Curse of Inertia


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Uncommon
Commander 2013 (C13) Uncommon

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Curse of Inertia

Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant player

Whenever a player attacks enchanted player with one or more creatures, that attacking player may tap or untap target permanent of his or her choice.

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Curse of Inertia Discussion

Hybrow on Goin to Prison

8 months ago

The more i look at this, the more i like it. I may have to build a hard board lockdown deck. From the Test plays I did, I found that the land lockdown was hard to deal with. So came up with a couple ideas to remedy that.

Turnabout - could be a valuable way to untap all your lands..

Curse of Inertia - because you are locking down the board, this might be a way to force players to attack other players.

Hidden Strings - I love this card for its ability to untap stuff. and if you can Cipher it onto a creature that can consistently get through, it give you a great way to unlock your side of the board

Sword of Feast and Famine - for the same reason as above, its a great way to untap all your lands each turn.

Unwinding Clock - is a great way to untap mana rocks, but would need alot more rocks to make it worth while i think.

kamelyan on Edric, the Commander Politician

8 months ago

What about Propaganda as a "you can't attack me"?

Or maybe some extra incentives by way of Curses? Curse of Bounty is nice, and Curse of Verbosity is too. I'd stay away from Curse of Inertia, though; the other players too often turned to me with the ability.

Ah, but I remember sneaking over a Curse of Echoes on a control player; locked him out on casting counter spells! That's more of a chaos card; I was just reliving old memories.

metalmustaine on When does curse of inertia ...

1 year ago

but what about King Macar, the Gold-Cursed, can i attack with him then use Curse of Inertia to untap him and inspire?

Neotrup on When does curse of inertia ...

1 year ago

Yes. Curse of Inertia will trigger when you declare your attack and you'll be able to activate Merieke Ri Berit before blockers are declared. You will not be able to attack with the stolen creature even if you can give it haste, as you already declared attacks.

metalmustaine on When does curse of inertia ...

1 year ago

let's say i have a tapped Merieke Ri Berit, and it is my attack phase, can i attack with a creature then use Curse of Inertia to unTap merieke then steal a creature from an opponent?

Joumba on Zur, Brutal Controller

1 year ago

In a Zur deck, I always find that a good Nevermore or a Runed Halo can screw your opponent's commander, or general game if their deck is, like yours, based on their commander!

Also, Winds of Rath can become the end of many foes, but not your sweet sweet Zur. Need more protection on him? Diplomatic Immunity is for you! You plan to win with only zur attacking? Cathedral of War !

Now, here's what I think you should cut out ; Curse of the Bloody Tome, you don't play in graveyard and you have no milling win-con, so it's pretty meh. Since you just tuor anything anyway, I don't think you need a Dictate of Kruphix which can just help your opponent get back up. Playing both both Curse of Inertia and Ghostly Touch while you have a Aqueous Form is a waste of card slot, In my huble opinion.

Well, thats all, have a nice day and good luck mate!

TehGrief on Open the Vaults: Ruling Question

1 year ago

I have recently played a game of magic involving Open the Vaults and a series of curses and auras intended to enchant opponents creatures.

Now, here is where we ran into trouble; The spell effect reads "Return all artifact and enchantment cards from all graveyards to the battlefield under their owners' control.".

What I understand from this text is that whatever it is that I am returning must come into the battlefield under MY control; causes the curses to be attached to me, and the aura to one of my creatures.

Am I wrong in this thinking? Can someone please explain how this interaction truly works. Thank you.

Yesterday on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

1 year ago

I was updating my inventory and there seem to be an awful lot of cards that are missing their Commander Anthology printings here.

Printings not found: Anger (CMT), Arcane Denial (CMT), Bathe in Light (CMT), Boros Guildmage (CMT), Borrowing 100,000 Arrows (CMT), Cleansing Beam (CMT), Congregate (CMT), Control Magic (CMT), Curse of Inertia (CMT), Curse of Predation (CMT), Curse of the Forsaken (CMT), Darksteel Mutation (CMT), Death by Dragons (CMT), Deceiver Exarch (CMT), Diabolic Tutor (CMT), Diviner Spirit (CMT), Dragon Whelp (CMT), Duergar Hedge-Mage (CMT), Evincar's Justice (CMT), Furnace Whelp (CMT), Gwyllion Hedge-Mage (CMT), Hada Spy Patrol (CMT), Krosan Grip (CMT), Leafdrake Roost (CMT), Leonin Bladetrap (CMT), Lightkeeper of Emeria (CMT), Mortify (CMT), Mother of Runes (CMT), Oni of Wild Places (CMT), Orim's Thunder (CMT), Orzhov Guildmage (CMT), Path to Exile (CMT), Pilgrim's Eye (CMT), Presence of Gond (CMT), Pyrohemia (CMT), Razorjaw Oni (CMT), Restore (CMT), Return to Dust (CMT), Selesnya Charm (CMT), Selesnya Guildmage (CMT), Serra Angel (CMT), Shattered Angel (CMT), Skyward Eye Prophets (CMT), Soul Snare (CMT), Stonecloaker (CMT), Sulfurous Blast (CMT), Swiftfoot Boots (CMT), Sylvan Reclamation (CMT), Syphon Flesh (CMT), Syphon Mind (CMT), Terminate (CMT), Thornwind Faeries (CMT), Thunderstaff (CMT), Vow of Duty (CMT), Vow of Lightning (CMT), Vow of Malice (CMT), Wash Out (CMT), Winged Coatl (CMT), Wonder (CMT), Wrecking Ball (CMT).

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