Defiant Bloodlord


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Rare
Promo Set (000) None

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Defiant Bloodlord

Creature — Vampire


Whenever you gain life, target opponent loses that much life.

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Defiant Bloodlord Discussion

KingRamz on Edgar Markov

1 week ago

Good old Edgar! Sure, I'll give you some suggestions. For reference, here is my Edgar Markov deck. If you take a look at that to compare card choices, one thing to note is I'm running Vampire Nocturnus so I intentionally avoided nonblack cards, so you'll want to keep that in mind.


Akoum Refuge is another lifegain dual land if you want a fourth. It was only an ally-colored cycle so that's the only one of those you can run. Myriad Landscape is great and goes in almost any deck. Since this deck is so heavy in black, you might want to look at Tainted Peak and Tainted Field.

Card suggestions

If you want to be aggressive, how about some one-drops? Viscera Seer is perfect for this deck. Easy include. I was also excited to discover Shadow Alley Denizen, though I haven't gotten to cast her myself in the deck yet. Getting intimidate off your Vampire tokens seems like it should be good for chipping in some extra damage.

Extort seems like it plays perfectly with your theme. Tithe Drinker would fit nicely. Blind Obedience is absolutely amazing.

Other cards, let's see... Sangromancer is very efficient and should play well here. Vampiric Rites lets you turn extra dorks into life and cards. It's not as efficient as Skullclamp, but you only get to run one of those. How about Mathas, Fiend Seeker? An evasive low-drop that draws cards and gains life sounds perfect!

Cut suggestions

Chalice of Life  Flip - Doesn't gain life very fast and even a Lava Axe every round gives your opponents plenty of time to respond. If you want a way to win outside the combat phase, kill the table with Exsanguinate or Debt to the Deathless.

Licia, sanguine Tribune - I think Licia is cool, but she really needs a deck built around her. You aren't going to want to spend 7-8 mana to cast her and your deck isn't set up to gain huge chunks of life without investing mana that turn. You've got a few ways to do it, but without those she's kind of a brick.

Damnable Pact - this card feels like a bad Braingeyser and a bad Blaze. Flexibility is nice, but I don't think the efficiency tradeoff is worth it in this case. If you want an X-spell finisher, see above. If you want to draw cards, there are plenty of efficient spells like Night's Whisper, Sign in Blood, Painful Truths, and Read the Bones. Or you could check out Vampiric Rites.

Diabolic Tutor - Four mana for a tutor is just so expensive. I'd rather just cast a card draw spell.

Defiant Bloodlord - Ok, so hear me out. I have had this guy in my hand in lifegain decks and man, I never want to spend seven mana on him. He's so much easier to kill than Sanguine Bond and, unlike Butcher of Malakir, you are unlikely to be able to make good use of his static ability the turn you cast him.

hoardofnotions on Karlov life manipulation

1 week ago

Blood Baron of Vizkopa seems like it could be upgraded

Sanguine Bond wants Exquisite Blood i think

maybe cut the Defiant Bloodlord the the exquisate blood

I think authority of the consuls will be a good addition once you get it

CriticalTopDeck on Vampiric Bloodlust copy

1 month ago

Suggestions:Vampires Olivia Voldaren

Defiant Bloodlord More expensive Vizkopa Guildmage or Sanguine Bond but on theme and more combo pieces

Yahenni, Undying Partisan

Asylum Visitor

Bloodhall Priest

Value Cards

Vampiric Tutor -tutors are great

Mastermind's Acquisition -another tutor also "wish" affect allowing you to grab legal cards outside of game*

Anguished Unmaking

Sorin, Solemn Visitor


Dark Petition

Kolaghan's Command

Non-vampires but solid combo/synergy cards

Athreos, God of Passage

Vizkopa Guildmage


Caves of Koilos

Shambling Vent

Isolated Chapel

Dragonskull Summit

Blood Crypt

Godless Shrine

Sacred Foundry

Bloodstained Mire-Any "fetch" lands to help mana fixing and to grab dual lands

Concealed Courtyard

Blackcleave Cliffs

Inspiring Vantage

Smoldering Marsh

Battlefield Forge

mistarilledawn on I Vant To Suck Your Life

1 month ago

Welcome to MTG! It's an awesome community; hope you find it to be so.

Check out Defiant Bloodlord. Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood also create an awesome and deadly combo.

VelvetVendetta on {Competitive} Licia Lifegain Beatface

1 month ago

Add Mana Crypt, Imperial Seal, Demonic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Enlightened Tutor, Chrome Mox, Gemstone Caverns, Ancient Tomb, Swords to Plowshares, more signets and Fellwar Stone, remove all "enter the battlefield tapped" lands, aside from probably Hall of the Bandit Lord (which you are missing too). Academy Rector can be useful to assemble your combo faster.

To maybe then start calling the deck "semi-competitive".

Cards to cut because they are too slow or work against your own deck somehow:

There are many more that could be cut but those stand out as very bad choices, if you like such heavy creatures perhaps you should include a reanimator sub-theme to the deck.

cebel3 on thedickwolf

1 month ago

I'm new to the site too so not much better :D I'm glad you liked the suggestions and I kinda figured you were going more for a theme anyway but figured I would give you a few suggestions anyway. I did come up with one more and that being Defiant Bloodlord which just adds to your combo life gain and hurt others.

SkullOfPoison on Zompires

2 months ago

If you have someone that has graveyard shenanigans you might want Bojuka Bog after they sacrifice their creature so they can't get it back.

Another land you could use is Crypt of Agadeem, say after you're done sacrificing your non vampires you can get a lot of mana or even use it after a board wipe.

More cards you can use ill save the explaining- Bloodlord of Vaasgoth, Ascendant Evincar, Defiant Bloodlord, Stromkirk Condemned, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Heirloom Blade, Bloodchief Ascension, Phyrexian Reclamation, Liliana Vess.

dzapf2008 on Vampire Life Drain

3 months ago

CasualCucumber beat me to it. I agree with every suggestion. Before adding cards I would cut your deck down to 60 cards. I would cut: Defiant Bloodlord, 2x Aetherflux Reservoir, Elixir of Immortality, and 2x Tablet of the Guilds. +1 Upvote from me!

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