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I play EDH, I prefer to run Mardu colors always. No opinion is greater than another, but they're always worth discussion like they are.

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Following up on your recent post ... I don't know how yeaGo will answer, but I wanted to mention what I do is just include a vaguely similar card with the same casting cost. For example, until Ramunap Excavator was officially spoiled, I just used Stoic Builder, with a comment in the description like 'I know Stoic Builder is terrible ... I'm using it for now to represent a leaked card'

June 17, 2017 4:27 p.m.

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Speaking of unfair cards, Sorin Markov's minus ability is pretty brutal on your opponent. I'd recommend him in your deck.

June 22, 2017 6:48 a.m.

I'm afraid there's some land cards that aren't legal for this deck:

Gruul Turf, Jungle Shrine, Rootbound Crag, Sandsteppe Citadel, and Savage Lands can't be used because they all have Green Mana symbols which is a color not found on either of your Commanders. You should replace them with: Boros Garrison, Rakdos Carnarium, Clifftop Retreat, Isolated Chapel, and Terramorphic Expanse.

If you're interested I know a couple of infinite life-gain combos. If you cast Volcano Hellion and have something that will give it lifelink at instant speed or have a card out such as Nearheath Pilgrim or Whip of Erebos, then you can choose the Hellion to do 2 billion damage to you and a creature and since it has lifelink you won't take any of the damage dealt to you and whatever the hellion damages you gain that 2 billion life or whatever number you want it to be.

Another infinite life gain combo would be to use Boros Reckoner, then if something were to deal damage to Boros Reckoner you could cast Rush of Vitality on it giving it Indestuctible and Lifelink. Then whatever damage is dealt to the reckoner you can have it deal that much to itself causing it deal damage again which you can choose itself again and again and again. Since it has Indestructible it won't die from taking repeated loops of damage and for every loop you gain that much life since it has lifelink.

June 22, 2017 2:56 a.m.

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It's not badly formatted at all.

For lands I'd advise you try running Clifftop Retreat and Isolated Chapel since they can be very helpful about mana fixing and will likely not come in tapped. Also considering you run quite a bit of swamps I'd recommend Tainted Peak and Tainted Field over Temple of Malice and Temple of Silence since they always come in untapped. Another helpful land to consider is Ash Barrens which can grab any of your colors and has that Basic Land come in untapped. Geier Reach Sanitarium would also help with putting creatures from your hand into your graveyard while drawing cards.

For Artifacts and Enchantments I'd recommend Panharmonicon and Flameshadow Conjuring which both can double all your enter the battlefield triggers. Since you also have lots of ways of recurring and sacrificing little creatures I'd recommend Grave Pact and/or Dictate of Erebos which can really put some hurting on your opponents. For equipment you can also run Hero's Blade and Obsidian Battle-Axe which will auto-equip to Alesha making her power larger so its more difficult for your opponents to block her.

For Instants and Sorceries I recommend Path to Exile, Anguished Unmaking, Wear / Tear, and Return to Dust which gives your deck more flexibility over removing your opponents permanents as well as Blasphemous Act, Buried Alive, Vandalblast, which also help give your deck an edge. Also I'd recommend running Steelshaper's Gift over Open the Armory since it costs and your deck doesn't run any auras.

For creatures I'd recommend Big Game Hunter for creature removal, Undercity Informer for self-mill, and Vulturous Aven for repeatable card draw.

This deck looks pretty good and I hope you found my review helpful.

June 21, 2017 10:56 p.m.

@DarkLaw, I can agree that its pretty messed up in terms of EDH, but I saw many people talking about how it would be a viable win-con in other formats such as Modern and Legacy. Maybe six was the perfect number, but I think 10 is a lot more difficult.

