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Sneaky Dreadmaw Tribal (6/6 Tramplers)

Commander / EDH* Cascade God Keruga, the Macrosage Trample



Magic the Gathering as Richard Garfield Intended.

Only thing more powerful than a 6/6 trampler is... who we kidding, there are only downgrades like 6/6 tramplers with flying, cascade or protection from x...

Sneak Attack + Gleancrawler makes a potent combo that needs alot of red mana so I am trying to force the mana base to be base g/r on a reasonable budget.

There is free interaction spells to help early on and pitching a dreadmaw to force of vigor might make me jizz a bit. I've managed to Force of Will an Entomb that would of been lethal by pitching Phantasmal Dreadmaw, and the deck finally peaked there.

YES THE DECK IS OVER 100 CARDS, the box came with extra sleeves and am too lazy to figure out what to cut for some of the new cards from kahldiem. The land base could use some TLC but works since t1 and 2 are land pass, so I try to get the tapped lands out first. There are a few VERY GOOD dreadmaws like Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider and Elder Gargaroth that eventually will make thier way in, if I ever manage to trade for those.


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