Combat Celebrant


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Mythic Rare

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Combat Celebrant

Creature — Human Warrior

If Combat Celebrant hasn't been exerted this turn, you may exert it as it attacks. When you do, untap all other creatures you control and after this phase, there is an additional combat phase. (An exerted creature can't untap during your next untap step.)

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Combat Celebrant Discussion

Murphy77 on God-Pharaoh's Exertion

3 days ago

I am playing Throne of the God-Pharaoh, not God-Pharaoh's Gift. It comes in at a cmc of 2, which is not expensive. I tried this deck, with a different side-board at an FNM and it bombed. Part of this was due to very bad mana draws, being mana screwed one game and mana-flooded the next. The main issue was that other decks that I played were just that much faster to get established. By the end of the evening, it became clear that swapping out Trueheart Twins for Lightning Strike and Naga Vitalist for Blossoming Defense makes a significantly more competitive deck. The core strategy of having exert creatures that can attack twice per turn seems to work, but you need to be able to throw a Blossoming Defense on Combat Celebrant to protect it for a turn, and a bit of early-game removal helps.

The idea of tapping all creatures before the end of the turn and also burning with the effect of Throne of the God-Pharaoh also seems to work reasonably well.

Odysseus_97 on Combat Combo

5 days ago

SteelSentry: Arhh i see, so Combat Celebrant will be tapped when i pass the turn, but get untapped once Aurelia, the Warleader attacks the next turn, correct?

Suns_Champion: I have that in mind yes, i have very few vigilance giving cards in my deck, but would rather focus on just the attacking aspect, but definetly something i have in mind if i come across a card with that ability.

Oh, that would be awesome if you could do that :) I am looking for any kind of feedback in regards to cuts, adds and normal tuning. Here is a link: Decklist

Suns_Champion on Combat Combo

5 days ago

Giving Combat Celebrant Vigilance helps too! You don't get any more combats but he stays untapped for your next turn!

Do you have a deck list up yet? I'd be happy to take a look!

SteelSentry on Combat Combo

5 days ago

Yes, this would give you 3 combats. However, if you exert the Celebrant during the first combat, they won't untap during the second one. What you would want to do is get one combat with Aurelia, and then exert Combat Celebrant during your second combat, to untap your creatures for the third combat.

Odysseus_97 on Combat Combo

5 days ago

Hi Forum

I was wondering whetever Aurelia, the Warleader & Combat Celebrant make "recurring" 3 combat steps. As you attack for the first time and extert Combat Celebrant which will give you another combat, secondly Aurelia, the Warleader will give you another combat, will you be able to use both of these combats, and choose not to tap Combat Celebrant to attack after aurelia untapped it, so you can use it again next turn.

To me it seems like it would't work since the combats would overlap, but i am not sure :)

Hope you can help me out with my little combo conundrum :)

MisterDubis on Izzet Gift - Infinite Combat Steps

1 week ago

I tried this deck out and its fantastic. its true that Combat Celebrant can only exert once per turn but thats really all you should need if you can get multiple out.

I changed up your version to -1Gate to the Afterlife, -4 Fanatical Firebrand, -4 Bomat Courier, -1 Trophy Mage, +1 Combat Celebrant, +2 Lightning Runner, +3 Warkite Marauder, +2 Siren Stormtamer, and +2 Bloodrage Brawler.

The storm tamers help with cards like Vraska's Contempt and other removal while also fueling the graveyard. The extra Celebrant and extra Runners give more combat turns if necessary. Plus having all 4 runners on the field is infinite combat. The warkite helps with powering down their biggest blocker and with extra combat turns that powers down even more blockers.

Great deck!

GalaxyCat on Izzet Gift - Infinite Combat Steps

1 week ago

Well something I didn't quite notice yet is having two Combat Celebrant is not an infinite loop. You can only exert Combat Celebrant once per turn so while it's still a good time, it's not infinite.

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