Sudden Death


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Sudden Death


Split second (As long as this spell is on the stack, players can't cast spells or activate abilities that aren't mana abilities.)

Target creature gets -4/-4 until end of turn.

Sudden Death Discussion

SenseiRamen on

4 months ago

Sudden Death not a bad option. Could replace Grasp of Darkness .

MizzMizz on Mairsil, The Pretender

5 months ago

Thanks fellas!!, I'm gona try Solemnity , Phyrexian Revoker , Sorcerous Spyglass and Sudden Death out and see if that helps.

Caerwyn on Mairsil, The Pretender

5 months ago

There are a couple cards that completely stop opponents from using creature-based activated abilities: Cursed Totem , Damping Matrix , Linvala, Keeper of Silence , and Voidstone Gargoyle

Phyrexian Revoker and Sorcerous Spyglass allow you to stop Mairsil without targeting it, so it bypasses flicker mechanics.

Suppression Field taxes the activated abilities, making them harder to use.

Trickbind is another counter that has the added benefit of Split Second, and could be worth including.

You could use removal with split second to kill Mairsil without it being able to flicker in response: Molten Disaster , Sudden Death , Take Possession , Wipe Away .

Sudden Spoiling neuters Mairsil for the turn.

Raging_Squiggle on Can I deny a response ...

7 months ago

Rules about priority from the Comp MTG Rulebook:

116.3b The active player receives priority after a spell or ability (other than a mana ability) resolves.

116.3d If a player has priority and chooses not to take any actions, that player passes. If any mana is in that player’s mana pool, they announce what mana is there. Then the next player in turn order receives priority

116.4. If all players pass in succession (that is, if all players pass without taking any actions in between passing), the spell or ability on top of the stack resolves or, if the stack is empty, the phase or step ends.

As you can see from these, once your Sudden Death resolves, the active player (your opponent) immediately receives priority again, allowing him to cast his Giant Growth to save his creature.

The proper play here would have been to target the mana dork your opponent controls with Sudden Death , triggering the Emperor Crocodile 's ability forcing your opponent to sacrifice it before ever dealing any damage. Or if your opponent had more than those two, target Emperor Crocodile with Sudden Demise after damage had been dealt.

Boza on Can I deny a response ...

7 months ago

"I pass priority..."

You have correctly noted that you pass priority, thus your opponent now has it. The game only moves to the next step/phase once both players pass without doing a thing. Split second only prevents casting while the SS spell is on the stack. There is no way to end the step/phase without your opponent having priority at some point.

If you want kill Emperor Crocodile , there are two options:

1/ Use your Sudden Death to kill the other creature, and thus the Croc.
2/ Block with chimney imp, dealing one damage to the Croc. After that, cast Sudden Spoiling . Your opponent will not be able to respond and Croc will die. Sure, it is a 2-for-1, but in this situation it seems like the only option.

JuJuVoodoo on Can I deny a response ...

7 months ago

Can I use split second with combat damage to kill a creature before my opponent has a chance to respond? so here is an example.

Set up: I have a Chimney Imp on the board and a Sudden Death in hand. My opponent has Emperor Crocodile on the board with a Giant Growth in hand (and some other dork on the board).

Declare attackers: Emperor Crocodile attacks me. My opponent passes priority, I pass priority.

Declare blocks: Chimney Imp is declared as a blocker. APNAP take effect, and my opponent passes priority to me. I cast Sudden Death targeting Emperor Crocodile . Sudden Death resolves, and the stack is now empty. I pass priority...

So here is the moment that i'd like clarification on. Does my opponent now gain priority again, allowing him to cast Giant Growth , or do both players now count as having passed on priority moving to combat damage (which i believe there is no priority window during)? I might be out to lunch on this one, but it appears to me that Emperor Crocodile dies, with no window to respond.

It would also help greatly if someone knows where to find a chart that displays EXACTLY when each player gains license to cast spells and activate abilities.


hkhssweiss on Weaboo extravaganza

10 months ago


You thought about running Geth's Verdict, Vendetta, Price of Fame, Entomb, Victim of the night, Go for the Throat, Snuff Out, Cast Down, Bile Blight, Murderous Cut, Sudden Death, Devour in Shadow

Revel in Riches can also be a good win con since your focusing on targetted removal or creatures dying.

Hope that helps!

BMHKain on Just one last favor for ...

11 months ago

Tetsu-chan & her Doki-Doki Cute Legion of Death~♡

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


The deck is at 100. But I'm not done yet...

Angel's Grace

Celestial Crusader


Take Possession

Wipe Away

Sudden Spoiling


Sudden Death

Word of Seizing

Sudden Shock

Sulfur Elemental

Krosan Grip

Stonewood Invocation


Kicker Molten Disaster

Don't get the pattern? Maybe I can help you. They are cards w/ Split/Second. This means I can't cast anything to counter this, & would have to require a Mana Ability to counter it. What cards w/ Mana Abilities in all possible colors can counter these cards? We have Creatures that can't be Out-Flashed, Instants that can't be countered, & other nasty effects.

Any suggestions that can help? I'm thinking of replacing Mizzium Meddler for something that can counter this. Anything could help in this case. Thanks in advance. :)

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