And though I wouldn't be surprised if it gets banned in EDH its important to note most boardwipes are sorceries which gives all the opponents at the table a turn to possibly remove the enchantment. Having a form of enchantment/permanent removal is the equivalent of having a counterspell in hand when you need it at a critical part in the game. Also just having a Ratchet Bomb on the field is an automatic reset for that strategy. I feel for the card to be optimal ten opponents creatures have to be on the field for it to work out best to then follow up with a board wipe. Any less and your opponent's can merely stop playing creatures until the enchantment is removed, so it does add an aspect that makes it situational. Six creatures on a field at once is common, but in most of my play groups the possibility of a board wipe going off before there are ten happens quite often. I think if anything Wizards are testing to see how far it will go. I certainly remember when Wizards spoiled Day's Undoing and how busted everyone ranted that card would be. We simply don't know until we play it for ourselves.

Also, if the card didn't have its second paragraph I'd still run it. My opponents are addicted to playing Contamination a card to this day I still question why its not on the banlist. If this card gets banned I'll be pretty sad Wizards banned a card that effectively addressed this problem quite well.

June 17, 2017 5:15 p.m.

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@yeaGO, I've never heard of card validation. Could you explain to me what it is or link me to a page that details everything about it? Thank you.

June 17, 2017 4:54 p.m.

There was a certain red enchantment that got leaked that has me entirely hyped for the set. I'm not so much into the lore - just the mechanics. Seeing an effect like that in mono-red is amazing, because normally when Wizards tries to give red card advantage it comes with some draw back that renders the card seldom playable. I want to see them include this effect on more red cards, because its not an effect that exiles the top cards from your library or gives your an opponent a choice on what happens. I think if it were 5 or 10 years ago people would say the effect is ludicrous, but given that Wizards has sprinkled similar effects such as this one across various sets with moderation I think the more experienced player base can accept that its reasonably fair given from past experiences. I play-tested the card in my EDH deck last night, and while it doesn't completely warp every play I make it does give an edge I feel red has been lacking compared to the other colors. I'm definitely buying it once it hits the market.

Also there was a specific black enchantment that most people are calling out extremely busted due to its CMC, but I've found a mistake all the websites that leak it have made when it came to deciphering its blurry text. I'm not going to go in-depth but it lists "six" somewhere in the card, or at least that's what everyone believes. I ended up downloading the image onto an art program and rotated it so the text would be horizontal. I then downloaded the font used in card texts for Magic cards and adjusted the font size until it was the same size as the blurry text and then wrote out what everyone has deciphered so the words perfectly overlap. It turns out when I typed "six" where it was supposed to be listed on the card all the words on that line no longer matched up with the words on the card. The text was lagging behind, but when I replaced "six" with "ten" the words magically overlapped perfectly like a glove. I have images showing the difference, but I'm not allowed to post them here given that would be leaking card information, so I instead encourage those who question how busted they think that particular card is to do the same experiment I did. I think everyone will agree the number being "ten" instead of "six" is much more reasonable given what that card actually does.

June 17, 2017 4:50 p.m.

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I have another question. Let's say I wanted to include a leaked card into one of my decks. If under the given scenario I made a custom card of a particular card (just so its not blurry) and I black out all key parts of information so that it didn't provide any real information to someone unaware of any of the leaked cards, but would be identifiable to someone who has seen the leaked card, would that be acceptable?

To give a more specific example I would basically black out everything but the card frame, and the only parts left visible to the viewer would be mana cost of the card, card type, (not subtype) and maybe a specific word in the card text that doesn't give much information away just so it can determined by only those that know what the card might be. Specifically if the card mentions "X" I only list "X" or if a card mentions a number like "one" I just list "one" or a rarely-used vague word like "with" that I would only include a single instance of text such as those I provided just to make it identifiable without spoiling anything. And in my deck description I'd merely put, "all censored cards are leaked content" and nothing more. Would something such as that be allowed or will leaking any card regardless of how heavily censored they are be punished all the same?

June 17, 2017 4:18 p.m.

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So serious question. When would we be able to talk about the leaks? Obviously it would be perfectly fine once Wizards starts the leaked set's spoiler season, but does that mean no conversations can be held until then or is there a specific set time before then in which conversation may be allowed about the leaked content?

