Authority of the Consuls


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Authority of the Consuls


Creatures your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under an opponents control, you gain 1 life.

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Authority of the Consuls Discussion

bellz76 on So...Many...Tokens...

4 hours ago

So I can totally understand getting back into the game after X years and not having much a collection- and then looking to brew on a budget? Yeah, it can be a bit tough.

I like the build though. It's probably safe to say that if you can get your hands on 2 more copies of the Anointed Procession that's probably the first\ best place to upgrade. I know you don't want to buy more singles, but it is the best card in a token deck. It also doesn't rotate for the next 2 years, so you can play it forever.

However, sticking with a more budget friendly theme here, I'd look to get the Start to Finish up to 4. That gives you more tokens and more hard removal. Another good removal spell that is super cheap is Bone Splinters. Fits perfectly into a deck like this. The glue that you're missing though, is an uncommon Zulaport Cutthroat. He's definitely a 4 of in this build.

I would suggest moving the Authority of the Consuls to the sideboard. It's good against aggressive matches, but you shouldn't need it in the main deck. I also think you can go without the Cartouche of Solidarity. It's ok, but I think the Start is a better card. You can probably get more consistency from the deck if you remove Shamble Back, Oketra, The Captain, and the Master Trinketeer for more of the above cards.

If you're interested, here is a link to a site (one of my favorites) that has a build similar to yours that might give you a few more ideas. Either way, welcome back to the fold and good luck with the deck.

Hope this helps.

The_Dark_Adonis on Left for Dead *need advice*

9 hours ago

Firstly, I would like to say its nice to see a tribal(ish) standard. +1 upvote.
Secondly, I don't play much standard right now so consider these suggestions with that in mind.

From what I understand a lot of standard is going wide right now, which means walkers die fast, also her +1 gets rid of 2 cards and the only thing that can benefit is Diregraf Colossus. Yes Liliana, the Last Hope can return creatures to hand, but they can't both be on the field, and chances are Death's Magesty will come out second because of the higher CMC.
Possibly just my playing mostly control but leaving things on the field is always sub-optimal. Compulsory Rest gives your opponent an easy +2 life and does nothing against things like Walking Ballista.Cast Out is nice in that it can hit any non-land but the ability to get whatever it is back is bad. Consider Anguished Unmaking as a replacement. Not only is it cheaper but the removal is permanent too. If your worried about the 3 life remember that it's a resource and consider adding another Shambling Vent or 2 instead of Painted Bluffs. Authority of the Consuls can also help with life but probably is best only as a 2 of sideboard to answer aggro. Be careful here i.m not sure on the standard rotation atm so Unmaking may be rotating out this next set.
I would keep 1, possibly 2 but switch the ones going out for more Murder, sure it doesn't hit walkers but instant speed is worth it and you have a lot of creatues to smack them anyway. As for the 2nd half, it can't be cast from hand and exiling a creature from a graveyard is not really going to mess with anything your opponent can do, so is effectively for a vanilla 2/2, not worth it.
The ability is a nice thought but you can use your mana for something better, easily. However a 1/2 blocker you can potentially buff for only is rather nice. While there are certainly more efficient choices this is pseudo-tribal so I really can't say remove it outright. Festering Mummy is a good candidate to replace this. He may only be a 1/1 but can at least weaken, if not outright remove, a creature. Once again i'm not sure about the next rotation but if Relentless Dead is not rotating out it gets ridiculous.
Only run 1. means it can't come out before turn 3 and is only really threatening past turn 7-8. As a late-game bomb it's invaluable but sitting with one in your opening hand is probably not good.
Your only running 2 colors and one of them is splashed. You do not need mana fixing.

MegaMatt13 on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

20 hours ago

Just doing some more comparing of our lists. A couple questions:

How useful has Boros Charm been? I'm thinking of taking out Crackling Doom and replacing it either with Boros Charm or Terminate or Path to Exile

What is your reasoning behind excluding Blind Obedience and Authority of the Consuls? They've proven quite effective for me with slowing down the game to set up my pillow fort. The extort on Blind Obedience is nice too.

Izzinatah on Selesnya Throne of the God-Pharaoh Tokens

3 days ago

Authority of the Consuls would make a great sideboard card, thanks for that.

JordanBatty1 on Selesnya Throne of the God-Pharaoh Tokens

3 days ago

A nice 1 drop of Authority of the Consuls would be nicely suited for this deck, tapping down enemy creatures and gaining life for each is good against other token makers.

ThePman on Bit by Bit

6 days ago

Thanks for the input NV_1980. Seeing a bunch of cards I had considered for this deck on your list has made me consider reworking a bit to fit them in somewhere, namely Windborn Muse and Authority of the Consuls.

revilo19 on Salt Sisters (Now with 80% more sodium)

1 week ago

You might want Authority of the Consuls. It's cheap, life gain, and is a troll.

Teschi0 on Enchantment under the Sea

1 week ago

This is Anointed Procession based around other enchantments.

Basic idea is to get down some enchantments to slow the opponent, gain some life, and then run the board over with Tokens. I wanted to get the synergy to a level that all the cards are doing at least double duty. So I started looking for Enchantments that have some retainablility. Life Gain that works within the shell, removal that can gain me something as well, massive token generation or constant generation and a deck that is actually fun to play.

Enchantments that work well together:

Authority of the Consuls + Trespasser's Curse = Tapped creatures / Life gain / Life loss

Trial of Ambition + Cartouche of Solidarity = Token generation / Creature Sacrificed (Loop)

Anointed Procession + Hidden Stockpile = The engine of the deck. Sac/Scrye one to get two.

Token Generators:

Westvale Abbey (The life loss has never been an issue)

Cartouche of Solidarity (Cheap, efficient, and plays well with my removal)

Hidden Stockpile (Part of the main engine to the deck, can easily trigger revolt for itself)

Sram's Expertise (This would OP if I could drop Start / Finish with it!)

Angel of Invention (My only creature in this deck that usually draws a lot of attention)


Trial of Ambition (Is a looming threat once the opponent realizes I play Cartouches)

Start / Finish (Token generator that will trigger Revolt)

Life Gain

Shambling Vent (This is no brainer)

Authority of the Consuls (Slow roll the ramp and vehicle decks)

Trespasser's Curse (I know this is an ify main board but a second turn drop makes people think)

Fumigate (I am looking forward to Bontu's Last Reckoning in the 3 slot)

Angel of Invention (All around this is the Crowd Pleaser)

I am still wondering what would be good for a sideboard. That is why it is not listed yet. Today Aetherworks Marvel is gone from paper Standard so this week we will seen new decks rising to the top.

All opinions are my personal opinions. This deck was made with the help of my wife.

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