Magewright's Stone


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dissension (DIS) Uncommon

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Magewright's Stone


(1), Tap: Untap target creature that has an activated ability with Tap in its cost.

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Magewright's Stone Discussion

PartyJ on Captain Sisay and the Legendary Hatebears

1 week ago


a very nice build with some key elements present. While am here, let me me first point out a few cards that I feel are underwhelming for your build:

  • Angel of Condemnation : Pretty slow and can't be found by Sisay. We - the Sisay players - are the beast, chasin the prey. Nothing will happen the turn it lands.

  • Angel of Jubilation : Too narrow for what it does. Is your meta asking for this card as a response? Also not legendary, so when you really need it, it might be unavailable.

  • Champion of Rhonas : I don't see the added benefit here. With enough mana dorks you will overpower the battlefield with using mana on this creature that does nothing the turn it comes into play.

  • Magewright's Stone : Too narrow for what it does. There are better options to exploit this trick.

  • Tamiyo's Journal : The landhate starts at turn 4/5. Isn't this abit too late for what it does. Using 5 mana to cast somethign that doesn't have a direct effect seems suboptimal.

And now onto the suggestions I would like to give you:

I hope I left you with some valuable insights to think about :-)

Best regards,


Suns_Champion on Captain Sisay

1 month ago

I'd suggest at least one of the following:

Thousand-Year Elixir - Perfect 3 drop before Sisay. Allows you to use her ability immediately and twice per turn!

Magewright's Stone - Not quite as good as the Elixir, but not quite as expensive either.

Rings of Brighthearth - Money card but it works great with her or your planeswalkers' abilities.

Pal00ka on Night of the Living Dead

1 month ago

I had Gisa for a bit and looking at your deck you're land heavy and short on ramp. Making your land drops is great but when you're stuck at only that you'll be left in the dust by other decks most times. Charcoal Diamond, Wild-Field Scarecrow, Solemn Simulacrum, Pilgrim's Eye, Mind Stone, Fellwar Stone, etc. are options to get you ahead or get lands out of your deck so your draws are action.

Magewright's Stone is another source of untapping to consider.

Surprised to not see wraths like Damnation or Decree of Pain.

Your woefully low on card advantage. Phyrexian Arena, Ob Nixilis Reignited , Sign in Blood, Read the Bones, Night's Whisper, etc. do a solid job.

In my deck I employed Blood Bairn, Bloodthrone Vampire and Nantuko Husk to eat zombies and sack it for a ton more. Then reanimate again for more. Necromancy, Dance of the Dead, Animate Dead are always useful in black decks imo.

Hope something helps!

RedJokr on Missing You...*Current*

2 months ago

Hey! Sorry for the late reply! Band has been taking over my life :P!

The first three suggestions are definitely correct. Magewright's Stone is a definite add, I am more than thinking about Puppet Strings. Staff of Domination is uh... still outta my budget.

Extraplanar Lens is also out of my budget, but it's definitely something I'm going to do. Same thing with the Snow-Covered Mountains.

Avatar of Slaughter seems ridiculously hilarious to reanimate. Especially with that Double-strike? Hell yeah. Despite looking like Deadpool from that terrible Wolverine movie, Excruciator is more than ideal. I'm looking for Utvara Hellkite actually. Spitebellows is in the list now because I finally proxied (cards I own) and found cards to put into for a build Feldon. Furyborn Hellkite seems lovely as well. So, Scourge of the Throne is VERY out of my budget. Not sure why its price is what it is. Hellkite Igniter is okay, but not too big on the inclusion of him in Feldon. Ryusei is more than ideal in case I can't draw into Blasphemous Act, but it deals damage to my creatures well, so that's debatable. Thundermaw Hellkite is quite odd, honestly. I've only heard of it because of IMA, but my "meta"* doesn't really have flying creatures. Red Akroma is quite debatable. Gearhulk is actually in the deck now! Neheb 2.0... Oh my.. I definitely want him. Especially since mana is a thing. Zealous Conscripts will be added if I ever get a Kiki-Jiki, and Manticore is... eh? Dragon Mage is very nice tech. Definitely wanting him to make my opponents constantly discard. Wanting CC, especially with Kiki. Goblin-Dark Dwellers is an eh add since it seems like I don't run that many instants/sorceries. Hidetsugu is a DEFINITE add. I want him very badly.

I'm glad I could help you like him as a Commander! I don't mind at all if you base him around my deck because you inspire me just as much XD.

*Meta: I honestly don't know about my meta. PS: Would Blade of Selves be a decent add into this deck?

Pheardemons on Missing You...*Current*

2 months ago

Magewright's Stone, Puppet Strings, and Staff of Domination because you want to be able to use the commander's ability as much as possible. Also, those are going to be huge targets once people realize what is happening. You'll want as much redundancy as possible.

For extra ramp, you could play Extraplanar Lens. To be a cuckhold and not give the benefit to anyone else you could play Snow covered mountains instead of regular ones.

Also, I think you could play some different big red stuff. Avatar of Slaughter could be hugely beneficial for you. Since you have to sacrifice him, you are the only one that gets the double strike benefit. Excruciator just to bypass any Fogs in your meta. Utvara Hellkite seems extremely beneficial because it will give you a dragon just for attacking. Plus, you already play multiple dragons. Spitebellows just seems funny here. It will always deal 6 damage to something! Furyborn Hellkite I feel like you could use if you made the deck a little different. Anything to deal one damage, to get a 12/12 flying for three mana. Hellkite Igniter seems good here, since you play an artifact subtheme. Hellkite Charger for the win. Scourge of the Throne for the same reason as Hellkite Igniter. Ryusei, the Falling Star for board wipes. Thundermaw Hellkite to tap all flying creatures so your attacks can get through. Akroma, Angel of Fury because she can just be a powerhouse. Combustible Gearhulk actually seems like a win-win for your deck. Neheb, the Eternal seems like he could benefit you with extra mana mainphase two. Conquering Manticore and Zealous Conscripts for similar reasons. Dragon Mage if you need a new hand. Combat Celebrant seems good here. Goblin Dark-Dwellers could be a possibility. Heartless Hidetsugu, dude yes!

I mainly searched for power, so I'm sure there are other creatures to look up with good ETB effects. After doing that search for you I realized that I like Feldon as a commander. Hope you don't mind if I make him based on your deck XD.

Suns_Champion on Gwafa, You're such a D!CK!!!!! (HELP)

3 months ago


I'd say try to capitalize on Gwafa's ability.

Illusionist's Bracers

Rings of Brighthearth

Unbender Tine

Briber's Purse - just flavor card haha

Thousand-Year Elixir

Magewright's Stone

Hope these help!

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