Rending Volley


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Uncommon

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Rending Volley


Rending Volley can't be countered by spells or abilities.

Rending Volley deals 4 damage to target white or blue creature.

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Rending Volley Discussion

trixster87 on Burn-ifact

3 months ago

Saw your post on reddit, here are my thoughts/ help:
First I would add a placeholder/ general sideboard:
2xTormod's Crypt
2x Molten Rain
2x Rending Volley
4x Smash to Smithereens
3x Blood Moon
2x Skullcrack

Now let's look at your goal which appears to be an aggressive deck that reduces your opponent life total from efficient burn spells and cheap threats that are goblins or artifacts.

I would drop ornithopter, springleaf drum, infernal plunge and cathartic reunion. Ornithopter is a cheap artifact but you have enough cheap artifacts that a 0/2 flyer doesn't help your goal. Springleaf and plunge give you extra mana but your curve stops at 3 with maybe 4 if you reverb a spell. Reunion is draw but if you have 2 mana you should be casting pain not drawing cards.

I would replace those 8 slots with 4x Goblin Bushwhacker and 4 x Lava Spike.I would also up the signal pest count to 4. If you're worried about the reduced number of artifacts Darksteel Citadel is a free artifact to fuel your deck and you could go down a few mountains with no major mana issue.

TheFirstWarbird on Atog's Revolution: Modern Budget FNM Deck

4 months ago

@AkoumFirebird Fantastic, I think then I'll remove the 2 Atog and 4 Galvanic Blast for 3 Smash to Smithereens and 3 Molten Rain - I need to get ahead against other artifact decks coughcough affinity coughcough, and other multi-coloured decks coughcough tron coughcough.

Rending Volley and Pithing Needle do seem good, but Volley seems very specific, and Needle seems potentially too expensive regarding the budget. Thoughts? I appreciate the help!

AkoumFirebird on Atog's Revolution: Modern Budget FNM Deck

4 months ago

For artifact and enchantment removal, I might suggest Smash to Smithereens or Echoing Ruin. For enchantments, I have no idea ;) But affinity is a thing, not bestow ;) So I think it is ok if there is no enchantment removal.

For other sideboard cards, Rending Volley is always good ;) Also, Pithing Needle can stop a lot of combos.

Femme_Fatale on U/R/w Frontier [*Test]

5 months ago

This doesn't really work ... You are trying to jumble too many things together and not creating very much cohesion. Ornithopter is no longer useful, and should be removed for 2 Aethersphere Harvester and/or 2 Heart of Kiran. Goblin Rabblemaster should be as a 4 of. His power with vehicles is unprecedented. Soulfire Grand Master requires more red based damage spells, and yours are quite conditional. Roast is something I would rather run any day over Stoke the Flames, and Tears of Valakut can be placed in the side. Rending Volley doesn't help you after all. Jeskai Charm can replace your grandmaster, and Immolating Glare is strong removal spell to consider.

Beyond all that, remember that vehicles need creatures. At least 12 creatures need to be mainboarded to utilize them. You have 9.

Mana base is strong, though I would put it down to 22.

pumpkinwavy on [Community Discussion]: Frontier Chat

6 months ago

TheRedGoat Jeskai black and control mirrors go to time a lot, as do rally mirrors. Fetchlands slow the pace of play, but the format isn't ultra fast nor ultra slow.

I would not suggest either Tears of Valakut or Clip Wings, because they are too narrow and Rending Volley is better anyway.

sergiofapinheiro on U/R Pyro Delver

6 months ago

i think the deck is fine, you just need to tweak it a according to your metagame, i will just leave some suggestion cards:

-Thought Scour: it works really well with delver and snap

-Batterskull: i like it more that the swords just because in the late game batterskull alone can win a game or give you time for get back to the game

-Forked Bolt: is really good against the aggressive decks

the sideboard really depends on the meta, here are some options and considerations:

-Rending Volley seems better than combusttwo dismembers is probably one to many, consider Roast or Harvest Pyre

-you really should put some molten rain

-for tokens and low toughtness decks, Izzet Staticaster and Electrickery are good

-Bonfire of the Damned for boogles

-Dispel and Negate, are always good in the SB

FIREphaenix on G/R Energy Pummeler

7 months ago


Yeah, I've heard about the Fevered Visions sideboard plan, but from what I've seen, that's mainly for MTGO, where people tend to frequent control decks. My metagame kind of revolves around U/W Flash and R/W Vehicles (including a spot of G/B Delerium), but very few control decks. Really, there are only about 5-6 Jeskai Control decks running around, and thats pretty much it. I might take out an Island and put in a Fevered Visions, and maybe even another one over a Dispel, or Negate. If I would put another Larger Than Life, what would be it over? Right now I'm thinking Uncaged Fury, but I'd like to know your opinions on it. As for the Ceremonious Rejection... I'm thinking over Negate? Not sure, what are your thoughts?


Just a question: Tears of Valakut can't be countered by Spell Queller, right? I jsut remember the good ol' days though... Rending Volley... anyhow, back to business. I'm thinking taking out the Take Down's and replace with Tears of Valakut? Also, I think people would be expecting Take Down instead, which is an added bonus.

Just to let you know, I won't be able to make the first Standard Showdown, but I'll keep you guys posted up about how the next ones went.

lagotripha on budget red (insert pun)

9 months ago

Lash Out is probably my favourite budget burn spell for lists like this, but I've found Flame Jab/Geistflame/Burning Vengeance to be a fun package for ultra-budget burn making use of the discards and filtering lands. I'm a fan of Electrickery/Inflame, Earthquake, Firespout, Slagstorm, Street Spasm, Pyroclasm, Kindle the Carnage, Volcanic Fallout, Martyr of Ashes for crowd control. Fiery Gambit, Incendiary CommandThe big thing with budget lists is always sideboard- Aura Barbs, Boil, Empty the Warrens, Ingot Chewer, Molten Rain, Rending Volley, Roast, Shattering Spree, Weight of Spires, Sudden Shock, Smash to Smithereens Tormod's Crypt, Dragon's Claw, Bottle Gnomes and Shattering Blow can all find their place. Burst Lightning is a cheap shock upgrade and Furnace Scamp can be more efficient than a bolt if you are removing blockers. Unstable Footing/Wild Slash is pretty useful for that final push.

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