Eternal Scourge


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare

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Eternal Scourge

Creature — Eldrazi Horror

You may cast Eternal Scourge from exile.

When Eternal Scourge becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, exile it.

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Eternal Scourge Discussion

legendofa on King Foodchain

3 days ago

Eternal Scourge creates infinite mana for creatures with Food Chain. I don't know how you feel about infinite combos, but this one is resilient, straightforward, and powerful.

CricketYT on

1 week ago

I love the potential of Squee in this deck, I feel like you need Eternal Scourge as backup however

PookandPie on Making her more degenerate

2 weeks ago

You want it degenerate?

Okay, run Misthollow Griffin and/or Eternal Scourge, and Food Chain.

Either of those creatures + Food Chain is infinite mana for creature spells, and then you can cast Zegana, exile her, re-cast her, exile her, etc., until you draw your whole library (stop short of drawing out, obviously). Cast Laboratory Maniac, and then exile/re-cast Zegana again to win.

To adequately protect this combo, I'd recommend reducing the average costs of your counter spells and protection so you can have them available to cast before setting in on this loop (because Lab Man getting destroyed/exiled with the last draw trigger on the stack is extremely bad). Recommendations are: Swan Song (it counters almost everything that messes up this combo basically), Flusterstorm, Negate, even Pact of Negation could be a good idea.

Long-Term Plans would be a great way to find Food Chain.

Maaagic on

2 weeks ago

escobert I think that sounds mostly correct. I think I would go 3x Eternal Scourge and 3x Squee, the Immortal, but it doesn't really matter since they are basically the same thing in this deck. I also really want a fourth Faithless Looting in here but there is not room.

enpc on Food Chain Tazri

1 month ago

ren666: Zulaport Cutthroat only triggers when a creature dies, not when a creature leaves the battlefield. So exiling Eternal Scourge to Food Chain wouldn't trigger it.

Nietzsky on Float Like a Butterfly, Stangg like a Bee

1 month ago

Btw, if you're slotting Food Chain , you want to slot a "cast from exile" creature with it.... I believe your only option in GR is Eternal Scourge . You'll have ample creature tutors in green (and can fetch him through birthing pod worst case scenario) .... it's going to be one of your infinite colored mana combos.

You can then find "X" mana token spells to infinitely flood the board, throw in a few red pump creatures to 1-shot, and also include some red burn such as Devil's Play , Fireball , cometstorm , Demonfire , etc.

Will361405 on Skred Red

1 month ago

Thank you guys so much for the suggestions! And yea there are a lot of 6 drops in the deck, but going koth -2 into them is great. Sarkhan has been underperforming though. But I feel I should keep a 6 drop like Wurmcoil Engine or Inferno Titan to catch up against creatures. And while relic is good against graveyards, anger combos with Eternal Scourge and is awesome against dredge when they plan to go wide. But suns can cantrip, so it is definitely worth testing. Also I do need help with a sideboard and Dragon's Claw looks stellar as well as rabblemaster. But again thank all of you for helping out!

ZeGinger on Help with skred red

1 month ago

While I was playing skred I had a blast utilizing Goblin Dark-Dwellers as a 2-3 of. They are wonderful sweepers when paired with anger of the gods, can hit other removal pieces, and in general is a threat to boot.

I'm also partial to the Eternal Scourge route, since it and relic go hand in hand extremely well. I've won games just by chumping and recasting it until I could stabilize.

Other ways you can change up the deck would to have Ensnaring Bridge and Torpor Orb the later being a strict meta call that I find hilarious in the right match up. I'm surprised it doesn't see more play.

That's what I would look at in terms of changing, if you are invested in the deck.

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