Rending Volley


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Uncommon

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Rending Volley


Rending Volley can't be countered by spells or abilities.

Rending Volley deals 4 damage to target white or blue creature.

Rending Volley Discussion

YamishiTheWickedOne on Rakdos Vampires Midrange

1 year ago

I'm just trying to think of what you'd side vs. control. You can beat a pretty big selection of some really heavy hitters. I've also found my version of vamps just molests affinity. Maybe try Surgical Extraction or Extirpate? Combust or Rending Volley?

Oh as I'm writing this you already have surgicals. hmm...

Btw, have you considered Gifted Aetherborn mainboard?

Briandhoffmann on

1 year ago

I wouldn't make them tribal decks. I would just pick a "commander" that reflects that colors greatest strengths. You might at well make the format modern as well if its just going to be the set 5 decks.

Here are some Ideas for my commanders and their edicts.

W- Go wide Odric, Lunarch Marshal, or Odric, Master Tactician with some tiny fellows that all have cool keyword abilities and a few angels

W edicts: Luminesce, Celestial Purge, Surge of Righteousness

U- Control Talrand, Sky Summoner, or Baral, Chief of Compliance. Just load the deck with all instants and sorceries and a few sphinx as win cons

U edicts Encase in Ice, Flashfreeze

B- Midrange Gonti, Lord of Luxury, Yahenni, Undying Partisan. just play a bunch of mean and treacherous things and sprinkle with demons

B edicts: Deathmark, Talara's Bane, Self-Inflicted Wound

R Tempo "aggro wont work in a 5 player game" Grenzo, Havoc Raiser, Lovisa Coldeyes, kind of aggro but with more card draw and removal with some good dragons too,

R edicts: Combust, Rending Volley

G Big ol' Ramp Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Silvos, Rogue Elemental, just get lots of mana, defiantly include some hydras.

G edicts Display of Dominance, Great Sable Stag, Mold Adder (I kno they're creatures but green gets an exception)

trixster87 on Burn-ifact

2 years ago

Saw your post on reddit, here are my thoughts/ help:
First I would add a placeholder/ general sideboard:
2xTormod's Crypt
2x Molten Rain
2x Rending Volley
4x Smash to Smithereens
3x Blood Moon
2x Skullcrack

Now let's look at your goal which appears to be an aggressive deck that reduces your opponent life total from efficient burn spells and cheap threats that are goblins or artifacts.

I would drop ornithopter, springleaf drum, infernal plunge and cathartic reunion. Ornithopter is a cheap artifact but you have enough cheap artifacts that a 0/2 flyer doesn't help your goal. Springleaf and plunge give you extra mana but your curve stops at 3 with maybe 4 if you reverb a spell. Reunion is draw but if you have 2 mana you should be casting pain not drawing cards.

I would replace those 8 slots with 4x Goblin Bushwhacker and 4 x Lava Spike.I would also up the signal pest count to 4. If you're worried about the reduced number of artifacts Darksteel Citadel is a free artifact to fuel your deck and you could go down a few mountains with no major mana issue.

TheFirstWarbird on Atog's Revolution: Modern Budget FNM Deck

2 years ago

@AkoumFirebird Fantastic, I think then I'll remove the 2 Atog and 4 Galvanic Blast for 3 Smash to Smithereens and 3 Molten Rain - I need to get ahead against other artifact decks coughcough affinity coughcough, and other multi-coloured decks coughcough tron coughcough.

Rending Volley and Pithing Needle do seem good, but Volley seems very specific, and Needle seems potentially too expensive regarding the budget. Thoughts? I appreciate the help!

AkoumFirebird on Atog's Revolution: Modern Budget FNM Deck

2 years ago

For artifact and enchantment removal, I might suggest Smash to Smithereens or Echoing Ruin. For enchantments, I have no idea ;) But affinity is a thing, not bestow ;) So I think it is ok if there is no enchantment removal.

For other sideboard cards, Rending Volley is always good ;) Also, Pithing Needle can stop a lot of combos.

Femme_Fatale on

2 years ago

This doesn't really work ... You are trying to jumble too many things together and not creating very much cohesion. Ornithopter is no longer useful, and should be removed for 2 Aethersphere Harvester and/or 2 Heart of Kiran. Goblin Rabblemaster should be as a 4 of. His power with vehicles is unprecedented. Soulfire Grand Master requires more red based damage spells, and yours are quite conditional. Roast is something I would rather run any day over Stoke the Flames, and Tears of Valakut can be placed in the side. Rending Volley doesn't help you after all. Jeskai Charm can replace your grandmaster, and Immolating Glare is strong removal spell to consider.

Beyond all that, remember that vehicles need creatures. At least 12 creatures need to be mainboarded to utilize them. You have 9.

Mana base is strong, though I would put it down to 22.

pumpkinwavy on [Community Discussion]: Frontier Chat

2 years ago

TheRedGoat Jeskai black and control mirrors go to time a lot, as do rally mirrors. Fetchlands slow the pace of play, but the format isn't ultra fast nor ultra slow.

I would not suggest either Tears of Valakut or Clip Wings, because they are too narrow and Rending Volley is better anyway.

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Rending Volley occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: None%