Thought Harvester


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon

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Thought Harvester

Creature — Eldrazi Drone

Devoid (This card has no colour.)


Whenever you cast a colourless spell, target opponent exiles the top card of his or her library.

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Thought Harvester Discussion

Chandelier on Trev's Animar Eldrazi EDH Deck

1 week ago

Animar is my pet deck but I have gone for a more competitive route. Big Eldrazi Animar is a lot of fun to play for sure though. I would suggest Ancestral Statue which you can bounce infinitely with 4 counters and make Animar infinity large. Very cheap card.If you are going for a colorless style deck I would recommend Thought Harvester and Nettle Drone. You need more removal as well so maybe Kozilek's Return or Lightning Bolt World Breaker

Crivaro on Ashiok's Eldrazi

3 months ago

Thought Harvester isn't really good IMO, maybe Pyxis of Pandemonium instead? If you put the cards of your opponent into the graveyard anyway from exile, this is a very one-sided effect and can win you lategame. ;)

Antonius86 on High Fever - Blue/Red Mill - Standard

11 months ago

Too slow you say? I wonder how we can make it faster.

There are three copy effects available to you in Standard:

They all cost a bit of mana, especially considering that the spell you want to copy, Startled Awake  Flip is 2UU.

Standard is pretty fast right now with the best decks winning on turn 4. There are other combos for lower-tiered decks that win on turns 5-6.

In order for you to win with a mill strategy, you can combo to mill their entire deck in one shot, or you can grind them out over a few turns, all the while armed with removal/counterspell disruption in order to not let them get a foothold.

In theory, blue would allow you to do that. You could play a blue control game for some turns until you get the mana you need to copy a couple Startled Awake  Flips. By that point, however, you may want to find a faster win condition.

I'm sure the deck is fun to play. I would like to make it fun and even more efficient at what it does!

So, if we multiply the copy effects, and look for other mill effects. The other mill cards in standard:

Cards that exile from the top of the library:

They're all pretty slow... So I'm still wondering how it can be made faster.

TemplarAssassin on They Came from the Sky...

1 year ago

In decks first mono-blue iteration, I was running Thought Harvester. Could possibly replace Gravity Negator. I have another Eldrazi deck that utilizes Conduit of Ruin and Reality Smasher. I appreciate your suggestions and input!

Drizzurp on They Came from the Sky...

1 year ago

Me again LOL. I have a few suggestions for cards to make use of the Ingest mechanic and the cards placed in your opponent's exile. Consider Blight Herder (decent body and more mana ramp), Conduit of Ruin (seems really good too and allows you to search for something huge maybe a Breaker of Armies which would decimate your opponent's board when it attacks), Cryptic Cruiser (again seems good making use of your opponent's exile pile to tap creatures), Deceiver of Form (could fill that Breaker of Armies slot for the Conduit of Ruin and has a pretty bomb ability), Drowner of Hope (seems good for control again), Matter Reshaper (this card is just awesome and usually does really well even if it doesn't catch a 3 CMC creature it's extra card draw), Oblivion Sower (uses the exile mechanic and steals lands for you), Reality Smasher (again just so much value), Ruin Processor (if you find you need life and makes use of the exile mechanic, also the search from Conduit of Ruin), Thought Harvester (exiles you more cards to feed the beast). Anyways I think I've provided you with more than enough to contemplate here, and it wasn't my intention to rework your deck as I love the original. Just some additional options to consider. Cheers!

Nyasupan on Eldrazi Road Rage

1 year ago

Eldrazi tickle my curiosity and I really like this deck. I'm kinda new to magic but I was wondering with Whirler Rogue leaving standard in almost a month what cards could take it's role? What you think about Thought Harvester or Gravity Negator to take care of flyers?

pattybenpatty on Izzet infinitiComboBombo

1 year ago

Thought Harvester would give you another route for the infinite combo. Might be overkill...

Ammo37 on Phenax Mill Testing

1 year ago

Skullclamp should be mainboarded in pretty much every EDH deck. With Oona's tokens skullclamp is a 1 mana draw 2 card.

Run Counterspell over Hinder

GraveTitan is a very good card in general, will put pressure on the board, and give more tokens.

Phenax, God of Deception will help burst down a single targer.

Glen Elendra Liege will anthem your creatures. It is a non-bo with skullclamp, but it makes Everything beefier.

Disciple of Bolas is a great way to draw cards and gain life, especially if you can recur it.

Wrexial, the Risen Deep is highly synergistic with milling as you get to cast their instants and sorceries.

Diluvian Primordial. Same as Wrexial.

Sepulchral Primordial. Ditto again.

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