Ancestral Statue


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Common

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Ancestral Statue

Artifact Creature — Golem

When Ancestral Statue enters the battlefield, return a nonland permanent you control to its owner's hand.

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Ancestral Statue Discussion

Bchong on Jhoira's egg storm (DOM)

3 days ago

You probably don't need so many wincons in your deck it is probably better to put in other artifacts like Pentad Prism Basalt Monolith Ancestral Statue Mycosynth Wellspring Quicksmith Genius Despotic Scepter Windfall Wheel of Fortune Winds of Change Simian Spirit Guide

you should also take out your Metalworker Solemn Simulacrum

You might have to put in something like Lightning Greaves just seeing as playing your commander means you win...

I am not sure if you should... but I think Paradox Engine still fits and is preferable over a Solemn Simulacrum

You might even be in the position to actually lower land count but it is up to you. I was also planning to basically make the same exact deck.

5hadao on Animental

1 week ago

Quick lil update, I swapped out Scaldkin for Ancestral Statue

I didnt want to make the deck more lethal but Im tired of being killed quickly by other people so Im going to be adding this and more in the future...

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

@ToffMcSoft So just to summarize some of the key points that JMCraig covers above and has discussed with me in the past regarding playing Animar:

1) You want to maximize your chances of being able to cast Animar on turn 2.

2) Ancestral Statue is such a ridiculous card in Animar that your #1 game plan should always be to focus on getting it.

3) Animar isn't a ramp deck, it's more of a storm style combo deck. Animar functions better with a lot of small creatures than with larger ones.

4) Cheap creatures that net you mana in a way that either makes them free when you cast them or can possibly net you an increase in mana (like Cloud of Faeries and Tinder Wall) are premium cards in Animar, with some being better than others.

5) Animar is an aggressive deck that tries to hit its combos as quickly as possible. Holding up mana to respond to opponents is wasting mana that should be put into progressing your board. That's why the only counterspells worth playing are the once that let you cast them for free, and why Animar tries to run cheap creatures that double as pieces of interaction.

6) The big creatures in the deck should all be a part of a combo or get you to a combo. Big utility creatures that stall out the game aren't as efficient options as cards that make getting your combo pieces easier.

7) As you tinker with your deck to improve consistency and speed up the average turn that you are able to combo off, you'll find that the colored mana requirements for combos like Deadeye Navigator + Palinchron starts to feel restrictive and awkward. (It's the same with the Hoverguard Sweepers combo line too. JMCraig and I discuss it a little further up in the comments.) If your Animar deck is comboing off on turn 6 on average you won't notice it as much, but when you get the deck down to averaging a turn 4-5 win you will definitely start to feel how the heavy dependence on having a bunch of blue mana will start to hold you back.

There are other points too, but those ones are a good framework to start with.

As a side note; I don't necessarily follow this advice as strictly as JMCraig does, and my deck is certainly the less efficient version due to that (I still run Kiki combo). I have some slightly different expectations of how I want my deck to play so I build my deck in a bit of a different direction. But if you are looking for better tournament results, JMCraig's advice is what you want to follow. Every time I decide that I don't like something in my deck, the most efficient replacements always end up making my deck look a little more like the one listed above. I'd love for future cards to open things up for Animar and offer a couple of different viable builds, but for the time being it's best to just focus on the Ancestral Statue line of play in cEDH metas.

Crav96 on Its all natural baby

1 week ago

toffmcsoft Ah thank you for all the recommendations! Unfortunately, I had to drop Ancestral Statue due to my group hating its potential.

I played Cloudstone Curio but it seemed to me that going infinite is super easy, as in you don't have to work at all. All you need was two colourless creatures. But I will see if I can fit it.

As for Fauna Shaman and Survival of the Fittest, I honestly don't know why I didnt consider them sooner.

I will also switch Zegana and Beguiller to see what I can do!

What do you think about Bloom Tender ?

ToffMcSoft on Its all natural baby

1 week ago

Ancestral Statue - A Must add to this deck, once Animar has 4+ counters on it, this is a free cast to bounce itself and make Animar infinitely big. If you want to keep it "toned down" you just make Animar "larger".

Cloudstone Curio - Must add force being able to flicker cards, it's insane.

