Grand Architect


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Rare

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Grand Architect

Creature — Vedalken Artificer

Other blue creatures you control get +1/+1.

: Target artifact creature becomes blue until end of turn.

Tap an untapped blue creature you control: Add to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast artifact spells or activate abilities of artifacts.

Grand Architect Discussion

Homelessguy on The Lord High Artificer, Urza

5 days ago

Transmuted Muddle the Mixture can only go get a two drop you have in your description that it can go get Grand Architect .

Now for the way we can fetch and protect these combos. Cantrips are a given - from Serum Visions and Preordain , to Brainstorm and Sleight of Hand . Each function to grab us the cards we need (hopefully). In case they fail, though, we have an extra advantage in Spellseeker , mysitcal tutor, and even something as simple as Expedition Map . Whir of Invention is an amazing Chord of calling for artifacts, and

VivaCalanda on Muzzio's Stax and Bombtrack

1 week ago

Nice deck. If the price is not a concern you could exchange Tectonic Edge , Field of Ruin or Encroaching Wastes with Dust Bowl , Ghost Quarter or Wasteland . You have quite high costs and some (x) cards. You could inculde some infinity mana combos like Grand Architect + Pili-Pala or Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal + mana rocks.

If you need more tutor cards you could inculde Whir of Invention or as option for Planar Bridge there is; Ring of Three Wishes or Planar Portal .

other consideration: Padeem, Consul of Innovation

dingusdingo on 1 Tap 2 Win U/G Commander Edition [cEDH]

1 week ago

Hi shwanerz88

Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately none of them are good enough to make the cut!

Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner is only drawing a card on 4 different creatures entering, Woodland Bellower Great Oak Guardian Terastodon , and any of those entering the battlefield means we're secure in our combo to victory, so a card isn't going to do much for us. The untap effect is nice, but paying 3 CMC for an untap we will use one time is too expensive for the deck. We also don't get synergy with Disciple of the Ring , which our instant/sorcery untaps do.

Umbral Mantle suffers from a similar situation. The idea of getting multiple untaps off one permanent is very appealing on our combo turn, but the price is simply too high. It costs 3 CMC to play, and 3 CMC for every untap after the inintial investment. Paying 6 CMC total for the first untap is simply unacceptable, even if we are able to split it into two smaller chunks on two different turns. Also doesn't combo with Disciple. Getting two or more untaps from it sounds very nice, but at the cost of 9 mana for 2 untaps we don't want to pay that price.

Fblthp, the Lost is a neat idea, but we really don't need card draw. It might have some usefulness in a future "draw your deck line" with hulk via Body Double Gigantoplasm Phantasmal Image and others, but I haven't been able to find an infinite Vannifar loop that makes it worthwhile to include all those slots in the deck. New printings in the future may make this a possibility, but it has to be better than the secondary hulk line in terms of slots and usefulness. Currently, Pili-Pala and Grand Architect are dead draws and also make us run Walking Ballista (we could cut down to only 5 different 0 drop creatures and be fine), so whatever replaces those 3 has to either be fewer slots or have higher usefulness outside combo in an actual game.

Craterhoof Behemoth looks better on paper than it is. We have to deal 120 damage (3 players x 40 life) in a swing, which means we have to have 10 other creatures without summoning sickness for Behemoth to be worthwhile (11 creatures total we can assume all 1/1's which get +10/+10, so 10 creatures x 11 power = 121 damage with some leeway as Craterhoof is a 5/5 and other creatures have higher than 1 power.) We don't have any lines that give our creatures haste, so we have to have 9 creatures that aren't Vannifar ready to swing on our combo turn. Avenger of Zendikar could possibly work, but we'd have to pass a turn before transmuting it away to make creatures combat ready. Grand Architect + Pili-Pala + Walking Ballista doesn't require a combat step, it will 100% always kill no matter if players gain life, and is an alternate wincon that fits through our Hulk package. Behemoth just doesn't make the cut.

jstizzle on Marchesa Modular V2.0

1 month ago

Love the deck! Couple questions for you:

  • Why did you go with Foundry Inspector over Etherium Sculptor ? It's 1 less CMC and you get the same benefits.
  • What are your thoughts about Treasure Mage to fetch Wurmcoil, Combustible, Scuttling, or Duplicant?
  • Have you thought about Grand Architect ? It's a little wonky but you can get a lot of value from it. I am wondering if you think there's better alternatives or possibly you don't run it because it's not an artifact?

Mj3913 on Raff's Renewal

1 month ago

Not sure if it'd be something you'd be interested in but Grand Architect & Pili-Pala generate infinite mana you could use to blink stuff indefinately with Deadeye Nav. Or create Endless thopters with Retro foundry.

gavriel1136 on The Machine

1 month ago

Remove--> Replace

Sen Triplets--> Grand Architect OR Indomitable Archangel

Metalworker--> One with the Machine

Saheeli,the Gifted--> Karn, Scion of Urza

Sharuum the Hegemon--> Etched Champion

These are the ones I can think of right now. Also consider the War of the Spark Tezzeret, which has affinity for artifacts.

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Grand Architect occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Blue: 0.2%