Authority of the Consuls


Creatures your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under an opponents control, you gain 1 life.

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Authority of the Consuls Discussion

viictorf on No Friends Brago (EDH)

2 days ago

Hey mate! I've checked your lists and liked them as well!
I want you to know that I've considered what you said for the uptade I made to my deck today hahaha
Most of those cards are/were there just barely fulfilling some functions. Voltaic Key was actually not helping me at all. Ojutai was able to help me a few times, but most of the time was just an unnecessary drop. Authority of the Consuls just feel weak, as you said.
I'll be looking for some of your suggestions, such as Eerie Interlude (this one looks awesome) and some tutors to test them out. Thank you!

Zam_Ogan on No Friends Brago (EDH)

4 days ago

Hello! I like your list, I play a couple variations of Brago myself and absolutely love him. I do have a couple of suggestions that might help.

I'd consider removing these cards:

Tsabo's Web - It's an okay stax card, but it just doesn't do enough to warrant a slot IMO. I would much rather run a tutor or a harder stax/hate piece here.

Voltaic Key - If you were running Grim Monolith and/or Mana Vault I would better understand why this is in here, but as it is it doesn't do much. I ran this in an early version of Brago, I swapped it out for Rings of Brighthearth for infinite mana instead.

Brave the Elements - This is neat and cheap to cast, but is too niche IMO. I would rather run either another counterspell to stop my board from being wiped, or something like Eerie Interlude to bypass it.

Dragonlord Ojutai - This is SUPER slow. I used to run Cloudblazer Which is similar, but I swapped that out recently for Curator's Ward for the same draw + Brago protection, which has worked with decent success.

Inquisitor Exarch - I absolutely love this card, I ordered a foil version as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything unless you're going infinite with Strionic, at which point you should already be winning the game anyway.

I'd consider changing:

Rishadan Brigand - I agree that this is super strong. However, it's very expensive to cast. This card has the strongest version of this effect which is wonderful, however if your plan with this is to go infinite with Strionic Resonator, it's better to run Rishadan Cutpurse instead. (Maybe you could throw in Rishadan Footpad too for backup, why not!)

Authority of the Consuls - Entering tapped effects are wonderful, but this is by far the weakest version. I would reccomend swapping this out for Blind Obedience so it hits artifacts too, plus you can tutor for this from Muddle the Mixture, OR for the ultimate lock with Stasis, swap it for Frozen AEther/Kismet.

Detention Sphere - Fantastic effect, but for the same cost you could swap this for Grasp of Fate which is strictly better.

Oath of Jace - Another fantastic effect, but personally I would rather pay 1 more mana to play Trial of Knowledge and keep 2 cards in hand per ETB.

Take a look at my deck lists when you get a chance, I'm happy to discuss!

Casual List

Light Stax List

Alookeva on Ixalan Vampires

5 days ago

I know that Vanquisher's Banner is more costly than Radiant Destiny but I run both in my MTGA standard deck and they do fairly well against a lot of the RDW or Rakdos aggro, and keeps me paced with UW control. Also if you're worried about aggro decks that are faster run Authority of the Consuls cause it's so good.

I'm sure you're building this deck based on your play group but it looks like it's just trying to get out as many dudes as possible. At the very least, I HIGHLY recommend putting in 4x Dusk Legion Zealot. Don't want to run out of gas if you can help it. Speaking of which, put a Arch of Orazca in there to further make sure you stay gassed. You should have no problem getting blessing.

For your Sorcery slots, I would just run two duress if any. If you can swap out the Squire's Devotion for Queen's Commission cause you have plenty of anthem effects.

Nice deck though and it has given me a few further ideas (as I prefer token plays with Anointer Priest and Angel of Sanctions. -Insert evil laugh here- Keep it up!

NestedEgg on Mardu Vehicles - Pre-Core2019

6 days ago

Thank you magicsheep!

Angrath, the Flame-Chained, Duress, and Authority of the Consuls are definitely going in the sideboard :D

Idk, I've never been a big fan of Chandra, Torch of Defiance. She's versatile, but I usually don't have mana to spend on her +1, the mana that she does generate in her other +1 is pretty limited, and her -3 I can get from Cut // Ribbons for half the price. But I'll try play-testing her in my deck to see if she fits.

magicsheep on Mardu Vehicles - Pre-Core2019

6 days ago

Mainboard looks great. Very consistent, powerful, resistant to removal, resilient against many archetypes. Great job NestedEgg!

As for the sideboard: Here's some cards I would include:
-Angrath, the Flame-Chained
-Chandra, Torch of Defiance
-Cast Out/Seal Away {depends on your meta}
-Magma Spray
This is not really needed but GREAT against super aggressive matchups.
-Authority of the Consuls

Beautiful deck!

magicsheep on UW Angel Control Deck

1 week ago

I would use Dive Down to protect your creatures without having to rely on counter spells. Against aggressive decks, Authority of the Consuls is realistically the best protection you can get. Fumigate and Settle the Wreckage would help against hordes of creatures from your opponent.

Alternatively, History of Benalia might help you stall until you can get your Angels out and your deck running. Right now, the deck plays almost like UW control, but the issue is that UW control is struggling against aggro.

Good job avoiding creatures with 1-point toughness, as they die easily to aggro decks because of Goblin Chainwhirler.

I don't really know the correct approach to tweaking the deck, but I do look forward to seeing this deck evolve! It is uniquely themed and has an interesting construction. Great job Archfear!

Pervavita on ay ayli

1 week ago

Blood Artist & Zulaport Cutthroat I see in your maybe board. Both I run and are huge aids for the small advantage they will gain you in the game every turn. Against the right deck a Blood Artist + Board Wipe can kill a player.

Budget restrictions are fine in this deck as you can get a lot of power for little cost.

Phyrexian Reclamation, Mentor of the Meek, & Greed are big card advantage pieces in this deck as the life loss is negligible here. Also it's fun to sac and return to sack again a Solemn Simulacrum (another little more expensive card you should get). Well of Lost Dreams also but it ties to your life gain not you paying life... oh darn.

For ramp I recommend Sword of the Animist & Crypt Ghast. The sword is a huge ramp card in this deck as you can get some early attacks in with your cheap commander for some lands and late game you toss it on a creature you want to sack and attack with it, sack it pre damage if you don't want to make an enemy and gain +1 life over what you would before and gain a basic all for 2 extra mana.

Rhox Faithmender though a little higher cost is a must in this deck. All the life gain! Gray Merchant of Asphodel is almost as good on life gain but can also kill some one.

Aetherflux Reservoir as a win condition because all the life has to have a purpose.

Blind Obedience, Pontiff of Blight, Authority of the Consuls give great incremental life gain.

Fumigate is a great budget board wipe in the deck.

Anguished Unmaking I like as a back up to Ayli's ability.

Feel free to look over my Ayli, Eternal board wipes deck for some more ideas.

Rule_Britannia on Rafiq, Master Enchanter

1 week ago

I finally got the chance to give this some real play testing. This did really well in 1v1 matches, but I was a main target in all of the multiplayer rounds I played.

Rafiq of the Many voltroned quite nicely for commander damage, surprising myopponents by how quickly he built up.

I also made a fun little bunker with Aegis of the Gods, Sterling Grove, and Authority of the Consuls

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