember.

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