June 17, 2017 7:14 a.m.

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You can't stop me OP, the player base needs to know these leaks, so I'm posting them here for everyone to see!!

(Please don't ban me, it's joke...)

June 15, 2017 5:18 p.m.

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Given the snow lands I'm surprised you're not running Skred which makes excellent creature removal once you have 5 or more lands. Also Scrying Sheets is an excellent mana sink since it would let you draw lands that would ordinarily be dead-draws for you.

I also recommend running Coldsteel Heart over Fire Diamond. It does practically the same thing, but Coldsteel Heart is a snow permanent which would help slightly with Skred and Scrying Sheets.

June 14, 2017 6:45 p.m.

Oh, Zuran Orb also works admirably as well.

June 14, 2017 6:33 p.m.

Your deck can't run Akoum Refuge, Bloodfell Caves, Dismal Backwater, Jungle Hollow, Jwar Isle Refuge, and Scoured Barrens, because they all have mana symbols outside of your commander's color identity. Color identity also applies to mana symbols in the card description as well.

If you really are set on lots of life-gain for cheap I'd recommend Ivory Tower and Bloodchief Ascension since having a hand of 50 lands is 45+ life gain with Ivory Tower and your commander already puts quest counters on bloodchief ascension since it forces your opponents to lose life per upkeep.

As an alternate win-condition you can add Mindcrank which goes infinite with Bloodchief Ascension once the Ascension has all its quest counters.

June 14, 2017 6:31 p.m.

@acbooster, Thank you again.

June 4, 2017 8:54 a.m.

@acbooster, Thank you. If the creature with trample is regenerated will it still deal damage though?

June 4, 2017 8:48 a.m.

Nice job. I'd recommend Buried Ruin. Being non-legendary means you can run more in the deck, and despite it sacrificing itself it puts the artifact directly into your hand, so you don't need to wait a turn to draw into it.

Furthermore I feel there's an interesting selection of cards you've yet consider. Talisman of Progress allows you to cast Enduring Renewal a turn earlier if you cast the mana rock on turn 2. My second recommendation for mana rock would be Mind Stone for draw. Artificer's Intuition is a wonderfully reusable card you can use, and if you are running the mana rocks I suggested you can always cash those in for whatever combo piece you need.

If you feel searching for an Enduring Renewal is a bit difficult I recommend splashing green for Commune with the Gods which grabs the enchantment or artifact creature for one less mana. I'd also recommend 2 Walking Ballista and 2 Golem's Heart as back-ups to Hangarback Walker and Altar of the Brood. (Infinite life usually means game-over for a lot of decks.)

Also if your deck has problems against stalling agro I'd recommend running cards like Glint-Nest Crane, Wall of Omens and running the Sword of the Meek + Thopter Foundry combo which adds for nice protection as well as alternate win-condition. Also splashing green for Commune with the Gods does give you access to Bant Charm which is a very flexible removal spell. (You could help splash in green with Talisman of Unity, which is nice since playing either talisman can still leave you with access to white on turn two incase you need to cast Path to exile or Condemn which is also another helpful stall card in case you need more low-cost removal.)

June 4, 2017 8:45 a.m.

I'm not familiar with running mono-blue EDH deck's, but I wanted to point out there's a typo in the deck's title. "Your" should be "You're" for "Your a wizard Harry!!!"

June 4, 2017 7:24 a.m.

Card: Dead-Iron Sledge

Let's say I have a creature on the battlefield equipped with Dead-Iron Sledge. My opponent declares attacks and sends a large creature with trample attacking me. On declare blockers I choose to block the large creature with trample with my creature equipped with the Dead-Iron Sledge. Since my creature was declared as a blocker Dead-Iron Sledge's ability triggers and its ability to destroy both my creature and the creature with trample is put on the stack. Does this ability resolve before combat damage is dealt? Will it prevent damage from trampling over to me by destroying the opponent's creature in this manner? (Presuming the opponent's creature has more power than my creature's toughness.)

June 4, 2017 7:18 a.m.


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