Would drop Beguiler of Wills as it only helps against creature decks, high mana cost and truly only works if you have a haste enabler.

Would drop Prime Speaker Zegana - I played with this for a while and it always felt like the mana cost was WAYYYYY to high for the benefit. Very rarely did I want to tap 2x green & 2x blue to draw 3-4 cards and then not be able to play those cards because you're tapped out.

Fauna Shaman & Survival of the Fittest are must adds - these will truly help you get whatever creatures you need at the time you need them. It's especially clutch to activate these are the End Step of the player before your turn.

Lastly, I would try to lower the CMC. Even with Animars great ability, the higher the CMC the harder it'll be to get going again if Animar gets owned.

loudpenguin64 on [Primer] Nature's Rage (Animar)

2 weeks ago

It's true. This satisfies my inner Timmy. I do have some haste in with Temur Ascendancy and Urabrask the Hidden. Purphoros, God of the Forge is a great add and I will look to acquire it. With Ancestral Statue he kills everyone at the table. I will dwell more on the bounce creatures. It feels good, I have to contemplate what to cut though. Thanks for the comment and upvote.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

2 weeks ago

When Ancestral Statue first came out I took out Earthcraft, because the Statue did in one card what I needed three cards to do (bounce creature + earthcraft + basic land). I didn't miss it that much and only put Earthcraft back in as I started trimming other fat from the deck. The non-creature combo cards don't actually show up that much for me because they are outside the usual tutor chains that Animar uses. There has been the odd time that Earthcraft has given me the mana to play solitaire for a turn and combo out, but the times I naturally draw into it are few and far between. I rarely see Cloudstone Curio too, although I don't think that I would ever take that out. In fact, if you are trimming cards, perhaps it's worth looking at Trophy Mage to help make the Curio more accessible?

Rishkar didn't impress me when I gave it a test run. Whenever I cast it, I usually wished it was something else. The ramp it offers is nice but I found Animar didn't really need that mana. I suppose it helped when Animar died and I needed to rebuild him quick, but he always felt lackluster if Animar already had at least two counters. With two counters Animar is usually set to threaten a win the following turn, and at that point I was usually looking to cast a creature that let me draw more cards or tutor for something.

I also don't run Hardened Scales for the same reason. Unless you are trying to rebuild Animar after it died, I found that the extra counters didn't help speed up Animar's clock that much. Since Animar doesn't need that many counters to combo off I found that the counters from Hardened Scales quickly became redundant. Most of the time, just having a 1-drop creature to play instead of Hardened Scales got me to where I needed to be. In terms of ramp options, if I had to choose between the Scales or Bond Beetle I would probably take the Beetle 4 times out of 5.

Kozi is a little harder for me to cut because I've found being able to get cards off him to be really helpful on a number of occasions. I can understand the argument for cutting him, but I've always liked having him as a possible target for Fierce Empath during those times where I'm trying to basically storm off and I want the cards more than I want Ulamog. In theory, a creature like Soul of the Harvest could fill that role, but I've been in situations where not having to pay the double green let me leave up a Tropical Island to cast a card like Peregrine Drake if I drew into it.

The deck doesn't lose anything vital if Kozi is taken out but I think it would lose a useful option, so I would base the decision on your own situational experiences. It's one of those cards where its value is at least moderately affected by play-style.

Why can't you use Sylvan Safekeeper to protect Ancestral Statue with the bounce trigger on the stack? The bounce trigger doesn't target, so it should be fine to give the statue Shroud then let the trigger resolve. The only bounce creature that doesn't work for is Man-O'-War.

GSZ is meh because your search options probably mean you are using it as a reactionary card instead of a progressive one, but I would give it higher points if Sylvan Safekeeper and Dryad Arbor are also in the deck. Without the Safekeeper I think that something like Brainstorm would be better for digging for combo pieces.

slucas42 on Ancestral Statue is incorrectly showing ...

2 weeks ago

I have a Duel Commander deck that contains Ancestral Statue. TappedOut indicates that the deck is illegal in Duel Commander because of this card. However, Ancestral Statue IS legal in Duel Commander. Ancestral Recall is the card that is banned. For reference, my deck list is here EDH Animar, Soul of Elements

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