I play EDH, I prefer to run Mardu colors always. No opinion is greater than another, but they're always worth discussion like they are.

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If you're running enough tutors run Karma + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . It's like Manabarbs on crack. Definitely use The Wanderer to reduce the massive amounts of damage dealt to you. Also use Exquisite Blood and Sun Droplet to regain a lot of the life you'll be losing. Thieving Amalgam also works as an amazing damage sponge with it's plentiful chump blockers and life gain potential.

December 11, 2019 12:06 a.m.


Pauper EDH* StopShot


I joined an EDH playgroup recently. The problem is the playgroup's decks are all pretty casual and I like going all in when deck-building in EDH, otherwise there's no enjoyment in it for me. I've only played one game, but I had to hold back on making certain plays with my infinite-combo EDH deck otherwise the play group would have saw me as "that guy" who wants to end the game before the fun can even start. (And I really don't want to be "that guy".)

The problem is I don't like dumbing down my decks and I don't want to make a average EDH deck with arbitrary restrictions/inclusions that fits for every casual playgroup since doing so is entirely subjective. Instead I'd like to build a strong Pauper EDH deck that's meant to play well against casual EDH decks. My reasoning is that I can still max out on the limits of the Pauper EDH format and if my deck does end up winning consecutive rounds in casual EDH it would be less likely that I'd become the villain of the playgroup since I'd only be playing with commons unlike everyone else. (Or at least less villainous than I would be with my degenerate combo deck.)

Right now I'm feeling pretty good about this deck's color-fixing spells and it's set of spot-removal spells. I've also placed a couple of tanky walls in the deck just to deter any midrange threats as most Pauper creatures are either too small or are over-costed when they're not. The main win condition is meant to be my commander while stacking on however many stat-boosting effects I can add on. I've also added some double-strike creatures and evasive lifelink creatures to capitalize off these effects as well. The only issue is there's not enough good stat-boosting effects in the deck to draw into consistently. I wouldn't mind going into the late game with this deck, but it also lacks card draw which can easily put me into top-deck mode as well.

I'd like to know what power-boosting effects or card draw effects I should include to improve the consistency of my deck. Right now I feel like I've figuratively hit a wall in terms of achieving my goal. Any ideas?

December 1, 2019 10:38 p.m.

Said on What happens if ......


This is a hypothetical scenario thread.

Suppose in the very near future counterfeit Magic cards flood the secondary market and these counterfeit cards are constructed perfectly so that there is no distinction between what's fake and what's real. These fake cards can pass the bend test, rip test, and any other form of detection. Most of these fake cards mainly consist of reserved list cards as there is a sudden flux of power nine cards and original dual lands for sale. What happens and how do you think it will likely play out?

(Even if you think it's impossible to create a fake card that perfectly matches a real one, presume that it has become possible just for the sake of discussion in this hypothetical scenario.)

November 28, 2019 5:41 a.m.

Said on It's Time Moxes ......


Just use a foil basic lands to signify the mox you have in your deck.

November 27, 2019 6:10 p.m.

I would remove the mana rocks. One set of cards makes the combo happen more often. The other set of cards makes the combo happen much sooner. Most combos I can counter or stop by turn 5, but turn 2 or 3 is too obnoxious. The other thing is tutors are restricted to one color and are mostly any good for combo decks whereas manarocks can help "cheat" massive fatties or multiple prison pieces early on the board and the rocks can go in any deck and strategy, whereas non-combo decks don't really need the tutors and if they do include them the best thing to tutor would likely be Sol Ring . Without tutors I feel like combo decks would only be as viable in 99 singleton formats as burn is in multiplayer 40 life formats, but I only say that because I only enjoy playing passive combo decks.

November 24, 2019 10:08 p.m.

First of all this an opinion poll. There is no right or wrong answer here. The point of this poll is not to get any card banned, but to ask the question, "which is arguably more problematic in the EDH format?"

Lets say as a wild scenario you were nominated and forced to ban one of the following sets of cards in EDH:


If you pick Sol Ring then the cards Sol Ring , Mana Crypt and Mana Vault will be banned in Commander. If you pick Demonic Tutor then the cards Demonic Tutor , Vampiric Tutor and Imperial Seal will be banned in Commander. You must pick one of the two sets of cards even if you think neither (or both) should be banned. What would be your decision and why? Do you think your decision would be more biased due to the decks you play or the decks you play against? Please keep opinions respectful, thank you.

November 24, 2019 6:28 p.m.

Said on Will there Ever ......


Actually, there is already one card that removes emblems and it’s Karn Liberated .

November 23, 2019 9:22 p.m.


Flame Haze

Commander / EDH StopShot


Sleeper Cantrip (Burn)

Modern* StopShot



Pauper StopShot


Pauper Metalcraft

Pauper StopShot

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